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Coat Hook Revision Notes

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1 Coat Hook Revision Notes

2 Aluminium Aluminium was used to make the hook.
This material was chosen because it is lightweight, easy to work and will not rust. Aluminium is available in a wide variety of forms

3 Aluminium Extrusion Bar (rectangular and square) Ingots Rod Sheet
In the school work shop we have the following types of aluminium

4 Aluminium Uses Aluminium is used for: Car bodies, cookware, food wrapping foil, insulation, aircraft, greenhouses, boats, engine cylinder heads and window frames. Note: Aluminium is rarely used as a pure metal. It is mainly alloyed with copper to improve strength, eg. Duralumin which used in the production of aircraft parts. Aluminium saucepan.

5 Medium Density Fiberboard
The back piece of the coat hook was made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) MDF is available in large sheets x 1220 mm and a wide range of thicknesses 3mm – 25mm This material was chosen because it is easy to cut, file, sand and paint

6 Coping Saw A Coping Saw was used to cut the MDF back plate to shape
The teeth on a coping saw blade should point backwards. This will help prevent blade breakages. Remember always report a broken blade immediately to your teacher

7 Engineers square An Engineers square was used to mark lines at right angles to an edge.

8 Scriber A Scriber is used to mark out on metal

9 Odd Leg Callipers Odd Leg Callipers are used to draw a line parallel to an edge

10 Countersink Bit A Countersink bit was used to countersink the back of the coat hook prior to riveting. The Countersink bit can be used in a hand drill or Cordless drill Hand Drill

11 Draw Filing To obtain a smooth finish on the aluminium we used a technique called Draw filing

12 Emery Cloth Emery Cloth was used to clean up the edges of the coat hook prior to bending the coat hook into shape

13 Silicon Carbide paper was used to clean the coat hook prior to bending
“Wet and Dry” silicon carbide paper is best used wet. This stops the paper getting clogged up

14 Centre Punch The Centre punch is used to mark the position of holes prior to drilling

15 Machine Vice A Machine Vice is the safest way to hold the metal while drilling. These sharp metal shavings are called Swarf

16 Pillar Drill The Pillar Drill was used to drill 2 holes through the Coat Hook When using this (or any other machine) it is important to read the safety notice on the wall to make sure you understand how to use the machine safely. When using the Pillar Drill you must Wear Goggles Tie any long hair back Tuck in any loose clothing

17 Pillar Drill The Pillar Drill On / Off Switch Drill Chuck Chuck Guard
Machine Vice Chuck Key

18 Engineers Vice Each workstation can be fitted with an Engineers Vice.
The vice is fitted with Vice Guards. They are used to protect the work piece from the serrated jaws of the vice

19 Raw Hide Mallet A Raw Hide Mallet was used to bend the coat hook into shape. The mallet has a soft face that will not mark the aluminium bar

20 Ball Pein Hammer A Ball Pein hammer was used to rivet the two parts of the model together

21 Rivets “Round” or “Snap” head rivets
The small aluminium pins used to attach the coat hook to the back piece are called Rivets

22 Rivet Set & Snap A Rivet Set and Snap was used to rivet the two parts together

23 Files Each work station is equipped 4 files
1 Rough cut Rectangular File 1 Smooth cut Rectangular file 1 Half Round File 1 Round File One edge of the file has no teeth. This is called the Safe Edge Remember never use a file without a handle

24 File Card When filing soft metals like aluminium the file may get clogged up. This is called Pinning. Use a File Card to keep the file clean

25 When using Acrylic paint remember to clean your brush in warm water as soon as you have finished painting Acrylic Paint

26 Countersunk Woodscrews
We used Counter Sink Screws to fix the coat hook to the wall Countersunk Woodscrews

27 The End

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