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Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | 1409 35 th Avenue Oakland CA 94601 | 510.485.2336 | | One.

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1 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | One vision, one family, one great community of people who know they are part of something larger than themselves.

2 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Higher Aspirations All around the world, a growing movement of people is creating positive change by choosing to live, to love and to learn in ways that invite spiritual consciousness to permeate everything we do, leading to; Greater freedom from self doubt and fear Increased self acceptance and inner peace More joyful experiences and meaningful work Deeper sense of purpose and personal fulfillment These individuals and groups are rediscovering ancient wisdom as a pathway to energizing our highest aspirations. Most importantly, our combined wealth of knowledge, resources and experiences will improve life for 100% of humanity without ecological or cultural offence.

3 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | The Good Condition Imagine a better world, where true democracy governs. Imagine a communal lifestyle inspired by the total realization of truth, beauty and cooperative economics. Imagine social systems – family, education, healthcare – being reorganized according to universal laws of Creation, as opposed to arbitrary social whims. Imagine what we could do if we all worked as one Imagine a world united by a positive vision Imagine a global movement of optimism, justice and innovation Its up to us to unleash our collective power and potential, and manifest our natural gifts and talents in service to the Good Condition. We are the Catalysts. True to our character, we cannot be satisfied with completing half the journey. Together, we will bring about the Good Condition, individually and collectively.

4 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Ìjo Ìrosùn Òsé : Yorùbá Spiritual Community Ìjo Ìrosùn Òsé is a traditionally-based religious order of the Yorùbá tradition. Our work is focused on bringing about the Good Condition. We emphasize four primary areas of activity that facilitate the Good Condition; Ose Ifa, Instruction & Training, Festivals and Initiation Sequence. Osé Ifá: Personal & Communal Worship Personal Ose: 4 day worship cycle Communal Ose: One Sunday monthly Instruction & Training Personal Sustainability Coaching Music/Song Chanting/Recitation Yoruba Cosmology Quarterly Festivals Èsù: March Ifá: June Egungun: September Ori: December Initiation Sequence Opa Ikú Ilé Orí Owokanfa/Èsù Igbodu (based upon spiritual path)

5 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Ìjo Ìrosùn Òsé : Infrastructure Baba Imodoye taught me that "Knowing the truth is not enough. The truth has to be organized." In the Ìrosùn Òsé Spiritual Community, rank and structure is intended to organize the activities necessary for personal and collective realization of the Good Condition, oneness with the Truth of Olódùmarè. I. Alfehinti = The Supporter. These are people who support the mission in various, informal capacities. II. Aburo = The Little Brother/Sister. These are "applicants" to become formalized members. III. Omole = The Family Member. Formalized members, preparing to undergo the first phase of initiation. IV. Omo Akodi = Child of the Family Room. Committed practitioners who study the basics and support the Olori. V. Olórí = The Leader. Mentors of the omo akodi. VI. Olowo = The Respectable One. These members have mastered the weekly worship services & support Omo Awo. VII. Omo Awo = The Child of Mystery. These are fully initiated practitioners, who have been to Igbodu - the Sacred Grove. They oversee ritual protocol. VIII. Onise = The Authority/Hardworker. Inside the temple, they coordinate activities. Outside, they act as a spokesman, recruiter and liaison with local Yorùbá spiritual organizations. EGBÉ The egbé is a spiritual working group. It is a vehicle for selfless service to the Ìrosùn Òsé Spiritual Community. Each formalized member will belong to an egbé. Index of Egbé Communications/Outreach: , fliers, phone calls, documentation of all Temple activities Facilities: set up, clean up (zero waste plan), audio/visual Festival Planning: scope, timeline, cost, delegation of authority Music: percussion, song, dance, text, audio Altar Building: materials, set up, clean up

6 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Ìjo Ìrosùn Òsé: Leadership Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA: My training and approach to spiritual leadership balance best practices of worlds of counseling, education and Yoruba priesthood. Advisor: to help create mental maps that guide and shape your perception and action Teacher: to share developmentally appropriate knowledge, wisdom & understanding Diviner: to facilitate your connection to ancestral and spiritual blessings I see the divinity in YOU!: Although it can be defined many different ways, everyone is born from Gods greatness. Consequently, deep down, we all aspire to recall our divine consciousness and return to true greatness. My lifes work is to inspire personal greatness and facilitate continuous improvement on the journey to bring about the Good Condition, mentally, emotionally and physically.

7 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA: Advisor …to help create mental maps that guide and shape your perception and action ENERGY IS UNIVERSAL: Every thought, emotion and action either increases, neutralizes or depletes your energy. Reaching the Good Condition is an inside-out journey that requires skillful energy management. As your Personal Sustainability Coach I will work with you individually to help you establish personal rituals that balance the expenditure and restoration of energy. ASPIRATIONS ARE TRANSCENDENTAL: Aspirations reveal the secret behind beliefs, motivations and behavior. The better you understand your aspirations, the easier it will be to understand and influence your own behavior. Aspirations represent those habits of thought and behavior closely associated with personal greatness. As your Personal Sustainability Coach, I will help you realize how your aspirations manifest in your life, how to balance them and use them to get what you want, in all matters concerning health, love, living and wealth. A SYSTEMS APPROACH IS TRANSFORMATIONAL: What we fail to see – in our beliefs, thoughts and behaviors – holds us prisoner. My style of Personal Sustainability Coaching is ideal for caterpillars determined to become butterflies. Step by step, I will work with you to create permanent and fundamental shifts in your view of yourself, your family and your purpose.

8 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA: Teacher …to share developmentally appropriate knowledge, wisdom & understanding YORUBA COSMOLOGY: Specially-designed instruction and practicum that goes beyond accumulating information to help you think the way the ancients thought in order to experience the quality of life they enjoyed; ideal for people interested in practicing Yoruba spirituality in contemporary society. Includes audio and print materials.

9 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA: Priest …to facilitate your connection to ancestral and spiritual blessings What is clear is simple. What is simple gets done. Divination, Sacrifice & Observances is a timeless, step-by-step process to help you solve problems as well as achieve goals, from healthy living to loving relationships. DIVINATION: The power of accurate Assessment cannot be overstated. It explains where you're coming from, where you are and helps you identify where you want to be. Most importantly, Assessment allows you to define and even anticipate what you need to do in order to minimize threats and maximize opportunities on the journey. SACRIFICE: Based on the clear direction outlined during Assessment, now you can focus your efforts on "doing the work". Transformative work is removing obstacles and leveraging strengths. Knowledge is potential. Action is power. OBSERVANCES: With the "heavy lifting" done, personal rituals will both energize your highest aspirations and stabilize your environment. Like brushing your teeth, bathing and eating dinner with your family, rituals are small acts that have a big impact on your well-being.

10 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Results: A Virtuous Cycle My unique offering creates a virtuous cycle through which your awareness, action and change reinforce one another in realization of the Good Condition. Action: Knowledge is potential. Action releases magic, power and grace. When we commit to an action, the universe responds and all sorts of opportunities abound. Change: Action creates change. And even when the change is favorable, it also creates struggle; unknown, awkward, emotional, spiritual and physical territory. Struggle builds character. Embrace change. Awareness: when we know better we can do better, for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding are essential to happiness.

11 Obáfémi Orígúnwà, MA | th Avenue Oakland CA | | | Membership: Join Us! Membership Dues: $50 per month Membership Privileges: 3 classes per month Chanting/Recitation 7.00 pm Music/Song 7.00 pm Yoruba Cosmology am 1 hour per week: Personal sustainability coaching Spiritual: Personal truth. living a meaningful, purpose-filled life, leaving a legacy. Mental: Intellectual development, discernment, lifelong learning. Emotional: Relationships, inspiration, values, loving oneself and others. Physical: Food, clothes, shelter, money, health, physical energy. Member Responsibilities Mandatory Coaching Attendance: Privileges revoked if more than 3 absences within a 6 month period. More than 10 minutes late equals an absence. If privileges are revoked, coaching may resume at $50/hr for the remainder of the 6 month period. Classes may resume at $15/session for the remainder of the 6 month period. JOIN US IN BRINGING ABOUT THE GOOD CONDITION: Call

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