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Zoo animals By Class Year 2 Ms. Cumbo Luqa Primary School.

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1 Zoo animals By Class Year 2 Ms. Cumbo Luqa Primary School

2 This is a lion A lion has thick mane.
A lion has sharp teeth and claws. Lions live in jungles. A young lion is called a cub. Lions are called kings of animals.

3 This is a giraffe A giraffe has a long neck It also has long legs
Giraffes like to eat green leaves The giraffe is the tallest animal Giraffes live in the jungles

4 This is an elephant The elephant has a long trunk.
It uses it’s trunk to eat, drink and shower itself. The elephant is the largest animal on land. Elephant live in groups.

5 This is a zebra The zebra is white with black stripes.
Zebras are more like asses. They live in jungles. Zebras have a good eyesight . They also have a good sense of smell.

6 This is a bear Bears are large animals.
Bears like to eat salmon, grass, fruit and honey. They live in forest. Bears hibernate during winter. Cubs stay with their mother for 3 years.

7 This is a squirrel Squirrels like to climb on trees.
They have bushy tails. They eat hazelnuts, pine cones and fruit. Squirrel lays down stocks for the winter. Squirrel are very fast animals.

8 This is a koala bear The koala is native to Australia.
Koala live in eucalyptus trees. It uses its claws to climb trees. Koala means ‘ no drink’ as these animals obtain liquids from the eucalyptus leaves.

9 This is a wolf The wolf is the largest member of the dog family.
They are very good hunters. Wolves hunt in packs of one or two families. It is a cunning and an intelligent animal.

10 This is a tiger The tiger has black stripes.
A tiger hunts other animals. It has sharp teeth and claws. Tigers live in tropical rainforest. A tiger is the largest type of cat.

11 This is a polar bear This type of bear is white.
They are the largest meat eating animals on land. The polar bear lives in the Arctic. They eat fish , seals and seabirds. It also has a very thick coat.

12 This is a camel Camels live in hot deserts.
The Arabian camel has one hump. The Bactrian camel has two humps. It stores fat in its humps when food is scarce.

13 This is a killer whale A killer whale has black and white markings.
They hunt fish and seals amongst other animals. They are very intelligent creatures. Killer whales are social animals.

14 This is a jaguar The jaguar is another wild cat .
It is the largest wild cat in America . The jaguar is a solitary animal . It eats deer, fish, birds, monkeys etc . Jaguar is derived from an Indian word ‘he who kills with one leap’.

15 This is a rhinoceros The word rhinoceros means ‘ a horn on its nose’.
The rhino is a grass eater. It has a poor eyesight but on the other hand it has a good sense of smell and hearing. It can live up to 60 years.

16 This is a monkey Monkeys live in trees .
They swing using their limbs and tail. Monkeys live in hot countries. Monkeys are very intelligent animals. They eat different sort of food. They chatter and are noisy animals.

17 This is a giant panda The panda is a type of bear .
Their colour is black and white . Pandas eat the shoots and leaves of bamboos. They live in china. They are the symbol of WWF.

18 This is a crocodile Crocodiles have very sharp teeth.
Crocodiles live in rivers and streams. They hunt big animals such as zebras. They are reptiles . Crocodiles swallow their prey.

19 This is a penguin Penguins live in the Arctic.
There are different species of penguins. Though they are birds, penguins can’t fly. On the other hand, penguins are very fast swimmers. Mate penguins look after the egg until it hatches.

20 This is a deer Most male deer have branched antlers.
They live in forests and open woodland. There are many species of deer. The smallest of the European deer is the roe deer.

21 This is a hippopotamus They are semi-aquatic.
They are plant eating animals as well. Despite is short legs it outruns a human. They are the third largest mammals on land. Most aggressive creatures in the world.

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