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TETRA System for Bangalore Airport

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1 TETRA System for Bangalore Airport
Martin Glaser Siemens AG Österreich

2 Siemens TETRA Bangalore Airport Project TETRA Data Enhancement and Video Link Solution

3 Siemens TETRA Headquarter in Vienna, Austria
Martin Glaser, Siemens AG Österreich

4 Siemens TETRA Headquarter in Vienna, Austria

5 Siemens R&D and Manufacturing TETRA International Sales HQ
TETRA – Applications TETRA – Terminals Customer Solutions Integrated Solutions TETRA International Sales HQ Systemintegrator Complete Solutions Advanced Technology Represented in all Regions Sales Structure Europe, Russia Middle East & Africa Asia & Pacific China International Key Accounts

6 Complete TETRA Solution
Voice & Data Migration System Integration Complete Processing Complete Networking Operations Technology Infrastructure Switch Base Station Element Manager Complete Solution Customizing Applications System Integration Roll Out Services Maintenance Terminals Handhelds Mobiles Train Radios Encryption manufactured by Siemens

7 TETRA is focused on the customer
Realizing complete mobile communication solutions Integrating existing communication- and databases systems Improving current processes Introducing new and state of the art features, like e.g. AVL, Surveillance, Biometric reading, telemetric data, etc.

8 TETRA System for Bangalore Airport
Martin Glaser, Siemens AG Österreich

9 Preamble TETRA for the Bangalore Airport Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) awarded in June 2005 Siemens Information Systems Ltd. (HQ in Bangalore) the contract for the complete airport IT and communication infrastructure. Part of this contract is the TETRA digital radio system. Total cost for the new Bangalore Airport at Devanahalli is approx. USD 230 million. The airport can be developed in several phases up to a capacity of 40 million passengers Intended completion date of the project is April 2008

10 Technical Highlights The contract includes the supply of the TETRA infrastructure to cover the complete airport with approx. 16 square kilometres (3900 acres) including all indoor areas. The indoor areas totalling more than square meters Utilized for the in-house coverage: indoor antennas, repeaters and 2500m optical cable Approx. 300 Tetra terminals (both handheld and mobile) equipped with GPS enabling the airport control to locate vehicles and personnel on Apron, Taxiways and respective outdoor locations. The AVL system is fully integrated in the computer aided dispatch centre. Integrated interfaces to other airport communication systems like PABX, central data servers, etc.

11 Reason for TETRA BIAL has defined certain strategic guidelines for the airport operation. The airport will control Core processes Common infrastructure Key data streams Sovereign functions will be provided by the respective authorities Immigration Customs Security, etc.

12 Reason for TETRA Adoptability to different user requirements.
Resulting out of this guidelines are certain determine factors for the radio system. Adoptability to different user requirements. Operational effectiveness Open interfaces Low operational cost

13 Adoptability to different user requirements.
Determine factors for the radio system. National Control centre Adoptability to different user requirements. TETRA standard offers various features which can cater for all user groups in the airport operation Open Multivendor standard guarantees that terminals from different vendors can work on airport infrastructure Open interfaces enable integration of future voice and data systems/networks Constant and ongoing development of the TETRA standard ensures that the system will not be outdated during its operational lifecycle VPN Police Control Centre VPN Customs Control Centre VPN Immigration Control Centre TETRA Network VPN Operations Control Centre

14 Operational effectiveness
Determine factors for the radio system. Operational effectiveness High availability of the TETRA network Encryption High capacity within a small geographical area Documented operational processes, confirmation of SDS reception (Transport Layer) Ability to locate vehicles and personnel Task-specific re-grouping (DGNA) Interconnection capability Fast connection set-up

15 Open interfaces Determine factors for the radio system.
Different IT and communication systems need to be integrated with the TETRA system Open interfaces enabling the network operator to integrate voice and data network Open interfaces for 3rd-party application developers

16 Low operational cost Determine factors for the radio system.
Due to the competitive environment in the airport low operational cost with the highest reliability is essential AVL system reduces reaction time and increases operational safety Maintenance and operational costs are kept low due to the simplicity of the network topology and the number of modules used. A maximum of only 11 different modules will be used for this TETRA network

17 TETRA Data Enhancement and Video Link Solution
Martin Glaser, Siemens AG Österreich

18 Advantages Mobile Video Solution
The TETRA Video Link via DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast – Terrestrial) provides a fully mobile and real time video access to know about the actual situation in site of operations. Streaming video in TV quality via DVB-T for personnel briefing within the approaching car Broadcast technology ensures maximum of users sharing one network Accurate briefing for field officers with highest efficiency on live pictures Knowing what's going on at the crime scene is a security issue to be prepared and protected

19 Mobile data solution for car mobility in emergency situations
The TETRA data enhancement via DVB-T provides a fully mobile, real time and online broadband data access to support working process in site of incident Data File Transfer Service via DVB for transmission of high resolution wanted posters, Hugh building maps and complex criminal files Data Base Inquiry via TETRA for fingerprint, personal identification and car registration check Mobile Broadband Internet via DVB for WEB access and internet services

20 Command and Control Center
Playout DVB IP Inserter DVB-T Modulator TS with IP data TV Content TS IP Video & Data Content Broadcaster IPE Control Broadcast Network IAC LAN/WAN Intranet Interactive Application Center Traffic Cam DVB Receiver IP Video Streaming IP Data Content Requests & Control Command and Control Center Helicopter cam SQL TETRA V+D Air Interface PEI / RS232 (or USB) Laptop With Radio Dispatcher Live cam Dispatcher Server TETRA V+D Air Interface TETRA TETRA Terminal

21 Thank you

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