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InstructionsStart. Question 1 Home A.66 B.55 C.77 Back to instructions.

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1 instructionsStart

2 Question 1 Home

3 A.66 B.55 C.77 Back to instructions


5 3. How many legs do butterflies have? A. 4 4 B. 8 8 C. 6. 6

6 4. Which country has the largest area of land? A. RussiaRussia B. China China C. AmericaAmerica

7 5. Which is the country where reggae music originated? A. Jamaica Jamaica B. CaribbeanCaribbean C. GhanaGhana

8 6. Kulfi is a type of which Indian food? A. Hot dessertHot dessert B. Ice creamIce cream C. PuddingPudding

9 7. who was the first president of Bangladesh? A.Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto B.Mohammed Arslan Islam C.Sheikh Mujibur RahmanSheikh Mujibur Rahman

10 8. What's the name of the longest river? A- AmazonAmazon B- NileNile C- River ThamesRiver Thames

11 Next question


13 9. What year was Facebook made? A- 20032003 B- 20052005 C- 20042004

14 10. Where do palm trees grow? A- New YorkNew York B- LALA C- CaliforniaCalifornia

15 11. Men are ten times more likely than women to have what? A - RashesRashes B - Colour BlindnessColour Blindness C - InsomniaInsomnia

16 12. The average American does what for 52 minutes a day? A - Read a newspaperRead a newspaper B - Eat McDonaldsEat McDonalds C - CycleCycle

17 13. What word appears in more film titles than any other? A- LoveLove B- WhatWhat C- IfIf


19 Home

20 Level Pass Mark for level Slide Number of First Slide in Level Slide Number of Last Slide in Level Slide Number of Success Slide Slide Number of Failure Slide 163101112 2313171819

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