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Riverside County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Public Hearing Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission Mead & Hunt, Inc.

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1 Riverside County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Public Hearing Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission Mead & Hunt, Inc.

2 Today’s Topics Role of the ALUC Draft Compatibility Plan
Implementation Issues

3 Role of the ALUC

4 Authority and Duties ALUCs
Establishment Required by State Law Riverside County ALUC Composition Not Merely an Advisory Body Duties Prepare and Adopt Compatibility Plans Conduct Airport/Land Use Compatibility Reviews 1. Public Utilities Code Section et seq With limited exceptions, ALUC required in every county 2. Foothill ALUC functions under SPO; TRK plus airports in three counties (El Dorado, Nevada, Sierra) Standard composition vs. designated body 3,4. Two specific duties defined in the law: … 5. Not advisory, but lacks implementation powers; can be overruled by local govt entity 6. Limitations: operation of airports; existing land uses Also no authority to implement own plans; that power remains with local government entities

5 Limitations of ALUCs No Authority over Airport Development or Operation No Authority over Existing Land Uses No Direct Ability to Implement Policies

6 Local Agency Responsibilities
Compatibility Plan Implementation General Plan Consistency Requirements Submittal of Projects for ALUC Review 1. Basically, local entities have responsibility to implement the compatibility plan 2. Fundamental Step: modify general plan 3. Submit certain land use actions Some mandatory Others optional once general plan is consistent Continued submittal of major actions requested

7 Compatibility Plan vs. Master Plan
Airport Master Plan Addresses Airport Development and Operations Adopted by Airport Operator Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Concerned with Land Use Development Around Airport Adopted by ALUC

8 The Draft Plan

9 Plan Contents Three Volumes Policies in Volume 1
Countywide Policies Policies and Maps for Individual Airports Appendices Background Data in Volumes 2 and 3 Volume 2: West County Airports Volume 3: East County Airports

10 Basis of Compatibility Criteria
Noise No New Residential in Long-Term 60 dB CNEL Contour Safety State Handbook Guidelines as Tailored to Each Airport Airspace Protection Federal Aviation Regulations Part 77 Aircraft Overflight Primary Airport Traffic Patterns

11 Compatibility Zone Factors
Location Noise Impact Risk Level A Runway & RPZs Very High B1 Inner Approach/Departure High B2 Adjacent to Runway Mod–High Low–Mod C Extended Approach/Departure Moderate D Primary Traffic Patterns Low E Other Airport Environs Height Overlay High Terrain Data sources: actual data vs. estimated data California Division of Aeronautics acoustical counter Airport UNICOM Flight Logs Interviews with Airport Staff and Flight Instructors 1998 AMP

12 Sample Compatibility Map Corona Municipal Airport

13 Basic Compatibility Criteria
Zone Maximum Residential Density Maximum Nonresidential Intensity Other Criteria A 0 du/ac 0 people/ac No structures B1 0.05 du/ac 25 people/ac No schools, hospitals, etc. Bldgs >2 floors B2 0.1 du/ac 100 people/ac C 0.2 du/ac 75 people/ac Bldgs >3 floors D or ≥5.0 du/ac Discourage schools, hospitals E No Limit Discourage stadiums Aircraft type assumptions make major difference in contours

14 Compatibility Factors Example
Bermuda Dunes Airport Flight Tracks Noise Contours Risk Contours Basic Safety Zones Conical Surface Flight Track Envelope Compatibility Zones Old CLUP

15 Key Issues Determining Existing Uses
Significance of Nonconforming Development Consideration for Local Land Use Plans Allowing Infill Development Accounting for Secondary Dwellings Significance of Current Compatibility Plans

16 Defining “Existing” Land Use
Basis in State Laws and Court Decisions Use Does Not Have to be Physically Existing Status of Local Project Approval Discretionary vs. Ministerial Actions Definition for ALUC Purposes Can be More “Relaxed” But No Requirement To Do So

17 Working Definition of “Existing”
Tentative Parcel Map or Subdivision Map Approved and Not Expired Vesting Tentative Parcel or Subdivision Map Approved Development Agreement Approved and Remains in Effect Final Subdivision Map Recorded Use Permit or Other Discretionary Entitlement Approved and Not Expired Valid Building Permit Issued

18 Infill Development Concept: Concerns: Suggested Approach:
Allow New Nonconforming Development Similar to Surrounding Land Uses Concerns: Potential for Significant New Compatibility Conflicts Potential for Incremental Expansion of Nonconforming Uses Suggested Approach: Limit Size of Infill Development Set Boundary Requirements Limit Density/Intensity to Double the Basic Criteria Even if Surrounding Uses Exceed this Level Burden on Local Jurisdictions to Show that Infill Criteria Met

19 Implementation Issues

20 General Plan Consistency
County and Cities Must Modify General Plan to be Consistent with Compatibility Plan Or Take Steps Necessary to Overrule ALUC Action Existing Land Uses not Considered

21 Relationship to General Plan Bermuda Dunes Airport Environs
Palm Desert County Indio La Quinta

22 Types of Actions Reviewed
Mandatory Reviews List Defined by State Law General Plan or Specific Plan Adoption Zoning Amendments Airport Master Plans and Development Plans Decision Cannot Be Delegated to Staff Other Reviews Major Land Use Actions Depends on Status of General Plan Consistency Review May Be Advisory Only Decisions Can Be Delegated to Staff

23 Real Estate Disclosure Requirements
Basis in California State Law Applicable to Most Residential Real Estate Transactions Disclosure Language Provided in Law Intent is to Improve Consistency of Disclosure Applies throughout Each Airport Influence Area Notification Only—No Restrictions on Land Use

24 Mead & Hunt Thank You! That concludes my presentation
Happy to respond to any further questions you may have

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