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How to keep your horses healthy Presented by Dr. Nikki Milici.

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1 How to keep your horses healthy Presented by Dr. Nikki Milici

2 How to assess general horse health Vaccination and deworming schedules General nutrition information Dental care Emergencies including Colic Wounds Eye injuries

3 Body weight/condition scoring Heart rate – 40 BPM Respiratory rate - <20 BPM Temp ~ 98-100.5 Conditioning assessment Water Consumption Eating requirements

4 Vaccinations Basic requirements 5-way including EEE/WEE, Flu, Rhino and Tetanus WNV Requirements for show horses Strangles (AKA distemper) Flu/Rhino Potomac Horse Fever

5 A new way of thinking – fecal egg counts Horse parasites are now resistant to several dewormers including the catch all ivermectin Power paks/ Quest Plus

6 Nutrition for an older horse is different then for the growing horse Focus on calcium/phosphorous for performance horses Supplements Horses dont need supplements if fed a high quality hay Exceptions are when they are out of teeth Performance/working horses Psyllium

7 How often should your horses teeth be check? Check incisor occlusion Check enamel points Check for hooks Check the tongue and cheeks

8 Most common signs of colic Not eating Rolling Pawing Subtle signs include backing up or stretching, even grabbing a bit of food and walking away, flehmen response

9 Banamine Stethoscope Thermometer Pull all food from the horse What the vets do….

10 Where are the wounds? If any wound is anywhere near a joint or bursa this is an emergency Bursas include bicipital bursa, flexor tendon sheath, carpal canal All bleeding stops eventually – look for areas near big arteries or vessels Jugular vein, carotid artery, etc

11 Any wound to an eyeball is an emergency Wounds on the face including eyelids have such vast blood supply that they heal very quickly Eyeballs do not have the same blood supply – in fact very little blood supply and tend to not heal without assistance Wounds to eyelids arent so much


13 March 31 st Pfizer presentation on fecal egg counts and setting up a program for your horse Lindsey Gleason and Cassie Dagenhart are performing a research study for their biology class on horses. Their presentation is going to assess how in shape horses are according to their owners and their discipline. Any one who is willing to help these girls out contact me after the presentation.

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