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3 2 QuickPure tm Oral Care Appliance Cleans teeth by pulsed water irrigation like irrigators now on the market. So whats new?

4 QuickPure TM Oral Care Appliance Whats new and revolutionary is that the water contains dissolved ozone.

5 4 Ozone is a potent oxidizer and the most powerful germ-killer known.

6 5 The ozone dissolved in the irrigation water can reduce or eliminate: gingivitis gum bleeding bad breath teeth stains and harmful oral bacteria

7 6 Reducing oral bacteria may help prevent some serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease in which oral bacteria have been implicated.

8 7 Potentially, this appliance could also substantially reduce or prevent dental plaque and the resulting tooth decay, but this has not yet been clinically confirmed. However, it is well established that ozone destroys biofilms similar to plaque and kills the bacteria that form biofilms.

9 8 Ozone is an activated form of oxygen that has three atoms per molecule rather than the two atoms per molecule of the oxygen in air.

10 9 Ozone is made as needed in the QuickPure TM Oral Care Appliance by electrically treating air.

11 10 Ozone is dissolved in the irrigation water by breaking up the gas into tiny bubbles and mixing the bubbles with water.

12 11 Undissolved ozone gas is separated from the water and then vented through a catalyst to convert it into regular oxygen so that no ozone gas escapes into the air.

13 12 For 100 years, ozone has been used to disinfect drinking water. Ozones safety and effectiveness are well established. 3000 municipal drinking water treatment plants in the world and 300 in the U. S. All bottled water sold in North America has been purified with ozone for safety and good taste. 100 times stronger disinfectant than chlorine, 1500 times stronger than chloramines used in water disinfection. Only disinfectant that can kill all germs in seconds, even germs unaffected by chlorine.

14 13 This inexpensive and easy to use small appliance can: Clean teeth and refresh the mouth Reduce dental problems and painful and costly treatments Make users more attractive with whiter teeth and sweeter breath Lessen chance of diseases caused by oral bacteria Be used for ear and sinus irrigation

15 14 To use the QuickPure TM Oral Care Appliance; fill the removable reservoir with tap water reconnect the reservoir to the appliance put the jet irrigation tip in the mouth and press the on/off button. the water flow can be adjusted with the hand piece

16 15 Answers to frequently asked questions: Ozone disinfection automatically adjusts for variable water flow and quality. Ozone containing gas is separated from the irrigation water before the water is dispensed. Excess ozone is converted to oxygen before venting. Ozone system can provide failure warning. Ozonated water tastes good.

17 16 What Ozone Doesnt Do: Ozone does not cause allergic reactions. No problems with accidental ingestion of disinfectant. Microorganisms do not develop resistance to ozone.

18 17 What Ozone Does Do: Ozone is the only disinfectant that can inactivate all germs in a short time Ozone can destroy toxins produced by bacteria. Ozone can destroy biofilms such as plaque produced by microorganisms. Dissolved ozone can reduce or eliminate teeth stains, bad breath, gum bleeding, gingivitis, periodontitis and harmful oral bacteria. Ozone can do all this while cleaning teeth and refreshing the mouth.

19 18 Oral Care Appliance Working Prototype with Ozone Indicator Light

20 19 The QuickPure Oral Care Appliance Sounds Wonderful! How Do We Know It Will Work, How Much Will It Cost And Can The Design Be Changed? We know it will work because of all the ozone research over the past 100 years, and because of clinical trials conducted in Europe using large expensive ozone systems. Alabs patented QuickPure technology has made it possible to manufacture the Oral Care Appliance for not much more than common oral irrigators. The operating cost for electricity and water is extremely small, Versions of the Oral Care appliance can be designed with different operating systems, different features and different aesthetics. For example, a bubble display could be added to show that the unit is operating properly and to enhance aesthetics.

21 20 Ozone has been used in dentistry in Europe

22 21 The Main Competitors of the QuickPure Oral Care Appliance

23 22 Thanks for viewing our presentation.

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