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Certification of ICAO compliant GBAS Cat-I in Australia

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1 Certification of ICAO compliant GBAS Cat-I in Australia
Keith McPherson Manager GNSS

2 ICAO Document “A32-19: Charter on the Rights and Obligations of States Relating to GNSS Services”
………. 2. Every State and aircraft of all States shall have access, on a non-discriminatory basis under uniform conditions, to the use of GNSS services, including regional augmentation systems for aeronautical use within the area of coverage of such systems. 4. Every State providing GNSS services, including signals, or under whose jurisdiction such services are provided, shall ensure the continuity, availability, integrity, accuracy and reliability of such services, including effective arrangements to minimize the operational impact of system malfunctions or failure, and to achieve expeditious service recovery.

3 Technology Overview NPA 400-600ft GRAS 250ft GBAS 200ft
GRAS Transmitters Sydney Airport Regional Airport Increased safety, accuracy & integrity More efficient approaches Reduced infrastructure & real estate Increased Guided missed approaches Increased Integrity Supports ADS-B - accurate surveillance Assists UPR & UPT Mixed Mode operation with RNP Guided Departures Situational Awareness Accurate departure tracks Environmental saving

4 GBAS System Ground Based Augmentation System GBAS Features
GBAS is Airport Based GRAS Regional System GBAS Features Replaces ILS Covers all runway ends Curved approaches Terrain Issues Environmental Reduced real estate More stability Less signal Interference Less maintenance

5 Equipment on the Hook at Sydney Airport
GBAS Cat-1 Sydney Equipment on the Hook at Sydney Airport

6 The “Hook” at Sydney airport extending into Botany Bay
GPS Reference Receiver Antennas VHF Data Link Antenna GLS Facility Shelter The “Hook” at Sydney airport extending into Botany Bay

7 GBAS Cat-1 Equipment

8 GLS – Primary Flight Display
4000 GLS CMD G/S LOC SPD 1200 140 GMWH /220o RW22C 4.4

9 GLS – Radio Tuning Panel

10 GLS – FMS Selection


12 Multiple Approach Capability of GBAS
80 Multiple Approach Capability of GBAS

13 Current Status GBAS Cat-I
ICAO GBAS Cat-I SARPs already issued Approved ICAO compliant system in Australia (Part 171 change) in 2008 at Sydney International Airport Strong support from international airlines Qantas, Lufthansa, Fedex, Continental Air Micronesia Sydney Beta GBAS Cat-I – installation completed October 2005 Sydney Beta GBAS Cat-I – first broadcast 29 October 2005 DFS Germany has a beta GBAS Cat-I (Frankfurt, soon Bremen) AENA Spain has a beta GBAS Cat-I (Malaga) Memphis Tennessee has beta GBAS Cat-1 Global reach of GBAS Cat-I is increasing Goal - gate to gate precision navigational service for aircraft

14 B-737NG GLS Certification Status
Certification Flight Test Verification, validation complete Demonstrated at SeaTac & Moses Lake using Beta LAAS Operations (including automatic landings) demonstrated at adjacent airports: Ephrata, Boeing Field & Paine Field Test airplane flown against FAA prototype ground station at Rio de Janeiro (Galeao) with approaches to adjacent airport (Santos Dumont) QANTAS - 9 B-737NG with GBAS Cat-1 avionics - 24 B-737s may be retrofitted with GBAS Cat-1 avionics Boeing and Airbus plan to introduce GLS on all forward fit aircraft and retrofit where cost effective

15 A-380 GLS Certification Status
QANTAS will take delivery of 12 x A-380s with GBAS Cat-I avionics Other Airbus aircraft to be procured will be fitted with GBAS Cat-I avionics Boeing B-737NG, B-787, B-777 (New), B will all gave GBAS Cat-1 as standard avionics fitment

16 Australian Augmentation Experience
LAAS SCAT-1 Melbourne Airport (Honeywell SLS-2000) LAAS SCAT-1 Canberra Airport (Raytheon DIAS-3100) LAAS SCAT-1 Avalon Airport (Honeywell SLS-2000) LAAS SCAT-1 Norfolk Island (Honeywell SLS-2000) GBAS CAT-1 Sydney Airport (Honeywell SLS-3000)

17 ICAO Compliant GBAS Cat-I in Australia
Airservices Australia negotiated with Honeywell International to bring an ICAO compliant GBAS Cat-I to completion Approximately 22 months to complete RTCA DO-178B/278 compliant software – commenced 10 April 2006 Approximately 6 months of certification Civil Aviation Safety Authority involved from Day 1 Aim is to have CASA approve Part 171 change to allow operation of completed system by 3rd quarter 2008 or earlier Germany, Spain and USA offered to assist and those offers were accepted. GNSS Technical Memorandum of Cooperation signed with FAA 9 February 2006

18 2nd Last Message New aircraft are being fitted with GBAS Cat-I avionics B-737s will be retrofitted with GBAS Cat-I avionics Qantas has taken the lead internationally GBAS Cat-I is HERE and it is HERE to STAY 73% of the world’s airports are GBAS Cat-I (IATA study) GBAS Cat-I offers more than ILS Legacy aircraft will be around for a long time and SOME ILS will remain but not as many

19 No single augmentation system provides a global answer –
Final Message: No single augmentation system provides a global answer – There is a synergy between, and a need for, all four ICAO augmentation systems

20 Thank you

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