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Dental Care A Web Quest.

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1 Dental Care A Web Quest

2 Table of Contents 3. Introduction Types of Teeth Functions of Teeth
Keeping Your Teeth & Gums Healthy Brush Your Teeth What is Your 5-Step Method? Problems with Poor Dental Care Poor Dental Care Visit the Dentist What have you learned?

3 Introduction This webquest will show you the important role our teeth play everyday and why we should keep them healthy. You will learn about different types of teeth, ways to practice good dental care, and the dangers of neglecting your teeth.

4 Types of Teeth There are three types of teeth. Click on the link below. Read the information provided fill in the three types of teeth

5 Functions of Teeth Our teeth have different shapes and positions in our mouth for a reason. Explain the function of each type of tooth along with why it is shaped and positioned the way it is.

6 Keeping Your Teeth & Gums Healthy
List the #1 way to keep your teeth healthy.

7 Brush your Teeth You should brush your teeth twice daily or after every meal. Tooth brushing removes plaque and freshens breath. Application: Write a paragraph about how you might be perceived if you stopped brushing your teeth for a week.

8 What is your 5 step method?
Now it’s your turn! Using the knowledge you have learned, devise your own 5 Step Method to a healthy smile.

9 Problems with Poor Dental Care
If you don’t take care of your teeth, problems will arise. Dental problems can affect your comfort, eating habits, and your appearance. Predict the problems that could arise from poor dental care.

10 Poor Dental Care CAVITIES Explain what causes cavities.
List ways to prevent cavities.

11 Visit the Dentist Regular visits to the dentist helps keep your teeth healthy. Choose from the answers below. How often should you see a dentist? Every day Every 6 months c. Every 5 years

12 What have you learned? We have covered a lot of topics today.
I want you to list three very important things about dental care that you have learned in this lesson.

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