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2 KEY TERMS MEMS – three dimensional objects that perform a mechanical function, whose dimensions are between 1 to 100 micrometers Nanoparticle – a particle of material at the nanoscale Nanotechnology – a material or structure purposefully manufactured with dimensions between 1 and 100 nanometers to leverage the unique properties it has at that size

3 Nanodispersion – the even distribution of nanoscale ingredients in a liquid, gel, or powder
Nanoemulsion – two ingredients that don’t mix well; particles around 50 nanometers in diameter Nanoencapsulated – creating an outer layer on another material

4 Nanosphere – a round particle with nanoscale proportions
Nanosomes – microscopic lipospheres that deliver active ingredients deeper into tissues. Much smaller than human skin cells, they encapsulate compounds within microspheres of material similar to skin to reach deeper than standard carriers and boost the effectiveness of active ingredients.

5 Hydroxyapatite – a calcium found in the dentin which forms a protective barrier on teeth
OLED – An organic light emitting diode (OLED) is a light-emitting diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compounds which emit light in response to an electric current. This layer of organic semiconductor material is situated between two electrodes

6 Microparticle – has a dimension of 200 nanometers
Phospholipids – Phospholipids are fat derivatives in which one fatty acid has been replaced by a phosphate group and one of several nitrogen-containing molecules. Microparticle – has a dimension of 200 nanometers

7 UNIT OBJECTIVES Why nanotechnology?
Discuss the controversy with nanotechnology and personal care products. Describe how nanotechnology is used in skin products. Name where most personal care products are available that use nanotechnology.

8 5. List the year that the first nanotechnology product became commercially available.
Name nanoscale products used to improve skin. List nanotechnology anti-aging products. Describe how is nanotechnology used in color cosmetics. Discuss how nanotechnology is integrated in deodorant.

9 Name ways nanotechnology is used in hair care products.
List the benefits of nanotechnology in sunscreen. Describe how nanotechnology is used in toothpaste. Discuss nanotechnology in hair dryers. Describe nano-ceramic products and their benefits.

10 List ways nanotechnology is used in shavers.
16. List expected salaries for skilled nanotechnology workers. 17.List Oklahoma schools offering courses in nanotechnology

11 WHY NANOTECHNOLOGY? Using ingredients at the nanoscale allows personal care products to penetrate deeper into the skin to visibly improve its appearance The whole point behind cosmetics is the targeted delivery of vitamins, botanicals, and other active ingredients into the skin. The smaller their size, the better they’re able to penetrate the skin’s outer layer in order to moisturize and soften wrinkles.

How deeply can nanoparticles penetrate the skin, whether they can enter the bloodstream, and it so, then what? Some believe using nanoparticles crosses the line in terms of function Others are concerned about whether the use of nanoparticles is harmful

13 Nanoscale ingredients can penetrate the upper layers of the skin, which improves the appearance of skin by making it plumper and more youthful looking. Nanotechnology makes it possible to use some ingredients by encapsulating them that would otherwise cause irritation on their own.

14 Most personal care products leveraging nanotechnology are more widely available in Europe and Asia. It appears that they are more open to using new technology.

15 L’Oreal launched the first nano-based product in 1997
L’Oreal launched the first nano-based product in (infallable lipstick)

16 Nanoscale titanium dioxide and zinc oxide has a whitening effect by leveraging photonic effects to improve the appearance of skin

Biotherm Age Fitness Nuit Lancome Renergie Morpholift eye cream Lancome Soleil Instant Cooling Spritz

18 COLOR COSMETICS Nanotechnology is used in color cosmetics to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin to hydrate and improve skin texture and to make sunblock transparent

19 Nanoscale ingredients help lipstick to last longer, smear less, reflect light, and glow in vibrant colors Nanoscale ingredients help foundations and powders to have a smoother finish and are much lighter and translucent

20 M.A.C. PRODUCTS Plushglass lip gloss and volumizer uses nanosomes to deliver phospholipids. It is a super moisturizing formula

21 DEODORANT Roll-on deodorant uses nanoemulsion that results in no white residue Some spray deodorants have a nearly gasless approach that is more concentrated which results in a smaller can that lasts as long or longer as a large can

22 HAIR CARE Haircare products benefit from nanoparticles because they are able to penetrate the hair shaft, rather than simply coating it

23 SUNSCREEN Uses a nanoscale amount of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide the best protection for your skin from the sun; also referred to as a microparticle

24 TOOTHPASTE There are several toothpastes on the market that decrease teeth sensitivity by utilizing nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite

Consists of nanomaterials, in conjunction with the saliva in the mouth, encourage the formation of a thin protective layer on the teeth; the tooth remineralizes itself, and as a result tooth sensitivity is reduced.

26 HAIR DRYERS MEMS thermopiles monitor the hair’s temperature while drying and help to automatically regulate the heat output to reduce damage to the hair

Nano-ceramic products use ultra-smooth technology that reduces friction, which results in the surface of curling irons and flat irons less likely to catch and break hair and prevent corrosion on the product

28 SHAVERS Norelco Cool Skin shaver uses the Nanoflex stainless steel strip in the stationary cutter head, rotating cutter knife, and hair lifter resulting in being corrosion-resistant, strong and formable Some shavers have small OLED displays to illustrate the battery’s remaining life

29 Nanotechnology is a young and growing field
An estimated two million skilled nanotechnology workers will be needed worldwide by the year 2015 – one million of them in the U.S. Graduates are receiving salary offers up to $55,000 per year with a two-year degree Graduates with a baccalaureate degree can expect salary offers up to $65,000 per year Students who choose to continue their education can expect salary offers of $100,000

Oklahoma City Community College Oklahoma State University Oklahoma University Tulsa Community College Tulsa University

Richard Booker and Earl Boysen, Nanotechnology for Dummies, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2005. Marlene Bourne, A Consumer’s Guide to MEMS and Nanotechnology, Scottsdale, AZ, 2007.

32 This module is one of a series designed to introduce faculty and high school students to the basic concepts of nanotechnology. Each module includes a PowerPoint presentation, discussion questions, and hands-on activities, when applicable.   The series was funded in part by:   The National Science Foundation Grant DUE and the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Education Initiative   Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in the material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Education Initiative.  


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