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A Dragonfish with teeth on both jaws and tongue.

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3 A Dragonfish with teeth on both jaws and tongue

4 A baby sloth is fed at the Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita de Limon

5 A panther Chameleon from Madagaskar in pet fair Dresden, Germany

6 Oregon firefighters rescue a camel, who got stuck in a sinkhole…..

7 A genetically salmon (rear) and a non-genetically salmon, same age, by Aqua Bounty, USA

8 A mink is seen of a road in Hiliodendro, Greek City of Kastonia

9 A mink runs past other dead animals on a road in Hiliodendro, Greece, Aug. 2010

10 A gull is silhoutted against the rising moon in Bucharest, Romania

11 A grevys Zebra in Frankfurts Zoo, Germany

12 Dogs ride yellow dog school bus to Totally dog Day Center in Miami, Florida, USA

13 A Jerdons Jumping Ant

14 The miniscule cow measures 33 inches from hind to foot

15 Unidentified creature during the Index 2010 expedition in Sangihe Indonesia

16 A snail sits on a plant in Dungeness National Nature Reserve, England

17 An adoption dog of Lebanon peaks out of a hole in his cage at the Beirut Threatment of Animals

18 A rare albino Southern Right Whale calf surfaces of the Valdez Peninsula Argentina

19 A baby tiger cub is found packed in the suitcase of a woman flying from Bangkok to Iran, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, in Bangkok Thailand, Aug, 22, 2010

20 A tiny frog called Microhyla Nepenthicola, Asias smallest frog,Kuching, Serawak State

21 A moose at Chernobyl, Belarus

22 Catfishes in the Gadisar lake, Rayasthan, India

23 Ostriches look over a fence, Kiev, Ukraine

24 Unidentified creature found during the Index 2010 Exploration of the Sangihe Talaud Region off Indonesia

25 A young black bear falls from a tree into the net in Montana, USA

26 Toro de la Vega Festival Spain, Sept. 2010

27 Leopards at Leipzig Zoo, Germany

28 Fluorescent angelfish at a fish farm in Pingtung, Taiwan

29 A close-up image of a bull, during a rodeo in Diamantino, Brazil

30 Rescue workers feed one of 60 Magellan penguins in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

31 A cat under a yellow basket during the pet fair in Dresden, Germany, Sept. 2010

32 A fattened sacrificial pig at the Hakka Yimin Festival, Taiwan

33 A 2 week old Malay Fish Owl waits to be fed at the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

34 A newly hatched Yangtze alligator in Xuancheng, China

35 An elephant shrew in a remote Kenyan forest

36 A helicopter is used to gather wild horses in the Conger Mountains, Utah, USA

37 An Indian lion relaxes at the Zurich Zoo, Sept. 2010

38 An Biologist lies on the beach observing a tagged walrus near Point Lay, Alaska

39 Cattle feed in a meadow in front of the Wilder Kaiser Mountain in Going, Tyrol, Austria

40 An overall view of a massive fish kill in the Bayou Chaland area in Louisiana, USA, Sept. 2010

41 A Greyhound competes during the Greyhound Worls Championship in Rabapatona, Hungary, Sept. 2010

42 An octopus of the Sangihe Talaud Region off Indonesia

43 A cat eyes a squirrel as it makes its way along a fence

44 A donkey transports ballot boxes in Panjshir, Kabul, Afghanistan

45 A newly born kiwi chick at the Willowbank Reserve, NZ

46 A Polar Bear walks along the shore of Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada

47 Bubbles are seen in the eye of a beached gray whale, Harborview Park Everett, Washington, USA

48 Volunteers work to keep a stranded gray whale wet near Harborview Park in Everett, Washington, USA

49 A 4 week old Giant Red Kangaroo baby looks up from its mother pouch, Berlin Zoo, Germany

50 A kitten strays onto the pitch during the super cup final at TaQali National Stadium, Malta, Aug. 2010

51 Abandoned puppies roam a village in Tanah Karo, near the erupting Mount Sinabung, Sept.2010

52 More than 120 pilot whales. Slaughtered on July 2010, are pictured on docks in the harbor of Torshavn, Faroe Islands

53 A Faroese man shows his son to remove teeth from a slaughtered whales jaw in the harbour of Torshavn, Faroe Islands, July 2010

54 Silvery Gibbon mother holds her baby, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany Aug.2010

55 A 5 day old elephant calf at the Melbourne Zoo, Sept. 15th. 2010

56 One of 25 pilot whales that died Sept 22, 2010 at Spirits Bay, NZ

57 A silhouetted of a cow near Immenstadt im Allgaeu, Germany

58 A deep sea Chimera in waters off Indonesia

59 Surf Dog Competition at Huntington Beach, Cal. USA

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