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Compare & Contrast.

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1 Compare & Contrast

2 Comparing How something is the same or similar.
How are a pencil and a piece of chalk the same? You use both to write with. They are both long and round.

3 Contrast How something is different. Pencil: Used to write on paper.
Color is black. Chalk: Used to write on a black board. Color is white

4 Using a Venn Diagram Different Different Alike Chalk Pencil
Used to write Used on paper blackboard long and round black white

5 Comparing & Contrasting
Reading a paragraph about two or more things can be confusing. You can sort out the information by looking to see how they are the same and how they are different. Doing this can help you understand what you are reading.

6 Sharks The great white shark lives in the deep, cold seas. It will attack large animals such as sea lions. The bull shark lives mostly in shallow waters. It is sometimes found in rivers. These sharks are both very good swimmers and hunters. Both kinds of sharks have lots of teeth.

7 Sharks This paragraph compares The great white shark and
the bull shark. Comparing: What kind of swimmer are both sharks? very good How many teeth do these sharks have? lots of teeth Contrasting deep, cold seas Where does the great white shark live? Where does the bull shark live? shallow waters

8 Venn Diagram Alike Bull shark Great white shark Very good swimmers
Deep, cold seas Shallow water Lots of teeth

9 Fox Facts An animal’s home often affects how that animal looks. A fox that lives in the cold Arctic has thick fur. The fur of the Arctic fox is reddish brown in summer but white in winter. A kit fox lives in the desert. There the temperatures are much warmer. The kit fox stays the same brown color all year. It has bigger ears than an Arctic fox. Both kinds of foxed hunt small animals.

10 Check your answers How are the foxes alike?
C. They hunt small animals for food. How are the foxes different? A. The kit has bigger ears. Another way the foxes are different The Arctic fox’s fur changes color in the winter.

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