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W E L C O M E Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) 21 st May 2011.

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1 W E L C O M E Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) 21 st May 2011

2 Project Brief Site Orientation Master Plan – NMIA Project Activities – Status Project Schedule Outline of Presentation

3 Mumbai Metropolitan Region NAVI MUMBAI KALYAN VASAI-VIRAR THANE KARJAT ALIBAG KHOPOLI - Area Sq. Km - Population – M (2001) - Proj. Population M (2011) Major Growth Centers: Gr. Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Vasai-Virar & Kalyan

4 Navi Mumbai 1. Area Sq. Km. 2.Target Population M 3.Target Employment – 0.75M 4.Existing Population M 5.Existing Employment M 6. Fast Growth Rate - 12% per annum

5 MMR Present Air Travel Demand ( ) MPPA MMR Air Travel Demand projected MPPA by Mumbai airport experiencing severe congestion & delays Mumbai airport estimated to handle 40 MPPA maximum Mumbai needs 2 nd Airport Need of 2 nd Airport:


7 Project Detail – Accessibility Existing Linkages : Roads :NH-4B, SH-54, City Roads Khandeshwar Stn. Rail :Khandeshwar Stn. Proposed Linkages : Roads :MTHL Rail :Metro Water :Hovercraft Service

8 Master Plan


10 Airport Plan has H-shaped terminal building in the centre with runways on either side On completion of first phase (2014) - 10 million passengers Operational with one runway in the north, two taxiways, 15 contact gates, passenger building built across 86,000 sqm. It will require an investment of Rs4,424 crore Layout Details

11 By the second phase, in 2020, both runways and four taxiways will be operational and it will be able to handle 25 million passengers. It will handle 60 million passengers by Overall investment in the airport is estimated at around Rs8,300 crore Layout Details

12 Terminal will have a built up of 3 lakh sqm across five levels and will have separate domestic and international concourse Passengers will be able to enter from two sides those from Mumbai : Ulwe ; from Pune : Panvel To be made accessible via road, metro rail, suburban rail and hovercraft service Layout Details

13 Project Phasing

14 Forest Clearance Master Plan/Bidding Documents by Prime Consultant Amendment to NMDP Enhancing Airport Connectivity Land Acquisition Re-Settlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) Shifting of EHVT Lines Compliance – EC Selection of Strategic Partner CRITICAL ACTIVITIES

15 Project Activities - Status Project Activities - Status 1. Forest Clearance : Proposal for Forest Clearance fulfilling requirements submitted on and in process with Chief Conservator of Forest. Draft application for filing Notice of Motion in Hon. Mumbai High Court prepared & will be taken up upon receipt of Forest Clearance

16 2. Master Plan by Prime Consultant (M/s. LBG, USA) : Air Traffic Forecast & Alternative Concept Master Plan approved in 6 th Steering Committee Meeting - Nov Draft Master Plan Report reviewed by ICAO Work on Preliminary Designs, DPR and Bidding Documents in progress Project Activities - Status


18 Approvals For NMIA – GoI / GoM 31 st July 2007 : MOCA, GoI granted in-principle approval 17 th Aug : CIDCO Board approved development 30 th July 2008 : State Cabinet, GoM approved development 11th Oct 2010 : Ministry of Defense (MoD) granted Defense clearance 22nd Nov 2010: MoEF granted Environmental Clearance to NMIA 16 th May 2011 : Final approval for the NMIA revised master plan from the steering committee

19 3. Amendment to Navi Mumbai Development Plan (NMDP) : Based on conditions given in MoEF Environmental Clearance, CIDCO is modifying Navi Mumbai Development Plan and revised Development Plan will be put up for GoM approval shortly. Land based connectivity is crucial for success of any airport CIDCO has planned widening of two main access roads - Aamra Marg and NH4-B in co-ordination with MJPRCL, an SPV of NHAI 4. Enhancing Airport Connectivity: Project Activities - Status

20 5. Land Status Total land earmarked for Airport Project is 2020 Ha –Out of this 1333 Ha (66%) land is in possession of CIDCO –About 263 Ha (13%) Government land under transfer –About 424 Ha (21%) is private land and is in process Project Activities - Status

21 Land Status

22 6. Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) : About 3000 families from 10 settlements of 7 villages to be rehabilitated Discussion on draft R&R policy with stake holders in progress Policy incorporating stake holders views being finalized in consultation with GoM Sites for R & R for relocation of Airport Project Affected People identified and developmental works initiated at sites Project Activities - Status

23 Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plan Project Activities - Status

24 7. Shifting of EHVT Lines : EHVT lines of Tata Power and MSETC passing through airport area and require shifting. M/s LBG has submitted draft report for shifting of EHVT Lines for safe operation of Airport. Consultant now revising report as per approved layout of MoEF. Meeting with power companies will be arranged shortly to finalize program of implementation. Project Activities - Status

25 Progress on EC - Compliance of MoEF MoEF ConditionCompliance/ Status Revise Master plan/ Development plan of Navi Mumbai as per NMIA. CIDCO Board approved modifications to NMDP and statutory process of approval as per MRTP Act is being followed. Rehabilitation of families as per the R & R policy of GoI/GoM Draft R & R Policy is prepared and being discussed with Airport Project Affected Families. Prepare a detailed traffic management plan, Improvement of connectivity and mass public transportation. MTSU through M/s. Lea Associates is carrying out connectivity study. Obtain permission from Hon. Mumbai High Court for cutting or damaging of mangroves Process of obtaining Forest Clearance has commenced on 6th December, 2010 and proposal being processed with Forest Dept. Hon. Mumbai High Court will be approached for permission of cutting of mangroves.

26 MoEF ConditionCompliance/ Status Risk assessment plan and disaster management plan and dedicated professional team/cell to handle disaster and associated risks. National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi is being appointed. Design of Ulwe recourse channel and measures to avoid flooding CW&PRS, Pune is revising 1D - 2D mathematical models and physical model study. Conduct the baseline survey of avian fauna. BNHS is being appointed to carry out avian fauna survey. Progress on EC - Compliance of MoEF

27 MoEF ConditionCompliance/ Status Obtain the Environmental and CRZ clearance separately for off airport facilities and other off infrastructure projects. Proposal for offsite physical infrastructure has been approved by MCZMA. A high level advisory and monitoring committee for compliance of MoEF conditions. High level advisory and monitoring committee is being constituted by GoM. Obtain all other statutory clearances as applicable by project proponents from the respective competent authorities. MoCA & Defense Clearance obtained and other statutory clearances shall be obtained at appropriate time. Progress on EC - Compliance of MoEF

28 8. Strategic Partner : A strategic partner for Airport development will be selected through global bidding. Bidding documents are being prepared by prime consultant M/s Louis Berger Group, USA Project Activities - Status

29 Project Implementation Structure PPP Model Special Purpose Company (SPC) to be formed Selection of Strategic Investor through bidding SPC to design, plan, finance, construct, market, operate & maintain SPC to return project to CIDCO/GoM on expiry of concession period

30 Action Plan Clearances Obtained : Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) Government of Maharashtra ( GoM) Ministry of Environment & Forests ( MoEF) Ministry of Defence ( MoD) Clearances Required : Forest Clearance Hon. High Court of Mumbai Selection of Strategic Partner shortly Commencement of work in a year Commencement of NMIA Phase 1 : 2015

31 Project Implementation Schedule

32 Time Frame 1. Preparation of Master Plan, DPR & Bid Documents In progress 2.Invitation of Bids for Selection of DeveloperMay - Dec Financial ClosureApril Commencement of WorkMay Opening of Airport – Phase

33 Thank You

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