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Life Span School Age Chapter 9. School Age AKA: Late childhood Formal education Ends with – Puberty.

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1 Life Span School Age Chapter 9

2 School Age AKA: Late childhood Formal education Ends with – Puberty

3 School Age: Summary Growth – Slow and steady Relationships – Family peer Goal directed Permanent teeth Sexual tranquility

4 Height & Weight Height – 2-3 inch / year Weight – 5 lbs / year Girls > Boys

5 Bone and Muscle Development Growing pains Posture changes – Center of gravity moves Downward – Pelvis tips backwards – Chest flattens strength Posture

6 Sensory Development Visual maturity – Age 6-7 Peripheral vision Depth perception – Hand-eye coordination Large print – No longer needed

7 Teeth Loss of deciduous teeth – 6-7 Appearance of permanent teeth

8 Dental visits – Q 6 months

9 Development of the GI System GI intolerances stomach capacity

10 Development of the Nervous System motor skills cognitive Senses mature – Taste – Smell Discriminatory – Touch

11 Development of the Immune system Peak antibody levels Tonsils & Adenoids

12 Vital Signs Pulse – 90 Murmurs – 50% BP – 100/60 Resp – Alveoli – 20/min

13 Motor development Stronger Better coordinated Gender Differences

14 Motor development Boys Stronger Running Jumping Throwing Endurance Girls Balance Coordination Fine motor skills

15 Motor Development: 6-7 Print Throw Catch Swim Tie shoes

16 Motor Development: 7-8 Smoother Ball & bat

17 Motor Development: 8 Pencil Print cursive Musical instruments Outgoing – Fearless Select games based on interests

18 Motor Development: 9-10 Sports

19 Sexual Development Questions – How would you feel? Relationships – Same gender Puberty

20 Psychosocial Development See themselves as – Producers Social focus – World Motivated Positive reinforcement

21 Psychosocial Development: 6-7 Energy New projects Short attention span

22 Psychosocial Development: 9 Initiate task Completion

23 Psychosocial Development: 11 Delayed gratification

24 Relationships Friends – Numerous – Short duration – Same gender Sibling rivalry Family relationships Parent affection

25 Privacy $ Hygiene Room organization Expression of emotions

26 Discipline Balance – Limits – Praise / rewards Chores

27 Special Concern TV Violence

28 Special Concern Video games Computer Avoid – Inappropriate – personal info – Chat rooms Limit time Report Password

29 Special Concern Latchkey children Specific place & time Check in Teach Designate Rehearse Schedule

30 Cognitive Development Conservation – is when a child concentrates on an object's physical appearance instead of superficial changes

31 Cognitive Development Reversibility – the child understands that numbers or objects can be changed, then returned to their original state. For this reason, a child will be able to rapidly determine that if 4+4 equals t, t4 will equal 4, the original quantity.

32 Cognitive Development Causation – Cause & effect

33 Seriation – the ability to sort objects in an order according to size, shape, or any other characteristic. For example, if given different-shaded objects they may make a color gradient.

34 Classification – the ability to name and identify sets of objects according to appearance, size or other characteristic, including the idea that one set of objects can include another.

35 Cognitive development Perspective Time, space & dimension Braggers Bullying – School phobia – Somatic conditions

36 Moral development Transition Reciprocity – Concern for others Law & Order

37 Communication Vocabulary – multiple meaning Swearing Code language

38 Nutrition Calcium Saturated fats Breakfast Obesity Food not reward

39 Sleep & Rest 6 yr old – 12 hours 11 yr old – 10 hours

40 Play Pretend reality Competition

41 Safety MVA Protective gear Water safety Just say no

42 Stranger Danger

43 School Violence

44 Substance Abuse

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