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1 National Security Exercise Scenario. 2 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) Phase I May 2006 0737 – Airport authorities report a suspected fire.

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1 1 National Security Exercise Scenario

2 2 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) Phase I May 2006 0737 – Airport authorities report a suspected fire in the airports fuel storage area. 0741 – Follow-up reports indicate several storage tanks on fire, and emergency vehicles and services are rushing to the area. 0742 – The airport is closed, no takeoffs or landings until further notice. 0742 – Security officials at the Pentagon report that a number of eye witnesses with varying accounts reported a low fly over by a small plane which appeared to be flying erratically and off- course.

3 3 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) 0744 – A similar report is received from Ft. McNair. Preliminary indicators are that the same plane was involved. 0744 – Preliminary reports at the airport from the fire area appear to indicate a sabotage attack. Security personnel on patrol in the area encountered five individuals (apparently unauthorized) fleeing the tank area on foot. One of the attackers was shot dead. On his person was a bag with one C4 explosive device. Two guards were shot and the other four attackers fled in a black van parked just outside the airport perimeter.

4 4 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) 0745 – The Pentagon goes on a code red alert. All entrances and exits to the building are closed. 0746 – Radio and TV have picked up part of the story, noting that the fires or the smoke from them are visible five to six miles away. 0747 – Traffic on the 395 corridor is at a standstill with some vehicles attempting to move toward D.C., with others trying to turn around and flee.

5 5 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) 0748 – The 14 th Street bridge is rocked by an explosion with two pillars and one span collapsing into the river. At least 50 vehicles have fallen into the river. 0755 – One eyewitness account described that about 15 minutes previously a 30-foot motorized pleasure boat with a suicide captain rammed the bridge at 25 mph – followed by a huge explosion.

6 6 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) 0800 – Police investigators accompanied by airport security officials uncover the following information while investigating the fuel tank explosions at National: –A private plane registered to a leasing firm in Orlando Florida took off from the airport at 0727 am with a declared destination of Altoona, Pa. It veered from its declared flight path proceeding directly over the Pentagon with an erratic unauthorized turn in the direction of Ft. McNair. The tower reported that the aircraft appeared to have trouble gaining altitude and flight speed, but failed to answer queries regarding their status.

7 7 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) There was initial concern of a probable crash. However, the plane, after nearly skimming the roof of the Pentagon accelerated and from air traffic control reports headed over Ft. McNair at low altitude. An eyewitness on the ground at Ft. McNair reported that the plane had one side door open as it flew overhead. A coverall was left behind by one of the two passengers / pilots at the National civil aviation waiting room, (both appeared to have a near Eastern appearance). When tested by portable equipment by ground personnel at the civil aviation terminal at Reagan Airport they showed positive exposure to Anthrax spores. The leases on the plane according to the Orlando leasers were Lundton Cattle Ranchos Apopka, Florida.

8 8 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) Medical facilities in the entire DC Metro area are on a state of high alert. 0805 – Reporters from eyewitness news are on the air with interviews of the incident with individuals in the area – with one account more alarming than the next. Several interviewers noted smelling something noxious in the air, which was affecting their breathing. 0810 – Sketchy reports from News Radio indicate some type of weapons fire from the roof of a high rise at Rosslyn aimed at the Key and Roosevelt Bridges.

9 9 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) 0815 – Traffic central reports total chaos and gridlock in the area from downtown Alexandria to Rosslyn and from the 14 th Street Bridge to Franconia. All traffic in the entire metro is at a standstill. 0820 – Police investigation in the Rosslyn area determines that there is no foundation to report of sniper fire in the Rosslyn area.

10 10 National Security Exercise Scenario (Cont) 0830 – Fire and emergency services report that they are unable to respond to many calls due to the general gridlock. 0845 – Preliminary reports from the Pentagon and Ft. McNair selectively report positive anthrax readings. Both are being evacuated.

11 11 Workshop Take five snapshots where S&T could or should have played a role in prevention, mitigation and response and place them in the following categories: Extant capabilities Could be achieved through innovation Await discovery

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