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LUMITray Technology Full-arch LUMINEERS Placement Technology.

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1 LUMITray Technology Full-arch LUMINEERS Placement Technology

2 2 1 st visit IMPRESSIONS PHOTOGRAPHS scanproduce3D design DESIGN & PRODUCTION Process Overview

3 3 Digital CAD/CAP Software LUMITray uses state-of-the-art technology that facilitates digital design and fabrication for beautifully precise veneers. With this technology, technicians build the veneers – to micron accurate specifications – directly on a digital 3-D model. This process creates a superior fit at the gingival margin, which means less finishing.

4 4 Digital Preview Because the system is digital, you can preview, change and accept the restoration from your dental office before its fabricated, ensuring that final restorations are to exact specifications.

5 5 Digital Preview

6 6 Without Reshaping Before Impression With Reshaping Before Impression

7 7 LUMIKey Reshaping Guides If reshaping is requested, you will receive a LUMIKey reshaping guide, which is created using the same digital specifications of the restoration. The LUMIKey simplifies the placement process and produces accurate results.

8 8 LUMIGuard Is your LUMITray patient a bruxer? LUMIGuard is the answer. LUMIGuard is an occlusal protection plate that can be worn during the day or night. The custom fit and minimalistic design of LUMIGuard means you can provide comfortable protection for your patients perfect new smiles. Available at the time of placement of the LUMINEERS with LUMITray.

9 Placement Procedure LUMITray: Step-by-Step

10 10 Step 1 Step 1: Reshaping Trays

11 11 Step 2 Break the glaze of the enamel –Take medium coarse or fine diamond and roughen the outer surface of the enamel Draw the diamond across the incisal edge at a 45-degree angle (This allows for a more full seating of the LUMINEERS and increases mechanical retention)

12 12 Step 2 Lightly roughen the facials of all teeth to receive Lumineers Be thorough and methodical

13 13 Step 3 Etching Etch the teeth with Etch N Seal for 20 seconds Rinse thoroughly with water

14 14 Step 5 Bonding Add 5 coats of Tenure A + B Add 1 coat of Tenure S Tooth surfaces must be shiny

15 15 Step 6 Prime-Bonding on LUMINEERS These come pre-etched, pre- hydrolyzed and pre-silanated Add 1 coat of Tenure A + B on the inner side of the LUMINEERS Add 1 coat of Tenure S on the inner side of the LUMINEERS

16 16 Ultra-Bond Plus on LUMINEERS Add a layer of Ultra-Bond Plus resin cement to the inner side of the LUMINEERS. Work upwards from incisal edge of the LUMINEERS to gingival edge and keep contact with the LUMINEERS (see diagram) Step 7

17 17 Step 8 Insert the LUMITray Remove the Paint-On Dental Dam or interdental strips! Center the LUMITray (midline) Insert the tray in one smooth movement. Apply a light, continuous, buccal pressure. Take your time for the placement. Remove excess Ultra-Bond cement at the gingiva with microbrush

18 18 Step 9 Set the Sapphire Plus Light for 3 seconds Tack-cure with a sweeping movement of the 9mm tip With a probe remove more excess cement Light-cure each tooth 3 seconds through tray with Sapphire Plus

19 19 Step 10 Remove LUMITray Remove the LUMITray (dont twist) Remove the retentions with Schure 349 Remove any excess on the lingual side of the teeth with Schure 349

20 20 Step 11 Open Interdental Spaces Remove Ultra-Bond Plus cement from interproximal spaces with a CeriSaw Maintain complete control over the instrument. If difficult, postpone to follow-up visit.

21 21 Step 12 Light-Cure the LUMINEERS Cure each LUMINEERS individually for a second time on both the lingual and buccal sides for 5 seconds with the Sapphire Plus Light

22 22 Step 13 Check Occlusion and Polish Check and finish the occlusion Polish the LUMINEERS with Porcelain Polishing Paste

23 23 Thick Blue Paper Makes Contact Areas Obvious Note: cuspal inclines; adjust areas inside circles Note: vertical stops, cusp tips and fossa

24 24 Step 14 Final Check Take after photos Give the patient their LUMIGuard

25 25 Before and After

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