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Installation of Incinerator Sangster International Airport Environmental Impact Assessment Presented by Eleanor Jones Environmental Solutions Ltd July.

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1 Installation of Incinerator Sangster International Airport Environmental Impact Assessment Presented by Eleanor Jones Environmental Solutions Ltd July 6, 2004

2 THE PROJECT – CONTEXT AND RATIONALE Purpose built incinerator East of terminal building& 200 feet south of runway Covers area of about 650 ft² - compacted marl surface Requirement of IFC/World Bank/MBJ Improve Solid Waste Management Health Implications – international and domestic waste Control rummaging - Scavengers from outside compound, Bird Hazard



5 The Waste Stream 2001 Survey 1680 kg/day – intl waste 0.181kg/passenger/day Combustible fraction – 83%

6 TYPE OF WASTEINTERNATIONAL WASTE % Paper 34.4 Plastic 24.7 Vegetable matter 24.2 Glass 9.0 Metal 7.2 Unclassified 0.5



9 The EIA Approach Project description Receiving Environment Legislative & regulatory Context Potential Impacts Mitigation Measures Analysis of alternatives Outline Monitoring Plan Outline Emergency Response Plan

10 PROJECT DESCRIPTION Scanship Environmental AS and consists of a multichamber incinerator that uses a semi-pyrolitic two stage cumbustion Main components of the incinerator system consists of a garbage shredder, silo feeding conveyor screw, garbage silo, incinerator, flue gas fan and emission stack

11 EXISTING ENVIRONMENT- PHYSICAL Short duration torrential downpours characteristic of Montego Bay Wind direction - diurnal variation Daytime - from the northeastern sector Night from southeast







18 EXISTING ENVIRONMENT- BIOLOGICAL Highly altered ecology – site & situation of airport environment Site adjacent to highly degraded, isolated wetland – remnant of old coastal vegetation Robust bird life in wetlands and ponds Airport site adjacent to Montego Bay Marine Park

19 EXISTING ENVIRONMENT- SOCIAL Airport environment – visitor population and airport staff. Communities on northern fringe – Whitehouse, Sandals, Southern extent – Flankers, mixed commercial establishments, north coast main road


21 TERMS OF REFERENCE – KEY ISSUES Site preparation and Construction phase site clearance (burnt garbage) material sourcing and storage, dust control, construction site management, synergy with on-going expansion work

22 …Key Issues - Operation Phase Waste collection, sorting,transport, loading Ash handling and disposal HazMat Air dispersion modeling – ambient air quality and public health in the airshed Occupational Health and Safety issues Focus on So x, No x, particulates( TSP,PM10 ), PAPS – dioxins and furans Environmental Monitoring Plan Emergency Response Plan

23 APPROACH TO STUDY Multidisciplinary team Charette style investigation and analysis Review of existing documentation Field investigations & analysis Air dispersion modeling Public presentation

24 LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY CONSIDERATIONS Local and International NEPA – Draft air Regs Public Health Airport Operations Waste handling NSWMA – Ash handling and Landfill guidelines

25 AIR QUALITY SCREENING MODEL NEPA requirements – Screening Initial assessment of emission levels and range of dispersion Compliance with local a/q standards If compliant – no further modeling If non-compliant – recommendations for a/q control device(s) If major disparity – then detailed dispersion modeling

26 SCREENING MODEL ScreenView Software Basic Inputs Emission stack configuration,i.e. height, internal diameter for respective incinerator Emission characteristics,i.e. flue gas flow rate, temperature Emission rates of pollutants (USEPA emission factors)

27 Input-Output Flow Chart

28 Findings Parameters Emission Rates, g / s Emission Rates mg / m 3 Emission Standards mg / m 3 Particulate Matter 0.217152.5200 Carbon Monoxide 0.019 13.3100 Sulphur Dioxide 0.204143.6300

29 Other Parameters – Ambient Air Quality No x HCL Arsenic Cadmium Chromium Mercury Nickel CDD/CDF

30 …Findings All parameters in compliance with AAQS and PAPs EXCEPT Furans Dioxins REQUIRES Air Pollution Control (APC) Device NAAQG (2x10 -8 ) µg/m 3

31 Results with APC Installed PollutantPredicted Ambient Impact, ug / m 3 ( Annual ) Uncontrolled 2.35 x 10 -6 CDD / CDF ( Fabric Filter only ) 1.88 x 10 -7 CDD / CDF ( Dry Sorbent Injection / Fabric Filter ) 1.17 x 10 -8 NAAQG (2x10 -8 ) µg/m 3

32 POTENTIAL IMPACTS & MITIGATION Air Quality Solid Waste Management Public Health and Safety


34 IMPACTS & MITIGATION AIR QUALITY ISSUES MITIGATION MEASURES CONSTRUCTION PHASE Dust Emissions from transport & storage of construction materials Covering trucks & material stockpiles Use of dust masks by workers OPERATION PHASE Stack emissions - SO X, NO X PAPs and particulates Model indicates these parameters within acceptable limits. Air pollution control devices - Furans and dioxins comply with the national standards. Scheduled Maintenance & operation

35 IMPACTS AND MITIGATION WASTE MANAGEMENT Construction Debris Worker generated waste Separation & storage Removal by certified contractors HazMat handling Training re worker disposal of packaging etc. Chemical toilets & proper disposal

36 ...WASTE MANAGEMENT Operation Collection, transport, sorting, loading of waste to incinerator Ash generation, removal and disposal Scavenging Procedures established NSWMA guidelines – Containerize ash Separate special /medical waste-get NSWMA and Min Health approval for this component Security to guard against scavenging

37 ALTERNATIVES No Action Not an option Alternative Incinerator AAJ selection after due diligence – purpose built to meet specs Alternative Sites Disposal Method - Health guidelines incineration of international waste. Landfill exposure Burial on site – impractical


39 MONITORING PLAN Ensure compliance with relevant legislation, implementation of the mitigation measures and long-term minimization of negative environmental impacts. Programme of stack emission testing including medium term monitoring provisions. Comprehensive Waste Management Plan- various aspects of the incinerator operations. Include Emergency Response Plan- specific procedures for dealing with natural and man-made emergencies.

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