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Inside This Issue: Operational Report FROM DUST TO DENTAL OPERATORY From October 2008 to March 2009, the construction dust has settled and a newly renovated.

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1 Inside This Issue: Operational Report FROM DUST TO DENTAL OPERATORY From October 2008 to March 2009, the construction dust has settled and a newly renovated dental operatory has emerged. With donated time and materials, CG Schmidt did the construction work to transform the former occupational therapy office into a dental clinic. The plumbing and electrical work followed by installation of the equipment, and soon thereafter, we were up and running. he Clinics First OUR FIRST DAY The Clinic first became operational on April 3, 2009. Dr. Rodriguez and Sue Trotter examined and treated 10 patients from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The children were referred by the public health nurses at the Green County Health Department and Monroe Clinic Pediatrics. April 2009 to March 2010 From Dust to Dental Operatory1 Our First Day1 Grand Opening Celebration2 Family Golf Day 2 Kids Have A Dental Home2 Six Month Checkup 3 Portable Dental Equipment3 3rd Grade Oral Assessment3 Treatment and Patients Stats 4 Grants and Contributions 5

2 Fowler Memorial Dental Clinic celebrated its grand opening on May 9, 2009. Sixty- three people who attended were given a tour of the clinic. Children who completed a 30-day calendar signifying they brush and floss their teeth on a daily bases were presented with a special certificate. This is an ongoing effort to educate our patients on the importance of oral hygiene. FAMILY GOLF PLAYDAY Our first fundraising event was a Family Golf Playday held at the Decatur Lake Golf Club. Friends and supporters of the Clinic competed for prizes and awards. The event raised over $3000 and everyone who participated had a great time. A special thanks to The Swiss Colony who was our major sponsor. KIDS HAVE A DENTAL HOME The Clinic began seeing WIC (Women, Infants and Children) clients in October 2009. Head Start students were screened in September 2009. Our Clinic is committed to providing a dental home for these children until they no longer require our services.

3 SIX MONTH CHECKUP In November 2009, the Clinic began seeing patients that were last treated in April 2009. These patients were recalled for their 6-month cleaning and Rita Fortney was the first volunteer Dental Hygienist to see these patients. Since then, there have been more than 60 patients who received their six month cleanings. There is a roster with 60 more who are scheduled to receive their periodic exams and cleanings within the next few months. 3rd GRADE ORAL ASSESSMENT IN GREEN COUNTY FMFDC provided support for the WI Department of Health Services Oral Health Program through a joint effort to assess the dental health of 3 rd graders in Green County. In January 2010 3 rd graders in the Albany, Brodhead, Juda, Monroe, Monticello and New Glarus school districts participated in oral screenings. Children were screened for cavities, critical dental needs and sealants. A total number of 349 students participated and among them: 7 needed urgent dental care 35 had cavities 169 need sealants. PORTABLE DENTAL EQUIPMENT With generous donations from Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation, Alliant Energy and Monroe Womans Club, the Clinic purchased portable dental equipment. This equipment allows us to treat students in the school setting and participate in community outreach programs such as the Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile program.

4 PATIENT REFERRAL SOURCESCOMMUNITIES SERVED TREATMENT ACTIVITY TREATMENT TYPES Monroe Clinic Pediatrics 29.60% School nurse 3.20% Private doctor 0.80% Local dentist 0.50% G.C. Human Services 10.70% GC Public Nurses 8.30% Self 73.00% Albany0.02% Argyle0.01% Belleville0.02% Blanchardville0.01% Brodhead0.08% Browntown0.02% Evansville0.01% Juda0.64% Monroe65.00% Monticello0.06% New Glarus0.64%

5 GRANTS 2009 Delta Dental of WI $50,000 Wisconsin Delta Association $2000 United Way of Green County $2000 Monroe Fund (Jane Lysaught Memorial)$2000 Kiwanis Club of Monroe $1000 Monroe Womans Club $500 Grants 2010: Delta Dental of Wisconsin $25,000 United Way of Green County $10,000 Monroe Clinic & Hospital Foundation $5000 Alliant Energy Foundation $2000 Wal-Mart Community Foundation $1000 Monroe Womans Club $600 CONTRIBUTIONS 2009-2010 $50-$99 Belva Zwygart Steve Stenbroten Mary Fowler Kamlager, Doris Robert & Cheryl Beck Schneider Quality Plumbing – Steve & Paula Schneider Roth Kase USA, Ltd. $100-$199 Dr. David & Sharon Reise Deb Thompson Vonda Fowler New Glarus Hotel – Shelley Pryce Bank of Brodhead – Richard Gratebeck Super 8 Motel – Monroe Brodhead Foods – Piggly Wiggly Pinnow Pharmacy – Douglas Pinnow $200 - $499 Precision Drive & Control – Steve Jacobson Scott & Mary Schmidt Mike & Nora Sanders Dr. Anthony & Angela Rogerson $500 and above Dr. Lance & Mrs. Sathoff Monroe Womans Club Vonda Fowler and Family Dr. Hoffman $10-$49 Barbara Fruend Leah Pawlisch Ellen Hossman Norman & Lorraine Williams Cindy Geyer Ann Jacobson Thank you to all our supporters….

6 Dentists: Dr. Drew Delforge Dr. Scott Patterson Dr. Julio Rodriguez Dr. Greg Schardt Dr. David Wake Dr. Sarah Westberg Dr. Daniel J. Winn Dental hygienists: Casey Arneson Lisa Bell Rita Fortney Robbyn Kuester Holly Knutson Adina Ness Diana Whalen Dental assistants: Amber Corning Joyce Isley Jesse Seffrood Anita Stein Sue Trotter Amy Voights PATIENT SCHEDULERS/ FRONT DESK support Bill Bethke Judith Frazier Kristine Gilman Vickie Zimmerman Natasha Patterson Thank you to all our volunteers…. Board of directors: RoAnn Warden, Chairperson Dr. Julio Rodriguez, Clinic Director Dr. Drew Delforge, Vice Chairperson Jeannie Blumer, G.C. Human Services Vicki Evenson, Parish Nursing Sue McGowan, St. Vincent de Paul Wally Orzechowski, SWCAP Mike Sanders, Monroe Clinic Marcey Sink, Monroe Clinic Kris Wisnefski, Parish Nursing Interpreters: Flor Koller Bridget Mouchon Margaret Rainwater Marissa Rodriguez FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: Linda Bender Vicki Evenson Vonda Fowler Sue Heinzelman Mary Schmidt Brittany Simpson Marcey Sink Laura White

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