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Product Description This toothpaste offers three kinds of protection: 1. Fluoride-free decay resistance: the composite ingredients can strengthen your.

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2 Product Description This toothpaste offers three kinds of protection: 1. Fluoride-free decay resistance: the composite ingredients can strengthen your teeth at the root and prevent decay. 2. Deep cleaning: the combination of TCS and soft abrasive can make your mouth clean and healthy. 3. Reinforcing the gum: the blend of strontium chloride and aloe extract can protect the gum and strengthen your teeth at the root. 4. Teeth polishing and scaling

3 BODY SOAP Product Description 1.Contains of bamboo carbon, to absorb micro dirt from skin and to remove excess skin oil effectively. 2. Cococa oil essence, moisturizing, Cocoate, Charcaol Powder, Dihydroxyacetone. 3. Contains of natural cleansing ingredients which are for skin refreshing, moisturizing and smoothen. 4. For neutral and oily skin, recommended for daily use.

4 ANTI MOSQUITO BODY SPRAY Product Description 1.Elegant fragrance after use, fresh and relaxing. 2. It repels mosquitoes for up to 8 hours, with obvious effect. 3.The initial is a fresh and fragrant citrus aroma, the body fragrance is an elegant floral, and a sensual musk incense at the end, overall being elegant and harmonious

5 Longrich Cleaning and Conditioner Combo Shampoo, Key Special Features: To solve problem of dandruff and damaged hair, shampoo designed to nourish hair make hair soft and glossy. Contains EMP protein and ZPT anti- dandruff ingredients which close to hair composition, natural mint essence extracted from plants which can clean and sooth scalp, reduce dandruff, clean dirt and excess oil, make hair easier to comb and style. Can quickly and conveniently clean and nourish hair at once. Wet hair with warm water, take right amount of shampoo poured into palm of hand, diluted with water, lather, even and soft pulp and palm. SHAMPOO

6 Effects Effects 1. Patients infarction and stroke hemiplegia 2. Patients with coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, flustered, bosom frowsty 3. High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood viscosity, high blood glucose crowd 4. General chronic disease. Numbness of limbs. Cramp. Stiff, dizziness, headache, tinnitus. Insomnia. Senile dementia. Brain atrophy. And fear of the stroke myocardial infarction. 5. Diabetes patients with complications of heart, brain and kidney. 6. Fatty liver, alcohol liver, drug damaged liver, liver cyst, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and low liver function person. Function: a) Restrain hypertention; b) Cure heart and brain blood disease; c) Relieve the toxicity of antibiotics and other drugs; d) Protect liver; e) Resist inflammation and develop flesh Anti-aging products: Youth and beauty


8 Factors Influencing on Our Health Food (30%) Stress Genetic factors Environmental pollution Overwork Smoking Lack of exercise Alcohol Food is the most influencing factor! Because…

9 Healthy eating habits are one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote and improve physical well-being. Man is What he Eats!

10 Why do we eat so much? Why do we eat so fast? Why do we eat over-cooked food? Why do we eat food containing too many chemical additives? But, What Should We Really Eat?

11 Health Benefits of NutriVrich Effects Effects 1.Beneficial for health 2Rejuvenates body and boost Energy & metabolism 3Strengthen immune system 4. High fiber detoxifying 5 Cleanses the Body of Toxins and waste material 6.Green, provide balanced nutrition 7.Meal replacement, convenient 8.Delay premature aging, for skin beauty and health 9.Relieve fatigue, pressure, improve concentration and memory. 10. Help preventing adults diseases including cancer, diabetes, obesity and constipation

12 Whole Food ……. Made with over 60 healthy, natural ingredients including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, sea-vegetables, berries, and mushrooms. and more... Foods from Root to Fruits

13 Raw Natural Natural Over 60 ingredients like grains, vegetables, greens, berries, mushrooms Organic Whole food Freeze-Dried & Cold -Dried, Air-Dried Live Nutrients, Enzymes, Colors and Flavors Suitable for Vegan and VegetarianVeganVegan What is NutriVrich? USDA Certified Organic, Non GMO Food Free of Super ORAC Value Value DetoxDetox High Fiber, Nutritionally balanced Highly Antioxidant soy, whey, yeast, dairy, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and preservatives

14 Who needs NutriVrich… Anyone who is seeking a well-balanced healthy food and meal. Its a unique and high quality morning meal and easy to prepare. Disease prevention, Anti-aging, Recovery from illness. Fast paced lifestyle, skipping breakfast, busy life with anxiety and stress. Need to manage weight.


16 WHO's DATA DEMONSTRATES THAT Each year, over 300,000 women die of cervical cancer all over the world, with as many as 130,000 in China alone; the number is increasing at an annual rate of 30%. The youngest patient of cervical cancer is aged only 18 and unmarried. According to the data released by the WHO in 2008, 40% of adult females are afflicted with infections of the reproductive system and other gynecological diseases to various degrees. The rate is as high as 83.6% among married women.

17 POORLY MANUFACTURED SANITARY NAPKINS CAUSE GYNECOLOGICAL DISEASES Damp, Unsealed, Unsterilized, Impermeable to air According to a survey report from the WHO, over 62% of the diseases are caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins when women are menstruating. The National Quality Control Department conducted a sampling survey of sanitary napkins in the market and found that over 50% of the products did not measure up to the standard.

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