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How Pixims Digital Pixel System® Technology Helps Mitigate Airport Security Threats July 2008.

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1 How Pixims Digital Pixel System® Technology Helps Mitigate Airport Security Threats July 2008

2 P.2 Common Airport Security Challenges Video security systems address the following problems found at airports around the world Capturing images in a myriad of dissimilar scenes with highly variable lighting Dimly lit parking garages Bright sunlight to dark of night on the airfield Fluorescent lighting in concourse, shops and kiosks Shadows and high contrast situations in hangars, warehouses In and around delivery vehicles Correctly identifying travelers in poorly or backlit areas with lots of traffic Management of cargo and passenger traffic Prevention of baggage or cargo theft & tampering Prevention of unauthorized access through tailgating

3 P.3 Common Airport Security Challenges Managing internal and external threats Crowded ticketing, departure and screening areas Myriad of individuals with physical access to the aircraft, baggage handlers and ground staff Hangars, cargo movement and storage areas Monitoring the perimeter of the airfield Prevention of breaches at the fence Telephoto for perimeter screening Surveying ground operations The dynamic zone between the terminal, taxiway & runways is busy, cluttered and very difficult to secure Meeting intense regulatory scrutiny Producing video evidence to reconstruct the flow of people/cargo before, during and after an incident

4 P.4 Airport Video Surveillance Requirements High quality video: 24 x 7 Widest dynamic range that delivers high quality images in all lighting conditions Correctly identify travelers & airport employees in: Bright lighting, shadows and in-between Under fluorescent lights or outdoors Get all of the details in high contrast and backlight conditions, even in the same scene Consistent images and color representation Display accurate skin tones Facial recognition to track suspicious persons Elimination of indoor and outdoor noise and high image compression DVRs/NVRs record with higher frame rate or higher resolution - in the same recording time No camera blindness Removal of vertical smear, pixel blooming & other image artifacts

5 P.5 See the Digital Pixel System Difference Loss of detail Camera blindness Washed out plane tail number Vertical smear See the details Superior image quality See lights and darks simultaneously Analog CCD Camera

6 P.6 See the Digital Pixel System Difference Analog CCD Camera Washed Out Images In Bright Sunlight Clear Images In Mixed Lighting

7 P.7 The Better the Picture The Better the Analytics Effectiveness of intelligent video analytics is constrained by poor images provided by analog cameras Digital Pixel System®, all-digital cameras can provide new insights Intruder detection at airport perimeters and restricted zones Loitering detection in parking and perimeter areas Suspicious vehicles with license plate recognition Identifying specific, suspicious behavior patterns Pixims Digital Pixel System technology allows the subtle details to be seen and acted upon

8 P.8 Worldwide Acceptance: Airports Using Pixims Digital Pixel System® Technology Copenhagen Airport Madrid Airport Shanghai Airport Newark Liberty International Airport Bangkok Airport Nanking Lukou International Airport

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