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Approved Operator Scheme – Past, present and future.

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1 Approved Operator Scheme – Past, present and future

2 Private Parking past… No legislation Code of Practice 2006 & 2007 Approved Operator Scheme 2007 Informal Code of Practice for clampers 1999


4 The Present day

5 AOS Membership Continues to grow: 40 members in 2008 150 members in 2011

6 Complaints On the increase… Code and Non Code Outcome What can we do?

7 Scheme of Sanctions A Toothless Watchdog…? We DO have teeth How does it work?

8 AOS Board Established in 2009 Representative What is its function?

9 Freedoms Bill How does it affect the Parking Industry? How will it affect me? What stage is it at?

10 AOS Team Started with a team of one. Who are we, and what do we do?


12 Raising Standards – Media Relations Soft target for consumer champion journalism Not just traditional media channels – social media also Working with the PR Office Some progress has already been made Still a long way to go though Raising standards will win hearts and minds Better statistical analysis to support our position Responsibility of us all

13 Raising Standards – Consumer Focussed Customer service should be at the core of all we do This will become increasingly important as time goes by Consumer organisations well represented on AOS Board Building relations with CAB & Consumer Choice Trying to work in collaboration with Trading Standards Share a number of similar ambitions for the sector Most notably Independent Appeals & Industry Regulation Areas where we differ of course

14 Raising Standards – Developing Staff at all Levels Getting the sector properly recognised as a profession Need for staff to be suitably qualified in what they do Recommend the NVQ Level 2 -Controlling Parking Areas Consider the new Notice Processing Qualification Working with Asset Skills on further exciting projects Management qualifications under development

15 Raising Standards – Independent Appeals Service An initiative that is growing in importance Similar to the principles established for Local Authorities Pilot scheme has been completed Assessing what has been learned and how to proceed Engaged a consultant to advise on the way forward Evaluating similar schemes in other industries Determining best practice for implementation Considering the various costing options Proposing alternatives for rolling a scheme out

16 Raising Standards – Improving Compliance Robust auditing of new member compliance to continue New Compliance Manager to be appointed shortly External auditing of operators by NSI under way Plan to audit every member annually Audits incorporate one site visit Cancelled audit appointments cannot be tolerated

17 Raising Standards – Developing the Code The Code is a living document Needs to reflect changes in the economy and legislation Launch of Code Review Group – now called ASAP Made up of operators & reps of consumer organisations Planned to meet in the months preceding the AOS Board Recommends Code changes to Board for their approval Code has already benefitted from suggested improvements

18 Raising Standards – AOS Operators Guide A practical methodology for Members to utilise Mixture of practical advice and legal guidance Complementary document to support the Code Will educate and inform members at all levels Like the Code, it will be a living document Must not hinder operators in conducting their business An extremely tall order for those writing it Set to publish later in the Spring

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