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M.E. Mermigas, DDS1 Dental Anatomy. M.E. Mermigas, DDS2 Nomenclature Maxilla Mandible.

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1 M.E. Mermigas, DDS1 Dental Anatomy

2 M.E. Mermigas, DDS2 Nomenclature Maxilla Mandible

3 M.E. Mermigas, DDS3 Deciduous Teeth Primary Teeth Post-natal development spans 2-1/2 years Usually 20 in number –4 incisors –2 canines –4 molars per arch

4 M.E. Mermigas, DDS4 Deciduous Teeth In clinical practice they are designated by letters: A to T

5 M.E. Mermigas, DDS5 Permanent Teeth Development begins with the eruption of the first molars and exfoliation of the deciduous incisors Process requires 20 years to complete Usually 32 in number In clinical practice they are designated by numbers: 1 to 32

6 M.E. Mermigas, DDS6 The Crown and Root Crown- portion above the gingivae covered with enamel Root- portion below covered with cementum They are joined at the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ)

7 M.E. Mermigas, DDS7 Dentin Comprises the main bulk of tooth structure Histologically analagous to bone in composition

8 M.E. Mermigas, DDS8 Pulp Chamber and Canal Contain the pulpal tissue –Nervous, arteriolar and venous tissue –fibrous tissue

9 M.E. Mermigas, DDS9 The Crown Incisors have an incisal edge Canines have a single cusp Premolars and Molars have 2 or more cusps These are the cutting surfaces of the teeth

10 M.E. Mermigas, DDS10 Incisor

11 M.E. Mermigas, DDS11 Canine

12 M.E. Mermigas, DDS12 Premolar

13 M.E. Mermigas, DDS13 Molar

14 M.E. Mermigas, DDS14 The Root May be single or multiple Firmly positioned in the boney process of the jaw called the alveolus The alveolus together with the teeth forms the dental arch The cervical area of the teeth are usually covered with a soft tissue, the gingivae

15 M.E. Mermigas, DDS15 Surfaces and Ridges Incisors and Canines- four surfaces and a ridge Molars and Premolars- five surfaces

16 M.E. Mermigas, DDS16 Surfaces- named according to positions and uses Facial- toward the lips or cheeks Lingual- toward the tongue

17 M.E. Mermigas, DDS17 Surfaces Occlusal- come in contact with those of the opposing jaw, molars and premolars only Incisal- Those surfaces on the incisors and canines coming into contact with the opposing teeth

18 M.E. Mermigas, DDS18 Proximal Surfaces Surfaces coming into contact with the adjacent teeth Mesial- toward the midline Distal- away from the midline Which teeth have the mesial surfaces touching each other?

19 M.E. Mermigas, DDS19 Cusp an elevation or mound on the crown portion of a tooth making up a divisional part of the occlusal surface

20 M.E. Mermigas, DDS20

21 M.E. Mermigas, DDS21 Tubercle A smaller elevation on the same portion of the crown produced by an extra formation of enamel. Deviation from typical form.

22 M.E. Mermigas, DDS22 Cingulum The lingual lobe of an anterior tooth

23 M.E. Mermigas, DDS23

24 M.E. Mermigas, DDS24 Ridge Any linear elevation on the surface of a tooth and is named according to its location

25 M.E. Mermigas, DDS25 Marginal Ridge Those rounded borders of enamel that form the mesial and distal margins of the occlusal surfaces of premolars or molars, and the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth

26 M.E. Mermigas, DDS26

27 M.E. Mermigas, DDS27 Triangular Ridges descend from the cusp tips of molars and premolars toward the central part of the occlusal surface

28 M.E. Mermigas, DDS28

29 M.E. Mermigas, DDS29 Oblique Ridge Crosses the occlusal surface of maxillary molars in an oblique fashion

30 M.E. Mermigas, DDS30

31 M.E. Mermigas, DDS31 Fossa An irregular depression or concavity

32 M.E. Mermigas, DDS32

33 M.E. Mermigas, DDS33 Sulcus A long depression or valley in the surface of a tooth between ridges and cusps

34 M.E. Mermigas, DDS34

35 M.E. Mermigas, DDS35 Developmental Groove A shallow groove or line between the primary parts of the crown or root

36 M.E. Mermigas, DDS36

37 M.E. Mermigas, DDS37 Pits Small pinpoint depressions located at the junction of the developmental grooves

38 M.E. Mermigas, DDS38

39 M.E. Mermigas, DDS39

40 M.E. Mermigas, DDS40

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