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By: Raegan Lee-Ann Estep

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1 By: Raegan Lee-Ann Estep
Vampire Bat By: Raegan Lee-Ann Estep

2 Where in the world is it found?
It is found in subtropical and tropical America.

3 Where does it live Vampire Bats live in tropical and subtropical places.

4 What do Vampire Bats eat?
Vampire Bats eat fresh blood of mammals and other animals

5 WHAT DOES IT HANG ON? They hang on trees.

6 What size is it? Vampire Bats are 7 inches long from one end of one wing to the other.

7 Does it eat fish? Yes Vampire Bats eat small fish.

8 How sharp are vampire bats teeth
They can bite a person and they might have to go to the hospital.

9 Do Vampire Bats eat mice?
Vampire Bats do eat mice.

10 Do Vampire Bats eat birds, frogs?
Yes they do eat birds and frogs


12 Bat pictures

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