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Click to begin the adventure of a lifetime! Click to begin the adventure of a lifetime!

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2 Click to begin the adventure of a lifetime! Click to begin the adventure of a lifetime!

3 GET CAUGHT BY THE POLICEMAN You are running away from the police officer but he has a burst of energy and because there is a hill coming he gets down on the ground. He starts barrel rolling so he can catch you. He catches you but you keep running, he bowls you over like a bowling pin. He gets out his hand cuffs and cuffs you saying stay on the ground till I get back with another police man who will drive you to the police station. You are running away from the police officer but he has a burst of energy and because there is a hill coming he gets down on the ground. He starts barrel rolling so he can catch you. He catches you but you keep running, he bowls you over like a bowling pin. He gets out his hand cuffs and cuffs you saying stay on the ground till I get back with another police man who will drive you to the police station. Click to Continue

4 You wait for a while for the officer to get back from the police station. He gets back after ten long boring minutes. You get into his car - which is surprisingly comfy for the back of a police car. It has lots of cushions, books and electronic devices. You play the IPad that is in the back until you arrive at the police station. Negotiations begin between with the police and shop owner and eventually the police make you and offer. You stole a nice goldfish and the owner would like you to help out at the pet shop…to work for free. You reply with a simple Yes. The End Click to go back to the start

5 Monsters Looking Over At You When you wake up monsters are looking down at you. You suddenly realise that you are not in the real world. You get up and look around and all you can see are monsters. Hi, Im Charlotte. Charlotte says in her squeaky high pitched voice. As you struggle to say the words, they finally come out, Hi, where am I? You mumble. Charlotte leads you out of the cave, explaining where you are. You are in Monster Land. Monster what? Monster Land. We dont normally get any visitors. Charlotte explains patiently. Are you ok? She looks at you worriedly. You realise that you are biting your fingernails and immediately stop. You look around you see you see that you are in a kind of forest. There are monster staring at you everywhere. Hairy ones and fluffy ones. Enormous ones and tiny ones. You feel quite faint and fall into Charlottes arms. Oh Dear I think I must take you to the Queen she will know what to do, because frankly I have no idea! She drops you on the ground and walks down a dirt path. You scramble to you feet and race after her. You certainly dont want to be left behind with all the monsters!

6 Click to Continue


8 Choose another quest

9 Make the prince smile Click to continue Click to choose another quest

10 The arch above you is lined with jewellers of great value the Queen must be very rich. One of the burley guards pushes you in the back and you stumble forwards. You see a chain, it is tied to a porange (guard dog) it curls lips back and growls at you. The Queens voice booms across the chamber. You think to yourself She looks like a old tom cat. You hide your laugher. The queen bellows at you Whats a tom cat? How did she know I was thinking that? You think before replying Oh…ummmm, its a beautiful young flower. So…You want to go home. You think how did you do that? She snaps I can read your mind like a book, I will let you go home if you do a quest of freedom. You quiver in your shoes Will you? the queen looks at you closely. All the monsters stare at you, your sweating like pig. It is rude to stare you think. Yes it is and hurry up! booms the queen. Will you Wont you

11 You land on your feet and glance around you. You look down at your hands for the fishbowl but its not there. You must have dropped it back at the street. You spot a fishy looking creature in a tree. You have a brainstorm moment. You must be in a different world! You quickly hide behind a rock. Who knows what kind of animals there are in this place. You feel a hand tap you on the shoulder. You turn around and see a big fury monster. Hullooo, my name is Steveieeee yelled the big fury monster, DO YOU SPEAK MY LANGUAGE???? Yes and PLEASE stop yelling! you reply. Sorry whats your name? We dont get many visitors. I wonder why, you utter, slightly flabagasted at the sight of Steveie. But Steveie wasnt listening, he was digging underneath the big rock. Making Friends With A Monster Click to Continue

12 What are you doing? You ask. Im just getting some morning tea. And he appeared with a tray full of cupcakes and a brown pot of tea. We have a visitorrrr. Steveie hollered at nobody in particular. Then you see monsters begin to emerge from behind trees and bushes. You would of never guessed they were there. You know what, Steveie chuckled, I think were going to be Best Friends! Yeah like thats ever going to happen You say under your breath. I think Ill take you to the queen. She will be very pleased to meet you. said Steveie. He throws the cupcakes and tea aside and starts to walk down the track. You follow Stevie. Its not like I have anything better to do you think. Click to Continue

13 Go Back to the Queen You finally finished the quest and go back to the queen with her prize. There is a big party for you then the Queen rewards you with riches. Then all the monsters carry you to a sword…it is for you…it is the Queens sword. You hold up the sword and all the monsters scream and cheer. You go back to the Queen and she says I will take you back after the party. You walk around and see Charlotte and talk to her about your quest. Charlotte says You are very brave. Your checks go red. The Queen gives you new clothes and a diamond. She walks out of the room to her throne and watches the party. You follow her gazing at your diamond. Then you remind her about wanting to go home. The Queen nods. She takes you to a pot of magic dust and she sprinkles it on the wall you see the portal home and walk through it. Click to Continue

14 Chased By Old Unfit Policeman The unfit policeman is chasing you through the dark, shady street. You come to a dead end. You run to your right under a tree, and you know he is struggling to keep up. You vault the oncoming fence, the policeman tries the same but falls over. He recovers quickly and resumes chasing. He is roughly 10 metres behind and he will not give up. You speed up and run past a rose bush and an old thorn cuts deep into your soft flesh and warm blood trickles down your shirt. You slow down to check the wound, it is deep. Because of the distraction the policeman swiftly advances and you need to recover speed. You see an oncoming tree, you pull a low hanging branch and whip it into the operatives face. You check back and as soon as you know it youve tripped over a rock and everything goes black…. Click Here to Continue Click Here to Continue

15 Enslaved The Queen is not happy with you. Guards come and take this scum away! The Queen yells in an angry voice. You are forced down some stairs and shoved into a dark and gloomy cell. You dont know whether they will make you a slave or just leave you here. You really just want to go home. Later you see a light coming down the stairs. You are not sure how much time has past. You watch and see that it is a guard coming towards you. Get up you mangy piece of filth! The guard roars and kicks you. You are scared. You are to become a slave and live here forever. The guard tells you. You realise you will never make it home again.

16 Not stealing the fish You pick up the fish bowl and think OMG! This is so heavy!! You swiftly put the bowl back on the stand and quickly leave the pet shop trying not to look suspicious. When you get home your mum tells you that she will buy you a gold fish. Its a good thing you didnt steal the fish then. When you are older you become very interested in studying marine biology especially reptiles. You later become a crocodile wrestler, you get your arm bitten off, you die of rabies one month after the fatal accident. Click here to go back to the beginning

17 You are sick of mum and dad saying you cant have a fish. The reason you cant have a fish is because you over fed the other ones that you had. But… they died. You ponder, about stealing a fish and finally decide Yes! Yes I will!! You get your trolley and you go to the pet store. You walk through the pet store trying find the fish aisle. The pet store manager asks Are you looking for something? No. You keep looking around for the fish and finally find them. You stand in front of them and think to yourself Is this really a good idea? You think through your plan again When I get the fish I have to put it under my jumper, walk out and then put it on my trolley. Will you steal the fish? Will you steal the fish? Or wont you?

18 Return Home You land on your feet and open your eyes. You look around you and see the familiar sight of buildings and shops. You are so happy to be home. You feel like a big happy bubble has formed in you stomach and is lifting up your spirits. You start to walk down the street in direction of your home when you notice some changes. Where the pet shop and supermarket used to be, there is now a big shopping centre and where the was once a laundry, there is a lingerie shop. You start to run towards your house, worried about what might of happened to it. You relax when you see that your home has not changed at all. You let yourself in through the front door. You are overwhelmed by the smell of old people and cats. You feel uneasy and you are so nervous about seeing you parents, that you dont realise that there is a thick layer of dust on all of the furniture. You follow the sound of voices that you hear and arrive in the living area. You look around for your mother and father when you spot two elderly looking people sitting on the armchairs. Hello, have you seen my mum and dad? You politely ask the ancient couple. Is it? Exclaims the woman in a crackly voice. Could it be? Says the man with a voice like a creaky door. My little smoochy-coochy?! Cries the lady. You immediately recognise the nickname that your parents had for you. How do you know my nickname? You eye the couple warily. Because were your parents! The lady says with tears in her eyes. Your brain suddenly clicks as you think of all the changes in the buildings and the smell of old people and cats. You realise that the must be a time difference in monster land. When you were only there for 3 weeks but you were away from home for 30 years. You slump to your knees and bury your head in your hands. You just want to wake up and then this would all be a dream but your teacher told you that that is the worst way to end a story. So you are forever doomed to live in a world of oldies and cats. Go Back To The Beginning Click on sound once finished reading.

19 You decide to turn right. A policeman see you and chases you down the street. Youre sprinting away from the policeman with water splattering from the fish bowl onto your pants. You spot a wall you run to a gap then trip over a big stick and fall through the wall. Get knocked out Make friends with the inhabitants on the other side

20 Running Left You decide to turn left, the shop assistant is running out of the shop yelling Thief!!!!! Thief!!!!! And waving to the police officer that is on the corner of the road. The police officer finishes off his last doughnut (out of twelve) and runs to his car. You scan back behind you see the old, ancient, unfit police officer getting in his car to chase you. He cant get into the car because he had too many doughnuts!!! With extreme difficulty he struggles to get out of his car. You stop running and start to laugh at the police officer. Once he has extracted his carcass out of the car, he starts barrelling towards you. You dont realise until too late that the police officer is on top of you! Your heart are beating like a drum as you consider Is it worth the chase or to just give up? Keep going Give up

21 Stealing the fish You have been looking and wondering how to get the gold fish. You move forward to the bowls of fish. Your hands are sweating, all over your body goose bumps appear. You can tell the employer is going to ask whether you need help. You start worrying about the possibilities. Do you need any help young sir? The employer questions. You reply. Yes I would like to find the bird cages. You say trembling with fear. As he leads you to the cages, a sudden pulse of adrenalin pumps through your body. Your body swings around and you find yourself sprinting at the fish bowls. You grab the one you see first and you bolt out on to the footpath. You have a decision left or right. Which way? Run Left Run right

22 Retrieve the Amulet from Piranha Lake The Queens voice boomed through the hall way This is your quest because you want to get home you must retrieve my amulet from PIRANHA LAKE. Oh no you think…not piranha lake you shiver and ask When do I start NOW! Her voice boomed louder than ever. You walk out and youre greeted by a monster that you haven't seen before. Hi. said a squeaky little voice. You look down and see the monsters head glowing she squeaked again. "My name is Charlotte. I heard what you needed to do I will help you, but I cant be seen with you or my parents will be furious. Ill sneak out after dark and meet you at the multiplying marshmallow pools. You go to the multiplying marshmallow pools and see the glow of the little monsters head. Ok you say quietly did anyone follow you. The monster squeaked No, lets go Ill show you the way. You follow not knowing what lays ahead. You get to Piranha lake just as the sun started to rise. You get very scared of the piranhas so you go back to the queen you have failed the quest. Click to Continue Choose Another Quest

23 Quest Page Make the Prince smile Kill the tribear Defeat the annoying orange Retrieve her necklace from the lava mountains Give a troll a pedicure Retrieve the magical amulet from the piranha lake Sleep with the queens 3 guard dogs Click on a Quest

24 The Queen assigns you to give her guard troll a pedicure. You think this is not to bad. But that is before you see the troll. He is THE MOST UGLIEST CREATURE you have ever set eyes on! You cant stop yourself from staring at his enormous mole on the side of his chin. You take a whiff of his body odour and nearly faint. You suddenly remember that when you smell something that you are actually taking in particles of that smell. You very nearly get rid of you breakfast. Maybe his feet are nicer you think in a vain attempt to make yourself feel better. No such luck. You take a quick look at his feet and wish you hadnt. They are covered in huge warts and a thick layer of grime. After looking at the trolls feet you begin to wonder whether you should take this challenge. You tell yourself to suck it up. This is your ticket to home. I mean if you have done your mums feet how bad can this be? Give A Troll A Pedicure Click to Continue

25 A lot worse apparently. You are sitting next to the tub which the trolls feet are soaking in. You have already washed the grime of them (which took two cakes of soap) and popped the revolting pimples. Now you are about to paint his disgusting toe nails. The troll chose a bright pink. You are armed only with a paint brush (the nail brush was to small to paint his nails) and a pot of pink paint. You dive in. You come back out and admire you work. Considering your repulsive challenge you are quite impressed with yourself. Although pink is definitely not the trolls colour, you have done well. You hope the Queen likes you handy work. Thankfully the Queen decides you have done a good job and you have completed your quest. Click to Continue Click to choose another quest

26 Kill The Tri Bear You have accepted the quest and it revolves around killing the most powerful monster of all…..The Tri Bear. You have three days to master the power of the chosen one. In one day of hard work you can manipulate any solid force known. By the second you can throw a pulse of force that can make things go flying. By the third you have upgraded senses, and are allowed read minds. Now the Queen has a weapon for you. When you set eyes on it you could feel the power flowing through it. You pick up the golden sword and you start to grow muscles and you have are holding a ball of pure light and in the other hand darkness and the sword is resting in your arms. You are now ready to kill the Tri Bear. You have walked up a mountain and you are nearly at his dwelling you can read his mind he is hungry and senses someone. SUDDENLY he jumps on the rocks, your sword slips out of your hand but you force him back with a large pulse of force and run to your sword. You wield the sword above your head, and jump at him and he does the same. Then a giant flash of light pulses through out the land and you here thousands cheering…… You defeated the Tri Bear. Click to continue Click to continue Choose another quest Choose another quest

27 Necklace from lava mountains Ive got a quest for you to do, says the Queen its to get you back to your world Um…….ok what is it? To get back to earth you need to go and get my necklace from the forbidden mountains You say to yourself If its the only way to get back to your parents… You interrupt your own thoughts and suddenly hear yourself saying Ill do it!!!!!!!! not really knowing what you are doing Good, go then. replied the queen in a demanding sort of voice. You turn towards the door and rush out onto the dirt track. You run over to the forbidden gates and you stop, you take a deep breath and realise that you are in more trouble than you know. Click here to continue

28 Necklace From Lava Mountains The path to the forbidden mountains was two days long and now you are almost there. You can see the mountains, you suddenly understand why the queen had made such a big deal of this, it is because the mountains are lava mountains !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can see the necklace hanging from a high cliff you think to yourself Why did I accept this quest! you see some dragons flying over the top of you, you throw a rock up and get ones attention. The dragon lands right down next to you and says What do you want? in a very kind voice. You reply with I need you to fly me up to that cliff and then bring me back. Ok. whispered the dragon with a croaky throat. The dragon takes you up to the cliff and you jump off and grab the necklace with extreme difficulty. You have done it. you say to yourself. Now I can go home. Click here to continue choose another quest

29 The Annoying Orange You have made the difficult trek up the mountain to the Land of Fruit where the Annoying Orange lives. You walk through the fruit stall and suddenly a little, squeaky voice pipes up and says Gday mate! Hows is goin? The Annoying Orange sticks his tongue out and goes Can you stop that! Thats really annoying! I do this stuff because its my reputations as the Annoying Orange You think to yourself That was pretty easy! I found him already! Annoying Orange says I know the Queen sent you! Youre not getting my new Treasure Chest! Annoying Orange shoots you with his laser beam eyes and you fly through the air and land in the multiplying marshmallow pool. As you struggle to get out of the marshmallow pool, before your very eyes, Annoying Orange starts to grow. Click to Continue Click the orange to hear what Annoying Orange says…

30 You say I know what youre afraid of and then you start suggesting ideas. Youre afraid of apples arent you? No Im not! Bananas! I was afraid of them when I was two! Johnny Juicer! The Annoying Orange tries not to imagine Johnny Juicer but in the end he does and remembers the time when the school bully threatened to juice him. As The Annoying Orange remembers this, his thoughts come true and Johnny Juicer appears. You have forced the now petrified Annoying Orange to overuse his powers and he becomes frozen in time and space, allowing you to retrieve the Queens treasure chest. You have completed your quest and you return to the Queen with her prized treasure chest. Click to Continue Click to choose another quest

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