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The STEM East Network consists of diverse partners who are advancing workforce education in Eastern North Carolina.

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2 The STEM East Network consists of diverse partners who are advancing workforce education in Eastern North Carolina.

3 Source: U.S. Department of Commerce

4 Identifying and Clustering



7 Drawing Attention from Around the World Funded Requests for Visits / Presentations Traveled to Eastern NC China STEM East Network, Eastern NC



10 Initial Site Metrics (Craven, Jones, Lenoir, Wayne) 100% of STEM Instructors meet State Proficiency Rating 26% increase on State STEM Readiness Rubric 88% of MS Graduates earn a STEM Credit Math & Science Proficiency Increases in all Sub-groups (Third Party Study) Doubled Algebra I Completion Rate in MS* – Note: 2013-2014 test scores will reflect Math I * Lenoir County Site

11 Paul Casey, STEM Instructor & North Carolina TSA Advisor of the Year Wayne County Schools

12 Inventions and Innovations Plaque Attacker NCEA Greenville, NC 2014 Wayne County Schools Emily Thorne & Hallie Rouse, Inventions and Innovations State Champions

13 The Problem Statement The Design Statement : When trying to brush teeth your toothpaste will easily fall off the bristles. To solve this problem we created a toothbrush with toothpaste inside, that squirts through the bristles when it is time to be used with a simple twist of the bottom cap. The Identified Need

14 Justification of the Identified Need Need will be justified through a surveying process. The survey will be conducted on students from our school along with a few teachers. 1)How often do you brush your teeth? A)Less than once a day. B) Once a day. C) Twice a day. D) More than twice a day. 2)Do you use toothpaste when you brush your teeth? Yes or No 3)Do you find applying toothpaste to a toothbrush being messy? Yes or No 4)Would you benefit from a toothbrush that stores your toothpaste inside and squirts it through the bristles when it is time to brush your teeth? Yes or No

15 Survey Results


17 Brainstorming Possible types of materials to be used in our prototype or design: Plastic Nylon Metal Ways of storing toothpaste: Hollow tube Drinking straws Toothpaste bottle Ways to make toothpaste come up through bristles: Turning cap on the bottom(similar to a lip balm tube bottom) Button Lever Tubes Push up

18 Research and Generate Ideas We interviewed people to see if they were affected by the problem. Research solutions that may already exist Compiled ideas and reported findings with our group

19 Select an Approach to Our Design Review brainstormed information. We narrowed our ideas down through a voting process. Decided on final idea through a group consensus.

20 Developed a Design Proposal Explored the idea in greater detail with annotated sketches. We made decisions such as material types and manufacturing methods. We went to our local high school and used the computer program Inventor to draw out our idea to be printed. We visited the high school to watch the 3D printer build our parts for the Plaque Attacker

21 Creating Our Mockup Model Using the parts created in the 3D printer we added the bristles, and labels to our model. We applied these small details to make the model look more realistic.

22 Finished Model

23 How the Plaque Attacker Works… The Plaque Attacker has an internal chamber that holds the toothpaste with a cap that twists ands pulls the toothpaste to the bristle. Simply twist the bottom to make the toothpaste come out the top. When the Plaque Attacker toothbrush runs out of toothpaste, simply replace with a new cartridge of toothpaste.

24 Assessment of the Plaque Attacker After consideration the Plaque Attacker could be a very workable invention. It offers what was shown to be as a need. Areas to workout the details: More holes for the toothpaste to come out of. Possibly making it an electronic toothbrush

25 Nash 13 K Edgecombe Wilson 13 K Wayne 2.3 M Greene 13 K Pitt 300 K Duplin 1.8 M Lenoir 300 K Craven 2.7 M Jones 200 K Onslow Pamlico Cartere t Network Partners Generated Funding for ENC Workforce Education 7.7 M Approx.

26 Whats it worth to my bottom line?

27 Employer Value Time to Fill: Measures recruitment processing time beginning with submission of the requisition. Cost per Hire: Measures the amount of financial investment the company makes to attract and recruit new hires. Quality of Hire: Manager satisfaction and new hire turnover (retention)most common measurement for quality of hire.

28 Employer/Employee Shared Value Applicant Satisfaction: This metric impacts both employers ability to secure their preferred candidate and their reputation with other prospective applicants.

29 Presented to: Presented by: Growing Our Own in Eastern NC 28 NCEA State of the Region Mark Meno May 2014 Air Vehicle Engineering Department Head Fleet Readiness Center – East (Cherry Point, NC)

30 A way to grow our own engineers, scientists, technicians, specialists that... –Had a desire to remain local (as a way to deal with attrition due to rural location and associated infrastructure) –Had the soft skills our engineers and others needed (more interaction with our customers than the typical engineer) –Required less investment in their training upon receipt (in aviation, systems engineering, vibrations, etc.) –Had the hands-on skills necessary for our work (mishap investigation, repair development alongside artisans/fleet, etc.) –We had already determined could/would succeed in our environment (unique in its tie to military command structure, unpredictable work locations/hours, etc) –Became interested in the formative middle school years and sustained that interest up through and including college (for a passion, not a paycheck) Nothing existed or could be changed in a meaningful way to capture all of these needs What We Needed... Best Choice? Create It (We Are Engineers, After All)

31 Partner with Universities, Community Colleges & Local School System Supports ONE GOAL / To Grow Our Own Engineers, Technicians, Specialists Who We Partnered With... MS Middle School STEM Learning Centers NCSU Middle School Engineering Camp HS Early College East STEM High School Engineering Week Outreach Mentor LEGO Mindstorm and Related Competition Teams Possible NCER Design Challenge w/ Stipend award Comm. Chair of NCSU Mechanical & Aerospace Dept External Advisory Board Chair of ECU Engineering Advisory Board Eastern NC Engineering and Science Forum NCER Aerospace Advisory Council and STEM EAST Board Univ. NCSU / Craven Community College BSE Program Systems Eng. Advisor, ABET Industry Board, Lab Development, Immersion Tours) NCSU MS Distance Education Degree Program EDAP (Engineering Development Assistance Program) CAPSTONE Projects DOD SMART (Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation) NCSU Kenan Fellows Program Space Grant Summer Camp

32 We hire about 15 aero/mech engineers per year The goal (all student come to us out of this pipeline): –Our cost (per student): Labor for targeted outreach (plus a couple critical fairs) = $1K Cost to pay for our portion of the degree = $10K (max) Cost of labor while interning (2 years) = $60K No attrition to date = 0% (hire 15 to get 15) –Our former cost (per student): Labor and travel to recruiting fairs = $2K Cost to supplement training = $10K Cost of labor as a new hire while in development (2 years) = $100K Attrition loss = ~10% (hire 17 to get 15) Net gain ROM = $50K (per student) Why It Makes Sense...

33 When Are You Going To Start... 32

34 252 522 2400

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