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Facial expression of emotion

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1 Facial expression of emotion

2 Facial expression Darwin (1872) catalogued facial expressions
He emphasized their universal nature And emotions as signals E.g., bowlers do not smile when they get a strike they smile when they turn around to see other watching them (Kraut & Johnston, 1979)

3 Evolution of facial expressions
Anger = open mouth threat, display Fear = grimace, silent bared teeth, nervous grin Happy = Chimpanzee play face Disgust ? ejection of bad food, wrinkling nose to bad smell Sad? Surprise? Interest raised eyebrows to see more

4 Basic Emotion

5 Emotion in Infancy

6 From:
Similarities in facial expression across closely related species?

7 Facial Expression of Emotion
Emission Cross cultural similarity of expressions. Papua New Guinea “imagine your child died” (Ekman & Friesen 1975) Cultural differences in frequency of expression Japanese less negative expressions in society (Matsumoto et al 1988)

8 Universal Expressions? (Papua New Guinea)

9 Facial Expression of Emotion
Emission Cross cultural similarity of expressions and causes Deaf and blind children’s expressions are normal Therefore production of expressions is innate (Darwin) Comprehension Universal interpretation of 6 basic emotions (Ekman) happy, sad, angry, fear, surprise, disgust,

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