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Airport Authority Hong Kong

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1 Airport Authority Hong Kong
Ground Vehicle Operator Procedure and Licensing Requirement Airport Authority Hong Kong November 2008

2 Line Maintenance

3 Contents Airside Vehicle Licensing Airside Driver Certification
Airside Driving Rules & Safety Regulations Vehicles Operating in Aircraft Movement Area

4 Facts of the HKIA Statistics Aircraft Traffic Movement (07) 295,000
Over 60% of Code E aircraft Passenger Throughout (07) 47.8 Million Air Cargo Throughout (07) 3.7 Million Tones Parking Stands Passenger – 77 (49 airbridge stands) Cargo – 34 Maintenance - 12 Long Term Parking - 13 No. of Licensed Airside Vehicles / Equipment Over 8,000 No. of Certified Airside Drivers Over 9,600

5 1. Airside Vehicle Licensing
All vehicles including mobile equipment based and operated within the Airport Restricted Area Airside vehicles are licensed by the Airport Authority in accordance with the AA Bylaws Airside vehicles are subject to type approval and examination by the Airport Authority

6 Application Sponsoring organizations of current business at HKIA
Justification of the vehicle & equipment types, and access areas

7 Airside Vehicles Number of Airside Vehicle Motorized over 2,600
Non-prime mover over 5,000 Non-prime mover Motorized Vehicle

8 Airside Vehicles Cargo Loader Aircraft Tractor Aerial Work Platform
Passenger Bus

9 Fuel Hydrant Dispenser
Airside Vehicles Catering Truck Conveyor Belt Fuel Hydrant Dispenser Mobile Work Platform

10 Aircraft Washing Truck
Airside Vehicles Aircraft Washing Truck Bowser Toilet Truck Mobile Station Unit

11 Airside Vehicles Passenger Step Foam Tender Pickup Forklift Truck

12 Vehicle Examination All vehicles and equipment are subject to:
Annual examination Roadworthiness Additional Safety Features Random examination Immediate rectification Post accident examination Involved in airside accidents

13 Additional Safety Features
Yellow colour paint on upper part of vehicles or on main frame of equipment and trailers Yellow flashing obstruction on vehicle top Fire extinguisher Automatic reverse beeper Parking brake system on trailers, red reflectors at rear end

14 Airside Vehicle Insurance
The minimum requirement of third party insurance for airside vehicle and mobile ground equipment, which include vehicles escorted into Airport Restricted Areas is HK$150 millions for any one event.

15 Airfield Access Zone

16 Authorized Vehicle Examination Centres
Two GSE servicing franchisees in airside Collect applications, fees and conduct vehicle examination Licensing authority rests on Airport Authority

17 Airside Vehicle Parking Permit
All vehicle/equipment must procure and display a valid Airside Vehicle Parking Permit when they are parked in the airside The Parking Permit fee based on the vehicle dimension

18 2. Airside Drivers Certification
To safeguard the ground movement of aircraft, vehicles and personnel, drivers shall be fully conversant of the rules governing vehicle driving and operation of mobile equipment in airside Airside drivers must be in possession of a driving licence issued by Hong Kong Transport Department valid for the appropriate class(es) of vehicles, and “D” endorsement on their Airport Restricted Area Permits denoting authority to drive at airside

19 Hong Kong Driving License

20 “Classes” of Airside Vehicles & Equipment

21 Airside Driver Training
A video and a handbook are produced by the Airport Authority to facilitate training of drivers on the airside driving rules and safety regulations

22 Airside Driver Training
A video and a handbook are produced by the Airport Authority to facilitate training of drivers on the airside driving rules and safety regulations The employers are responsible for training of their drivers: Airside driving rules and regulations Operation of specialized equipment Specific company & airlines procedures

23 Airside Driver Examination
Applicants for “D” endorsement are required to pass a written test conducted by the Airport Authority 20 multiple-choice questions Result notification within 2 working days

24 Biennial renewal of D-endorsement
Airside drivers are required to attend the written tests conducted by the Airport Authority every two years for renewal of the “D” endorsement

25 3. Airside Driving Rules & Safety Regulations
General Driving Conducts Giveway to Aircraft Speed Limits Apron Road Markings & Traffic Signs Driving near or crossing taxlianes Driving inside Aircraft Parking Stands Designated Parking Areas Low Visibility Conditions Report of Vehicle Breakdown & Accidents Enforcement Etc

26 Enforcement of Airside Driving & Safety Regulations
Drivers who commit traffic offences at the airside may become liable to legal action taken by Police or the Airport Authority in pursuant to the Airport Authority Bylaws Daily enforcement the Airfield Officers of the Airport Authority

27 Driving Discipline Enforcement
Driver license inspection Speed check by laser gun

28 Airside Driving Offence Points Scheme
Notwithstanding the provisions in the AA Bylaws, violations of airside driving regulations will carry driving offence points The number of driving offence points awarded to each offence relates to the severity of the hazard to ramp safety caused by the traffic offence.

29 Withdrawal of “D” endorsement
The “D” endorsement of the airside driver who has incurred 8 or more points within 12 months will be withdrawn and the driver disqualified from driving on airside for a period of 3 months The disqualification period will increase to 6 months for any subsequent accumulation of 8 points.

30 Traffic Accident / Incident Investigation

31 4. Vehicles Operating in Aircraft Movement Area
Back-of-stand road and taxilane crossings Remain alert and watch out for aircraft Always giveway to aircraft

32 Runways & Taxiways Airfield Vehicles Other vehicles
Training by the Airport Authority Pre-approved to drive on taxiways Listening watch on GMC frequency Approval from ATC to enter runway Other vehicles Approval from GMC for movement on taxiways such as aircraft towing ATC may pre-approve CAD & AFC vehicles driving on taxiways Approval on ATC to enter runway

33 Works Vehicles Management
Genuine need to drive in aircraft movement area Escort arrangement of works vehicles Training to escortor by Airport Authority on designated routing Escortor vehicles in the front and the end of convoy, usually not exceeding 5 in total

34 Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System
HK ATC to implement the A-SMGCS at HKIA Airport Authority to work in collaboration with HK ATC for the implementation of the system Vehicles require access to active runway to equip with Vehicle Locator in phases starting from 2009

35 Thanks

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