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The Bs Power Point.China Tea trade.Slave trade.Whale Hunting.

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1 The Bs Power Point.China Tea trade.Slave trade.Whale Hunting

2 China Tea Trade Lord Macartney found this telescope in the Chinese empire he tried to encourage China to buy scientific instruments for which English manufacturers were becoming famous and tried to open up the Chinese market so they could have tea. They refused, however. They would only take silver in exchange. The tea trade therefore would damage the English economy So they fought in many opium wars.

3 The Cannon ball.In the second opium war there was a shot fired from the North Wong Tong Chinese Fort at the mouth of the Canton River. The shot cut a boy in two..This was the cannon ball that cut the boy in two.

4 Slave Trade British people went to Africa they would crowd about 600 people onto the ship They would leave them in horrible conditions and go to the Caribbean. On the way about a third of them died so there will only be 400 people left.

5 About Slaves travelling on the sea. In the dark, stinking rooms below the decks of the ships, many slaves died in the cramped conditions. Below the decks of the shores the slaves were attached to iron which rubbed their skin raw.

6 The First Slave Trader & A War For Slavery Sir John Hawkins was the first English slave trader. He made four voyages to Sierra Leone River between 1564 and 1569. He used a sword to capture some Africans in Africa, he sold them to Spanish for hides,ginger,sugars and some quantities of pearls. Many slaves fought back against slavery. In 1772 a rebellion in Surinam, South America was brought to an end only after soldiers were sent from Europe to stop it.

7 How slaves were bought when they got to the West Indies. If the slaves were not traded they were sold. Slave sales were called Scrambles. The signal to start a scramble was a drum roll. The Buyers came in and chose the slaves they liked most. The greed on the faces made the slaves scared.

8 Punishments for slaves Punishments for slaves who ran away, was to be hung by the neck and left up as a warning. There were 6 punishments for slaves who done wrong. Punishment 1: Being nailed to a post by the ear. Punishment 2: Having ear cut off. Punishment 3: Having teeth pulled out. Punishment 4: Having hands cut off. Punishment 5: Being fastened in tight steel neck collars. Punishment 6: Having eyes gouged out.

9 Whale trading with Japan Japan killed 500,000 whales a year. Japan,America,Den mark and other countries traded fat (whale skin) Whale skin was used for soap,candles,umbre lla and many other things.

10 Whale Hunting The weapon Gun- harpoon increased the number of whales killed. Factory ships could carry more oil meaning more whales were killed.

11 Are we proud of the British Empire? On the evidence based on the China Tea Trade we are not proud of the British Empire. Because Lord Macartney bribed with the Chinese Empire to get tea out of the country. In addition on this theory of whale hunting we should not be proud of the British Empire, because they hunted so many whales and they are now almost extinct in Japan. Finally we dont think we can be proud of the British empire here either as they treat the slaves cruelly and treat them rashly. So overall we are not proud of the British Empire.

12 The End. This presentation was brought to you by Tevin Kittoe, Frankie Conway, Sayeef Hasnain, Liam Rose and Zach Whyte.

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