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Lean Six Sigma - a new approach to airport consultation and management Tony Gollin and Thomas Hyde.

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1 Lean Six Sigma - a new approach to airport consultation and management Tony Gollin and Thomas Hyde

2 Introduction Auckland Airport is committed to playing its part in improving the border experience –Facilitating the border agencies and airport/airline entities to work together to improve processes and the passenger experience –Providing the airport infrastructure (people, processes, technology) to best support government and commercial objectives in passenger and aircraft facilitation

3 The Need Customer focus –The experience of the facilitated passenger is influenced by a number of factors: Environment Front-line individuals Processes Multiple parties (airport, airlines, ground handlers, government agencies…) –Customer means different things to each airport stakeholder –No one party is entirely responsible for the experience a passenger has on arrival or departure from NZ How do we create a culture across the airport eco-system that puts the customer first, with a shared vision and set of actions?

4 What is Lean Six Sigma? A fact-based approach to continuous improvement Operational focus – happens at the front line All about reducing waste (time, cost,…) Puts a cost on variance against target performance Usually applied within a single business We applied the approach across seven organisations! Control Improve Analyse Measure Define DMAIC

5 Scope of activity

6 Initiatives Lean Six Sigma Pilot Study (Arrivals Process) Extended into a rolling Lean Six Sigma Programme –On-going improvement of Arrivals process –Departures process Parallel support and integration of Border Agency initiatives with Trans-Tasman focus, e.g. –Customs – SmartGate –MAF – Fast Track Seeking to provide benefits to participating organisations, improving/reinforcing Auckland Airports brand with customers, and supporting NZ/AUS Govt objective to streamline Trans-Tasman passenger facilitation

7 Example: Lean Six Sigma Pilot Study (Arrivals Process) Start End

8 Approach Kick off work shop and training sessions Establishment of an operational Arrivals Team Governance Group meetings for decision making CEO Group for endorsement Detailed analysis of all aspects of arrivals process –Baggage handling –Customs and MAF processing and resourcing –PAX timing –Data mining (FIDS etc) The Team identified the two key areas to target for customer satisfaction were speed and environment

9 Lean Six Sigma Pilot Study (Arrivals Process)

10 Lean Six Sigma Pilot Study - Outcomes Successfully built a multi-party operational team that can make decisions and implement improvements Quantified key aspects of the arrivals process, understanding the factors that most affect processing times at high pax volumes Identified improvement opportunities and/or potential cost savings for all parties A number of immediate environmental changes made Several longer term improvement projects identified (prioritisation for roll on programme)

11 Lean Six Sigma Pilot Study – Vision for Arrivals Compliant passengers will take an average of 15 minutes to progress from the start of the Customs passport control into the public arrivals area, and no more than 25 minutes at any time.

12 Lean Six Sigma Pilot Study (Arrivals Process) New technology: –RFID for passenger tracking –Exploring application of CCTV, blue tooth and door counters –Providing real time decision support information to multi- stakeholders (e.g. Inbound aircraft passenger profile)

13 Environmental Improvements



16 Governance Structure for on-going Programme

17 Benefits and Conclusions Basically, we proved it works and drives real improvements. All agencies have committed to applying the methodology airport-wide. Adopted as the execution tool for introducing trans-Tasman initiatives over the next 14 months. Empowers front-line staff to make and act on improvement decisions. Was highly motivational for the staff involved. Locks in a continuous improvement culture in the organisations involved. Serves as a powerful project management tool.

18 Thank you Questions?

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