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(IATA Rep, please lead the presentation during section 1.)

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1 Karagandy International Airport – New Transit Cargo-hub in Central Asia
(IATA Rep, please lead the presentation during section 1.) Karagandy – Transit Airport

2 Karagandy – Transit Airport

3 Plan: KGF intends to attract air cargo carriers to become the meeting point between Europe and Asia
Karagandy In order to answer the first question that we asked earlier, i.e. is there an economic advantage for our airlines in using Sary-Arka Airport as a transit stop, IATA carried out between May and June a comprehensive route economic analysis. Location on GC routes Karagandy – Transit Airport

4 Purpose of the Briefing
Inform Airline of the potential role of Karagandy International Airport as a cargo transit airport for flights between Asia and Europe (NB significance of the condensation trail of an aircraft overflying Karagandy …) Karagandy – Transit Airport

5 Route Economic Study: - Shanghai to Frankfurt
Karagandy – Transit Airport

6 Route Economic Study (cont’d) - Shanghai to Frankfurt
$21,581,350 350 $61,661 $170,647 $121,467 $292,113 200,000 12:17 5160 Transit Sary-Arka $2,466,800 $7,048 $7,047 -$7,048 - -0:21 -188 Difference Sary-Arka vs. Almaty $218,694 Potential revenue (USD) 11:30 Total flight time Potential additional yearly revenue (USD) Number of flights per year (approx.) Potential additional revenue (USD) $108,986 Net revenue (USD) $109,708 Total cost (USD) 149,732 Potential payload (Lbs) 4953 Total distance (NM) Non-Stop Note: This example does not take into consideration possible additional transit cost (eg. crew change, etc.) Karagandy – Transit Airport

7 Regular transit landings of MK Airlines crafts (since 20.03.2007)
Karagandy – Transit Airport

8 Regular landings of Tesis Cargo crafts (since 14.04.2007)
Karagandy – Transit Airport

9 Transit flight «Lufthansa Cargo»
MD - 11 Karagandy – Transit Airport

10 Transit flights of «Cargolux» (since 18.10.2007)
Hong Kong - Luxembourg 4 flights per week Karagandy – Transit Airport

11 Commercial flights of Aeroflot Cargo
(since ) Seoul - Moscow 5 flights per week Karagandy – Transit Airport

12 Transit flights of «JADE Cargo» (since 28.08.2008)
Shenzhen - Amsterdam 4 flights per week Karagandy – Transit Airport

13 2. Karaganda Region Karagandy – Transit Airport
(IATA Rep, please introduce and present section 3. Invite Daulet to address specific issues and questions. Karagandy – Transit Airport

14 Karaganda Region Karaganda City Territory: 428,000 square km.
Population: 1,331,700 Region center: Karaganda city Population of region center: 750,000 General information on the Region Karagandy – Transit Airport

15 Karaganda Region (cont’d) - Economy
General information on the economic activity. Keep it simple… Karagandy – Transit Airport

16 Karaganda Region (cont’d) Large scale enterprises with foreign participation
“Mittal Steel Temirtau” (“Mittal Steel”, Great Britain) “Kazakhmys” Ltd “Karaganda margarine factory” (“Ursem Holding”, Switzerland) “Konfety Karagandy” (U.I.G. Limited, Great Britain) “Efes Karaganda pivovarennyj zavod” (“Efes„ Turkey) “International coal technologies” (Eurasian group, Russia) “ Zhairemskyj GOK” (Eurasian group, Russia) “Central Asia Cement” (Malaysia) “Nova Zinc” (Nova-trading & Commerce AG) “Karaganda -Zhily” (“Enrhost. Ltd.” Great Britain) “Shubarkul coal plant” (Eurasian group, Russia) “Saranrezinotechnica” (“ECM Wertpapierdienstleistungs GmbH” Germany) “Karagandarezinotechnica„(“Sibhimimpex„ Russia) Karaganda is open to foreign investments and business Karagandy – Transit Airport

17 3. Airport Infrastructure
(IATA Rep, please introduce and present section 3. Invite Daulet to address specific issues and questions. The issues that will raise most question are likely to be PCN, runway length, and fuel supply and quality.) We will now turn to the second question that we highlighted at the beginning of the presentation: Does Karagandy infrastructure meet my airline’s requirements? Karagandy – Transit Airport

18 Karagandy Airport Modern facilities meeting international standards
As mentioned earlier, in May IATA sent a team of 3 people from Geneva, Montreal and Moscow to conduct an on-site technical audit in order to assess the ground handling service provider’s readiness to service large cargo aircraft. The team worked for 4 days in close collaboration with the airport authorities. IATA then prepared a complete report containing the audit findings and recommendations to meet the handling requirements for large cargo aircraft. It documented relevant technical or operational issues and provided recommendations on how to meet the ground handling requirements. The detailed report resulted in numerous findings and recommendations which are reflected in Karagandy’s current investment program. The team took lots of photos, as you will see later … Modern facilities meeting international standards Yearly capacity of 2.5 millions passengers, 18,000 tons of cargo and 7,000 tons of mail Karagandy – Transit Airport

19 Location Position 49° 40' 15.00" N 073° 20' 04.00" E
Karagandy Astana Almaty Position 49° 40' 15.00" N 073° 20' 04.00" E Karaganda City 22 km NW 108 NM (200 km) from Astana 409 NM (755 km) from Almaty The airport was built in 1934, and moved to its current location 10 years later. In 1980 it underwent major reconstruction, including construction of the new terminal building and modernization of the runway. This made landing of heavier aircraft possible and opened the door to new destinations in the Soviet Union of the time. In 1992 the airport was granted international status. It became an independent joint stock company in 1997. Karagandy – Transit Airport

20 Airport Data Privately owned by Sky Service ICAO code UAKK
IATA code KGF Elevation 538 meters (1,765 feet) Magnetic variation 008° E Time UTC+6 300 hectare surface Operates 24 hours No night curfew Sky Service privately owns the airport. The company has been set-up specifically to develop the airport as a cargo transit stop for flights between Europe and Asia. The airport surface encompasses approximately 300 Hectares and includes numerous buildings; main passenger terminal, control tower, cargo warehouses, fuel storage facility, large hangar space, GSE facilities, weather station, firehouses, navigational aids infrastructure, airport office buildings and hotel (17 rooms) and other facilities. The airport operates 24 hours a day with no curfew periods. Karagandy – Transit Airport

21 Maneuvering Area and Apron
Runway 05/23 concrete surface 3,300 meters (10,831 feet) X 60 meters (Up to 3600 meters in 2008) Runway PCN 43/R/A/X/T (Permission for 2 landing MD-11 and 8 landing B747 per day) Upgrade to Runway PCN 68 by 2010 3 taxiways 23 parking places PCN 43 PCN 43 PCN 10 Note PCN on parking places Karagandy – Transit Airport

22 Weather Services Available 24 hours Service in 2 languages
Located in terminal building Pre-flight briefings METAR TAF Possible alternates (Astana, Almaty and Bishkek) Karagandy – Transit Airport

23 Weather Conditions Located in the depth of mainland, in the steppe area, which causes the sharp continental climate Coldest month: January (average -15˚ C) Hottest month: July (average +20˚ C) Average yearly precipitations: 315 mm Snow from 15 November to 1 April (layer 8-21 cm) Prevailing winds: October - March: south west April - December: north east (IATA Rep, You might like to invite Daulet to say a few words here about the weather conditions, as they are a strong selling point.) Karagandy – Transit Airport

24 Weather Conditions (cont’d)
No suspended aircraft operations due to fog Airport accessibility: CAT I: 99,62% CAT II: would be 99,95% In the last 5 years aircraft operations were suspended only 158 hours due to ice (You might like to invite Daulet to say a few words here about the weather conditions, as they are a strong selling point.) Source: Karagandy Karagandy – Transit Airport

25 Hangar 4662 square meters Height 21 meters Steel framework
Can accommodate A310 Karagandy – Transit Airport

26 Cargo Terminal S -3456 m2 Capacity – 40 000 ton/year
All types of Cargo Fire safety system, 3 temperature modes Auto-control WMS system, Customs service Karagandy – Transit Airport

27 Firehouses 2 firehouses 5 fire vehicles and a control center
9 categories for fire safety Karagandy – Transit Airport

28 Fuel Supply Arrives into Karaganda City by rail
Stocked at a facility near the railway line Delivered to the airport by tanker trucks Systematic quality checks, prior to storage Delivery into plane by tanker trucks Airport storage capacity of 4,575 m³ 1 tanker (80 m³), 2 tankers (60 m³) and 4 fuel tanker trucks (22 m3) at the airport (Fuel will be an important issue.) Karagandy – Transit Airport

29 Terminal Building 30,000 square meters
Planning for 1,200 passengers per hour Peak passenger flow 250 passengers 9 manual check-in positions 8 boarding gates VIP area Immigration service (You may wish to invite Daulet to comment during the remaining slides of this section) Karagandy – Transit Airport

30 Destinations Passenger: Cargo: Almaty (daily)
Moscow (Domodedovo - 4 flights per week)‏ St. Petersburg (2 flights per week)‏ Frankfurt (Kostanay – 1 flight per week)‏ Hannover (Kostanay - 1 flight per week)‏ Antalya (1 flight per week)‏ Minsk (1 flight per week) Novosibirsk (1 flight per week)‏ Istanbul (planned)‏ Sharja (planned)‏ Urumqi (planned)‏ Cargo: Macao (2 flights per week)‏ Hong Kong (2 flights per week)‏ Luxembourg (2 flights per week)‏ Shanghai ( 2 flights per week)‏ Tyanzin (3 flights per week)‏ Tallin (3 flights per week)‏ Moscow (Sheremetevo 3 flights per week)‏ Hahn (Frankfurt 3 flights per week)‏ Seoul (3 flights per week)‏ Sharja (planned)‏ Istanbul (planned) Pekin (planned)‏ Amsterdam (planned)‏ London (planned)‏ Karagandy – Transit Airport

31 Downtown Hotels COSMONAUT ALATAU
CHAIKA DOSTAR ALEM Karagandy – Transit Airport

32 The Cosmonaut Hotel ****
Telecommunication services High speed internet Satellite TV Gym Pool Bar Restaurant Outdoor terraces Park (IATA Rep, You might mention that IATA representatives stayed here during the technical audit and like it very much. There is a wonderful fitness centre and pool. Cosmonauts from the Baikonur Cosmodome in Kazakhstan stay here.) Karagandy – Transit Airport

33 Investments In Karagandy International Airport received an input of over 40 mln USD of investments. We have always welcomed and will always welcome airlines to audit our airport, such as Lufthansa, Cargolux, Austrian Airlines, Air Astana, KLM and also Shanghai Airlines. We want to be compliant with your safety, operational and infrastructure requirements Karagandy – Transit Airport

34 Technical center 2008 New Technical Center created for MD-11 & Boeing 747Line Maintenance Today there are 6 educated engineers available in the airport (5 of those are certified for В1 и В2 to service MD-11, 2 for Boeing ,300) We have 5 more who on Lufthansa Training now and starting on October we have certified specialists for Boeing ,300,400. Karagandy – Transit Airport

35 Trainings Lufthansa Consulting provided with ground handling trainings and trained Karagandy Airport staff for fuelling, de-icing aircrafts and DGR The training program is based on IATA recommendations widely recognized by international aviation community. After these trainings 28 employees have received the official IATA Certificates. Karagandy – Transit Airport

36 We waiting for your aircrafts in our airport!
Thank you! Karagandy – Transit Airport

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