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Intelligent Computing for Enterprise Services (ICES)

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1 Passenger-Oriented Smart Airport Services: a System Design and Implementation
Intelligent Computing for Enterprise Services (ICES) Institution of Computer Science and Technology Harbin Institute of Technology

2 Contents Introduction Smart Airport Service System
1 Smart Airport Service System 2 Boarding Process Service 3 Key Modules & Technologies 3 4 Use Cases 5

3 Introduction 1

4 An Economic Engine from

5 An Economic Engine from
Airports and other on-airport economic activities hold more than 60% of employment, and that’s one of our start points, we want to provide profit to passengers & stakeholders in airports from

6 Passenger Dissatisfaction
Unscheduled flight delays & cancellations Pedestrian Navigation in unfamiliar airports Luggage, food, shopping … In fact, another start point is the Despite the clear contribution the aviation industry makes to the global economy, travel remains a frustrating and often unpleasant experience for actual air travelers. These low satisfaction levels directly affect the aviation industry.

7 Smart Airport Integration of high tech. & airport environment
A prolific research area Airport management Aircraft schedule Passenger guidance Airport commercial service

8 Related Products & Projects
Airport Operations Management Systems – IBM Indoor map for some airports – Google Smart Airport blueprint for Saudi Arabian – Cisco IBSG Airport service on smartphone FlightView Xunlu FlyerTalk

9 Our Smart Airport Services
Focus on passenger Boarding service Indoor map service To stakeholders: improve travel experience promote commercial activities make airport operations efficient Focus on passenger, especially to help them get aboard

10 Smart Airport Service System

11 SASS Structure Will be introduced later

12 SASS Services Flight Service (FS) Notification Service (NS)
User Info Service (UIS) Location Based Navigation Service (LBNS) Personalized Store Service (PSS) Boarding Process Service (BPS) Will be introduced later

13 SASS Components

14 Boarding Process Service

15 Boarding Process Service

16 Boarding Process Service

17 Key Modules & Technologies
3 4

18 Key Modules dd

19 Key Technologies Message Pushing

20 Key Technologies Context-aware Navigation

21 Use Cases 5

22 Context-aware Guidance

23 Boarding Reminding

24 Boarding Reminding

25 Store Service

26 Other System Interfaces

27 Thanks Questions?

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