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Sierra Nguyen, Kiley Fisk, Jose Resendiz, Will Oneikye, and Brittany Borders Period 4 10/ 30/13.

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1 Sierra Nguyen, Kiley Fisk, Jose Resendiz, Will Oneikye, and Brittany Borders Period 4 10/ 30/13

2 OVERVIEW Background on process analysis (P.A.) Key points & organization Purpose, effect, and function audience other modes used in P.A. examples précis

3 BACKGROUND: what is a Process Analysis essay ? Definition: an essay that demonstrates a step by step process on how to do a desired task. Originally introduced as a expository how to essay Written two different ways: Gives directions directly to the audience (type 1) Provides information on how a process was preformed (type 2).

4 TYPE 1 Commands the audience directly on how to do a process The process will be broken down into individual steps Example: Cats for Dummies- gives direct commands on how to take care of a cat Can use personal pronoun you

5 TYPE 2 Does not directly give commands to the audience Explains how a task was preformed by someone else and the results Example: To get ready for his day Alex first got out of bed. Then he brushed his teeth. After he chose his cloths for the day. Finally he ate breakfast. shows Alex gets ready for his day step by step

6 Ways to organize a P.A. essay overview (intro): a general description of the topic or task being explained technical vocabulary (body): defining and listing all the essential parts needed for the task sequence of steps (body): the how to part examples (body): give situations in which knowing this task may be useful (not used in all P.A. essays) results (conclusion): state the results of the task

7 Key points to include… divide the process into specific individual steps show movement of the process in the steps from beginning to end explain how each step fits into other steps in sequence to bring about a desired result. explain the purpose of the process It is crucial to establish credibility as an expert source on the topic the purpose can be rhetorical or direct for example: the purpose can be as simple as riding a bike or as complex as bringing about a change within a social norm.

8 PURPOSE, EFFECT, FUNCTION Purpose: To give directions, simplify a process, to prove why something is important, or to provide information Keep in mind the process may something as simple as riding a bike or as abstract as in sighting change within a society in terms of thoughts, actions, and stereotypes what are some other purposes you can think of?

9 Effect on Audience: Audience will feel more knowledgeable on a certain topic IT WILL ALWAYS INSITE CHANGE IN THE AUDIENCE TO DO SOMETHING keep in mind that a process analysis essay can have for the same effect as any other mode with the exception of strong pathos appeals because of the technical nature of a process essay. Function: illuminates a social norm or paradox the author may want to see changed. ALWAYS will challenge the reader to preform the topic being discussed The process may have an underlying theme (for example he may use sarcasm to ridicule the process to show simplicity) PURPOSE, EFFECT, FUNCTION CONT…

10 AUDIENCE TYPE 1. provides directions, writes directly to the audience, and use personal pronouns such as you Using the personal pronoun you makes it personal for the audience. Using you is a form of persuasion. your readers will already interested in the topic you are about to explain TYPE 2. Provides information: the author is not directly writing to an audience that is already interested. A general approach and formal tone is used to engage audience within the introduction Keep in mind that you are suppose to be an expert so all of your facts must be accurate and clear. based on the article assigned what type of process analysis is it?

11 OTHER MODES USED IN P.A. P.A. uses characteristics of: cause and effect, narration, and description to develop or engage the audience

12 WHY NOT CAUSE AND EFFECT? every process analysis essay will use cause and effect causes would be the steps and the effects would be the desired results at the end of the process (type 1) for example: in order to achieve the perfect hair you must first.. Then next… after that… and finally you will have perfect hair. The causes would be the directions that are given and the effect would be the perfect hair if you are not telling how to do a process but rather giving information on a process then the causes would be what the person did and the result that of their work. (type 2)

13 Cont… The next summer Hayes loaded a refrigerated 18 wheel truck with 500 half gallon buckets and headed east… He parked near an Indiana farm…he filled the buckets… he thawed the frozen water, poured it into hundred of individual tanks and dropped in thousands of leopard –frog eggs…he exposed them to atrazine… The two studies showed.. 40% of male frogs were feminized; 80% had diminished larynxes (Transsexual Frogs ¶ 4&5). This shows how cause and effect can be used it explains how the scientist went about conducting his experiment step by step and the results at the end

14 WHY NOT NARRATION? Process analysis can be like narration because events go in chronological order. Process analysis is different because HOW to do individual step NOT WHY (because in narration it tells a story) narration elements are mostly seen in the introduction and conclusion of a process analysis essay to engage the reader

15 CONT… Example: It remains painfully true, more than three years after Sept. 11, that even highly educated Americans know little about the Arab Middle East… And it is embarrassing… how little Universities, working in tandem with government and foundations, should take immediate steps. And in doing so, they should resist the temptation to simply amend existing faculties with programs in Middle Eastern studies centers that are not rooted firmly in the established faculties of the university... Universities should encourage the study of Islam from within the various social sciences and humanities, the better to promote truly interdisciplinary conversation. And they should avoid concentrating resources on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict … Teaching and inquiry in the university must remain, to the extent possible, nonpolitical… Universities need to make a priority of teaching Arabic, Persian and Turkish.(Studying Islam, Strengthening The Nation Pg. 559 ¶1, 10-11) intro reads like narration but the transitions make it P.A.

16 EXAMPLES: NARRATION OR P.A. You can go to work, keep up with family obligation and YES go back to school, and keep the balance of everyday life. I am going to try to help you keep that balance of going to an online education school and work and the grueling demands of family life. First of all find a reputable online education school, such as Penn Foster. Sign up for the appropriate course you want, as I am studying Medical Assistant. Wait patiently for your materials to come in the mail. When they come look over everything carefully, set some small goals. Set a pace, make sure you set time aside each day to study of if not every day make a schedule that works for you, if you have kids and they go to school and you can study during the day thats a good time of if they take a nap thats another good time. If you have to work during the day the best time to study is after the children go to bed. (StudyMode 2012 excerpt) Process analysis with narration because it tells you how to excel in school with family.

17 But to tell you my story--it is a simple one. You have only got to figure to yourselves a girl in a bedroom with a pen in her hand. She had only to move that pen from left to right--from ten o'clock to one. Then it occurred to her to do what is simple and cheap enough after all--to slip a few of those pages into an envelope, fix a penny stamp in the corner, and drop the envelope into the red box at the corner. It was thus that I became a journalist; and my effort was rewarded on the first day of the following month--a very glorious day it was for me-- by a letter from an editor containing a cheque for one pound ten shillings and sixpence. (Professions for Women pg. 356 ¶2) Narration with process analysis. There is one line with process analysis but overall it is narration. You need to look at the big picture of the essay.

18 WHY NOT DESCRIPTION? Description can be used in P.A. essays to explain directions or to introduce a topic Note: description can be used as a TOOL to communicate the task or desired result in a P.A essay the way to tell the difference is to look for direct commands or steps being explained Also looking at the big picture can be helpful

19 CONT… Example:I did it from pure natural love of adventure- a love long hampered and impeded, like a brook that runs underground, but in this enterprise bubbling up again with somewhat of its pristine freshness and taking its merry course of old. Second, from a love of acquiring this new implement of power and literally putting it underfoot. Last, but not least, because a good many people thought I could not do it at my age. (How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle pg. 460 ¶2-4) Process analysis with description. It will always be process analysis if you use First, Second, and Last

20 EXAMPLES: DESCRIPTION OR P.A. The snuffle and gargle of the suction machine clearing the field of blood for the next stroke, the litany of monosyllables with which one prays his way down and in: clamp, sponge, suture, tie, cut. And there is color. The green of the cloth, the white of the sponges, the red and yellow of the body. Beneath the fat lies the fascia, the tough fibrous sheet encasing the muscles. It must be sliced and the red beef of the muscles separated. Now there are retractors to hold apart the wound. Hands move together, part, weave. We are fully engaged, like children absorbed in a game or the craftsmen of some place like Damascus. The Knife Shows the process of performing surgery in chronological order Is process analysis because it is showing a how to

21 KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER Two types: gives the audience direct commands, or gives information on a process Always divide your process into steps Use transitions (first, second, lastly) Have a structured outline for your P.A. essay Incorporate characteristics of other modes to engage your reader Be clear and specific on your information MUST INSITE YOUR AUDIENCE TO ACTION.

22 The précis 1. In "Campus Racism 101" (1995) Nikki Giovanni asserts that African-American students should not give up their ambition of a college education just because of the opposition and racism they may face at a predominantly white college. 2. Giovanni illustrates this by using step by step instructions, authoritative tone, and providing scenarios and solutions through direct directions. 3. She provides chronologically organized instructions in order to insight to African American students to not fall into stereotypes or use them as an excuse for failure. 4. Through her direct commands Giovanni clearly addresses African American students primarily, and secondary to all ethnic groups of color in order to insiTE them cope with the stereotypes and achieve a good education. What are some other purposes or audiences you found while reading the article?

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