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Miswak Trees Properties and Ingredients

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1 Miswak Trees Properties and Ingredients

2 Neem Tree Miswak Beneficial Characteristics:
Its fibers clean the teeth Has Anti Pyretic(cooling) and mouth freshening Antibacterial and Anti fungal Germicidal – has Germ killing properties

3 Peelu tree Miswak Beneficial Characteristics: Strengthening of Gums
cleans the mouth whitens the teeth removal of plaque disinfecting the mouth refreshing the breath

4 Keekar Miswak Beneficial Characteristics: Prevents tooth decay
Helps in aching tooth Helps preventing the Spongy gums Helps in Sore-throat

5 Olive Miswak Beneficial Characteristics:
Beneficial in fighting dental infections Antiviral and antibacterial properties Strong anti-inflammatory benefits

6 Ingredient Oral Health Benefits Found in Tree High chloride Impact dentifrice properties to aid in removing tartar and other stains from the teeth. Peelu Silica Helpful in tooth whitening, acts as an abrasive Resin May form a coat over the enamel, to protect against tooth decay Trimethylamine May have a stimulatory effect on the gingivae Vitamin C May help in healing spongy and bleeding gums Sulphur compounds Bactericidal properties have been attributed to this. Isothiocyanates through the enzymatic action of Saliva it can release unstable products (Hydrogen peroxide) that exert anti-microbial activity and helps to prevent deposit build up. Flavonoids Have strong anti-inflammatory benefits Olive

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