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MichaelangelosArtWorks Photography.Poems.Paintings.Graphics ©2009.

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1 MichaelangelosArtWorks Photography.Poems.Paintings.Graphics ©2009

2 You truly inspire me.

3 May I share with you the beauty I have seen Through The Eyes of God?


5 Truly wonderful Souls… Have graced my life, breathing essence into my existence. Purifying, clarifying… you are and have always been…forever… Alive-Alove…Supreme!!!! Ive been Touched by the blessed, Humane… Human. Being.





10 Yes.






16 I have met many beautiful… FLOWERS…of all hues… filled with colorful dew drops, springing forth hope, joy and universal peace!











27 Whisperings, too, have Eye heard Haiku, melodies playing truthfully on my eardrum…hypnotic Rhythms of hope, health, wealth and familiar blessed spectrums!


29 footprints in the sand how many beings have graced upon this land? dare I commence to count each precious grain of sand? is a mountain to a human, a sand hill to an ant?...from which and who's perspective, the planter or the plant? still, footprints in the sand, still footprints in the sand. as sunsets cast shadowy spells upon timeless space, metaphoric eulogies dance the dance of faith. Earth Angels, we share in common ONE dominion... all beings of this land, some when, how, and where; we're footprints in the sand.


31 MOON IN CANCER RISING patty's my friend, we known one another 10 sum years. met near the railroad cars bootleggin' gin. she a sweet girl, about any age. you guess, she done been there. the map on her arms...trailways to amtrac(k). yea, patty's my girl friend. sometimes we sit and speak about the weather, whether we should just jump the train, or rather wait till we git somewhere. me, 19 and done runaway from home for the "umpteenth" time! i says to find my home; cause where i was, was not, that! patty understands...she takes me in, accepts me like i am her. easy life it is not in box car 69. the endless line of riff-raff, ex-cons, presidents, pimps, pushers, thieves, hoes, spies and rebels flow like the pearls on princess die's wedding train. my patty, her teeth ain't pretty, her clothes ain't new, she need to take a bath, in Montgomery! that's for sure! still she beautiful to me. she makes me smile...almost crazy like...till, i don't care no more about what fear i'm in or what state...i'm in. there's no road map out there, without my girl patty within. yea, with patty, my hate disintegrates in hell...cause she's my heaven. see. we free to laugh and run into GOD's arms! we free to go and go come shine come rain, come joy come pain...we go through it. the shit and the creme...together! who am i, you ask? half blind, half deaf and halfway 2000 miles away from "you know where". who am i? what daughter, what son? which ratiocination, i come from? what does it matter...i'm doing worries... with patty, port side. yea. even, when facing my moon 'n cancer rising. I'm home.


33 The Very Breath of You ( excerpt ) The very breath of you Cascades into my soul Colorful dew drops of wonder Memories resurrect a melody of Befores, afters and Hereafters. Cradles of hope Become lush once more And time flows majestically Still the very breath of you Sighs within my soul The very breath of you Blends voluminous violins And rivers of love, rendering a chorus of hello, my friend, hello! the very breath of you mends. Lifes leaves carried by The winds of eternity Breathe the Very breath of you. The very breath of you senses upon my mouth Rose, honeysuckle and delicious Laughter! Kissed, The very breath of you ignites! the heavens within the heaven.


35 Beyond The Shadow of Doubt In the ever moving stillness of life, peace and faith grace heavens. Fractions of a second glimmer on sea tides joyfully as crimson hued sunsets celebrate the miracle of love, life and you. Trust.

36 Expressive Visions Having surrendered to rainbows… a canvas of feelings in Oil and Acrylic, color loving eyes and lifes well.





41 Poetic Words of Comfort …Via the soul heard, written in the sand stone… sung with weeping willows, moonbeams and gracious leaping miracles…


43 Abstract Thought.fulls excite my mind summoning new ideas, dreams and realities. Creating the space here and now for eternity.





48 It is a blessing sharing this wonderful life with you; experiencing the rush of joy, breath of eternity throughout the seasons! Riding on the current of lifes ups and downs is made more precious because I have met you and we have GODs light breathing us. Blessed be! Heavenly peace is on Earth.

49 Through the Eyes of God Love the soul of each morning, for here you are today.


51 A brief Bio on Michaelangelo You inspire me, eternally.

52 Celebrating life via music, dance, theatre, painting, photography, poetry, video/film and wellness. Music Singer on and Writer, Composer and Producer of 5 CDs entitled, TOUCH for PolyGram Europe Distribution, THE BETTER ONE WINS for MCA Europe Distribution and VOICES MichaelangelosartWorks Distribution I AM THE JOURNEY for MichaelangelosartWorks Distribution ESPIRITUS…The Heart in Earth for EspiritusCorp Distribution He has sung before 150,000 people, in festivals as well as stadiums throughout Europe. Dramatic and Performance Arts Performances in Scandinavia, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Germany, England, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand and Australia. In the United States, he has shared his artistry as Choreographer, Master Teacher, Performance Artist, Spoken Word Poet and Motivational Speaker in Michigan, Georgia, California, Hawaii and New York. ACTOR: OTHELLO in Vienna, Austria, directed by TINA LEISCH. English and German languages spoken. Music Composer of OTHELLO score. PREMIER DANCER for the Benefiz Fuer Darfur in Vienna. The guests included Dignitaries, Sultans and Ambassadors from around the world Literary Arts Forthcoming book is entitled, O.N.E.- Our Now Eternal. Literary contributions to date include some 3000 poems and short stories. Writer of 3 plays, two of which, have been premiered in Europe. Editing his first musical, entitled BIRDS Of PARADISE. Wellness Group Fitness Instructor for Lucille Roberts Fitness LLC in Manhattan and The Bronx for two years Creator of Khemetics Yoga SATSANGS in NOW at healing retreats. Formerly, the Wellness and Fitness Director at True Control Fitness located in Harlem. Co Creator with Lisa Dennis of MenTality. A mind, spirit and body Fitness Training series designed exclusively for males.

53 Pg.2 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE include: National Endowment for the Arts Grant in Dance Horizons Upward Bound Academic Scholarship, Cranbrook-Schools Academic Scholarship 3 Caber Awards for Excellence in Dance Video. COLLABORATIONS include Poetry Youth Award Recipient – Sonja Sanchez and Haki Madhubuti Choreographer of BANG, BANG UBER ALLES – June Jordan, Adrienne Torf and Del Hamilton. Dance Soloist in THE RAKES PROGRESS – Robert Altman. Singer with the music group MAX! - Smply red (Mick Hucknall). Guest Choreographer, Singer and Dancer in YOSOKOI FESTIVALS in Japan – Suga Kunitomo and Aki Matsura. Dance Movement Coach – Christine Kaufman. Musician, Vocalist, Composer- Laurinho Bandeira, Andreas Frei, Kit Walker, Sterling G., Master Wu, Drums on Earth, Lynne Benatovich. Artistic Director of Studio Barada Vienna- Nazir Merzo EDUCATION University of Michigan Dance Performance and Choreography Major - Gay Delanghe, Vera L. Embree, Christopher Flynn, Lucas Hoving, Alvin Mc Duffy (Alvin Ailey); Peter Sparling (Graham), Sara Yarborough (Alvin Ailey); and Elisabeth Bergman Weil (Limon). Cranbrook Schools Cranbrook - Jessica Sinclair PRESENT ENTERPRISES From Sea to Shining Sea…A Pilgrimage of Love, a 4000 mile walk through the heart of America. Co Founder and Director, with Juan Rondinelli of ESPIRITUS Corp., a multi cultural artistic company. Co Founder and Director with photographer Harlem based photographer, Gregory Alexander, of BERRIES MEGAMAGAZINE. Future plans include grounding a THE TEMPLE OF HUMANITY Healing Retreats.and international festivals, celebrating humanity around the world.

54 How May I Serve You? Contact Information: ©Michaelangelo Pugh-Davis 2009 MichaelangelosArtWorks. Inc. Temple of Humanity Models: Laurinho, Monika, Patrick & Caro, Nazir, Rachna Angel. Myriam, Rebecca, Demi, Arno


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