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On the 1st evening after I came back from school, I had a whole lot of messages waiting from the various news papers to speak to me about my brazil trip.

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2 On the 1st evening after I came back from school, I had a whole lot of messages waiting from the various news papers to speak to me about my brazil trip. This was also a good learning experience answering questions about a worlds which I had not been but only read and heard about, the program details and discussions with Activity was a big help indeed. On the 2 nd morning each and every news paper carried the news about the Horlicks Wiz Team visiting Brazil. I had finished with most of my packing in the proceeding week but the last minute tit-bit on the fresh weather report was taken care off. We boarded the train to Mumbai. So after all the waiting I finally reached the Mumbai airport to start with the wonderful experience and I met Shrea didi and Anees at the airport but we were to meet Afrah didi, Sultan sir and Naina maam at the Dubai airport. Mumbai was like a part of the reunion but Dubai airport when we all met it felt like a family reunion.

3 Now after all the reunion we were all ready to move on for the journey about which we had no clue at all. We knew our schedule was going to be tight and the itinerary was self explanatory that this hard work would expose us to something which we would never be able to gather ourselves and I thank Horlicks and Activity for giving us such a opportunity. Wow! 16 hours is what it takes a bowing 777 to reach Sao Paulo international airport from Dubai. Thanks to our organizers we got to travel in the best airlines in the world. I watched about 4 movies, ate Naina mams head talking, learnt chess from Sultan sir and slept. We finally reached Sao Paulo at 23:00 local time. There our interpreter Mariana and Isis the coordinator, gave us a warm welcome, the Brazilian way and quickly we hopped on with all our luggage in Oscars Marci dies van and were told the well have Oscar and Mariana joining us almost every where during our stay in brazil. The first look of brazil from Sao Paulo ( one of the worlds most populated towns ) was great- fantastic airport, warm people,good roads, so all in all I was driving through a great city.

4 So after an excellent drive through we reached TRYP ITAIM, a lovely 20 storied building with fantastic rooms, a terrace pool,gym - although that's nothing of my interest but… it was great. So we got our room mates and had 20 minutes to get ready and come down for dinner. The dinner was at Pizza House where we had fabulus pizzas and for thr 1 st time in life I had a chocolate pizza and a pizza with the heart of the palm. Interesting. After the dinner we all had had only sleep in our eyes so we slept and dreamt about the coming days. So the Sao Paulo venture first landed us at UMAPAZ with some new Brazilian friends- Lucas, Julia, Antonio, Jo and at Umapaz we met Rosy-the director of the place, Leny and many more. Umapaz was the University of Peace and Environment. Later we also met people from a organization called Ashoka and spoke to them about social affairs and other organizations like ARCATI and ISPIS. All this made us know a lot about the work brazil is up to related to the social affairs. We also went to the Afro-Brazilian Museum where we actually were able to differentiate between India and them.

5 But my excitement boosted up at the soccer match we went for between Sao Paulo and Juventus, where we supported Sao Paulo and they won and that's not it we also met RAI the ex-soccer player so was so dynamic. that wasnt it the best was the exchange program with the school in brazil named VERACRUZ where we met the children there who took us around and we exchanged the differences in our schooling. Later they put up a cultural performance for us and performed their traditional dance called Samba they also performed their traditional dame called Capaveria in which they fought and danced together. But now by the 7 th it was time for us to say bye to Sao Paulo and go to Brasilia the capital of Brazil. Our one day tour was phenomenal, we started with a lavish breakfast at the Ambassadors house followed by meeting the Secretary of Education Mr. André Lazaro with whom we discussed our projects and he also wrote a wonderful note for me to remember my visit there. To add to this we also went to the Presidents Office and had a cup of coffee and then to put a little stop to the V.I.P visits we ended up seeing the session between the Senate and Congress at the Parliament. And on the way back to the airport we saw the wonderfully planed city which is not even 60 years old.

6 So after the wonderful tour to Brasilia we left for our next destination that was a little sea-side town PARATY where we got a chance to meet the ex-slave community. It was all together a different experience where we had delicious black been and rice and danced with the children their in their style. After which we also had a blast on the cruise where it felt like being in paradise. We in fact found star fish at shore on the beach we stopped and got to hold them and thats not it we also did snorkeling, swimming followed by an excellent meal at the cruise Later that evening it rained, so the wiz team decided to cook for everyone. It was a wonderful evening and we played,ate, chatted and relaxed. Know the trip was almost coming to an end which didnt real made us feel good but all good things must come to an end so the battalion reached its final destination Rio De Janeiro where we started our last day with a fantastic breakfast at our hotel followed by a discussion with the Superintendent of Education and a representative from The School of Inclusion and later finished our trip with enjoying the Copacabana beach, The Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf mountains………..

7 F i n a l l y t h e t i m e a r r i v e d w h e n w e r e a l i z e d t h a t i t s t i m e t o s a y g o o d b y e t o e a c h o t h e r a n d t h a t s w h e n t e a r s r o l l e d d o w n m y e y e s, I j u s t c o u l d n t i m a g i n e t h e f a c t t h a t I l i v e d m y d r e a m a n d i t s t i m e t o g o b a c k i n t o r e a l i t y l e a v i n g b e h i n d p e o p l e w h o b e c a m e m y f a m i l y a n d r e m e m b e r t h e s e 1 0 d a y s a s m e m o r i e s o f t h e 1 0 b e s t d a y s o f m y l i f e … …. t h i s t r i p w a s s u r l y a J O U R N E Y J U S T S O U N F O R G E T A B L E a n d n o t o n l y b e c a u s e o f t h e t h i g h s I d i d a n d s a w b u t a l s o b e c a u s e o f t h e p e o p l e I s p e n t t i m e w i t h … …

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