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Anatomical Position.

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1 Anatomical Position

2 Anatomical Position body erect feet together arms hanging at sides
palms facing forward

3 Directional Terms superior inferior anterior posterior medial lateral
intermediate proximal ipsilateral contralateral distal superficial deep parietal visceral

4 Superior towards the head upper part of structure above Examples:
- forehead is superior to the nose - lips are superior to the chin - heart is superior to the liver

5 Inferior away from head end toward lower region of structure or body
Examples: - navel is inferior to the breastbone - knee is inferior to the hip - stomach is inferior to the lungs

6 Anterior towards the front in front of Examples:
- breast bone is anterior to the spine - front teeth are anterior to the back teeth - sternum is anterior to the heart

7 Posterior toward or at the back behind Examples
- heart is posterior to the sternum - molars are posterior to the front or anterior teeth - esophagus is posterior to the trachea

8 Medial towards the midline inner side of Examples:
- head is medial to the arm - ulna is on the medial side of the forearm

9 Lateral away from the midline towards the side Examples:
- eye is lateral to the bridge of the nose - lungs are lateral to the heart

10 Intermediate between a more medial and more lateral structure
Examples: - collar bone is intermediate between the breast bone and the shoulder - ring finger is intermediate between the little and middle fingers

11 Proximal close to origin or point of attachment
sides next to each other Examples: - elbow is proximal to the wrist (closer to the shoulder than that the wrist) - humerus is proximal to the radius

12 Ipsilateral on same side of the body Examples:
- ring finger is ipsilsteral to the little or middle fingers

13 Contralateral on the opposite side of the body Examples:
- ascending and descending colons of the large intestine are contralateral

14 Distal farthest from origin Examples: - knee is distal to thigh
- wrist is distal to shoulder - phalanges are distal to the carpals (wrist bones)

15 Superficial towards the surface Examples:
- skin is superficial to the skeleton - muscles of the thoracic wall are superficial to the lungs

16 Deep more internal Examples: - heart is deep in relation to the skin
- nasal sinuses are deep in relation to the nose

17 Parietal pertaining to or forming the outer wall of a body cavity
Example: - parietal pleura forms the outer layer of the pleural sacs that surround the lungs

18 Visceral pertaining to the covering of an organ within the ventral body cavity Example: - visceral pleura forms the inner layer of the pleural sacs and covers the external surface of the lungs

19 Body Planes imaginary lines used to divide body into sections
- sagittal - mid-sagittal - frontal - transverse - oblique

20 Sagittal vertical plane lengthwise longitudinal
divides the body into right and left portions

21 Mid-sagittal midline divides the body into equal right and left portions

22 Frontal (coronal) right angles to sagittal plane
divides the body into anterior and posterior portions

23 Transverse (horizontal)
divides the body into superior and inferior regions

24 Oblique an oblique plane passes at an angle between transverse and frontal planes or between transverse and sagittal planes

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