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T EETH Introductory Activity and Lessons CIBT Teeth Kit.

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1 T EETH Introductory Activity and Lessons CIBT Teeth Kit

2 W HAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT TEETH ? Teeth Different Animals Use Attributes Importance of brushing teeth Size Location ShapeColorNumber of Tear Cut Grind Carnivores Omnivores Herbivores

3 O H, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE ! You will examine a group of teeth and sort them based on a common characteristic. You will learn the scientific names of teeth and classify each tooth accordingly.

4 H OW MANY TEETH DO YOU HAVE ? Tear Canines Grind Molars Cut Incisors Predict how many teeth you have Work with a partner to count. List class results to graph. 3 rd Grade

5 O H, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE Take the bags out of the box, but keep the teeth inside the bag. You will notice letters on the teeth. Work with your partners and sort the teeth into categories: Teeth that tear Teeth that cut Teeth that grind Use the post-it notes to label your sort. Identify the top and bottom of each tooth. Are you able to find the root of your tooth?

6 Tear Grind Cut O H WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE Now, lets learn the scientific name of each tooth Which teeth have a point similar to a pencil? Canine Which teeth are flat with ridges and large roots? Molar Which teeth have a sharp edge similar to a knife or a scraper? Incisors mals-used-in-teeth-lab-from-cibt/

7 4 TH AND 5 TH GRADE Complete Activity One Student worksheet #1 Be sure to measure using the unit centimeters or millimeters. For example 3 cm 2 mm would be the unit form we will use today. Use the scale to measure the mass of the tooth in grams.

8 I ROQUOIS 4 TH GRADE CONNECTION Each clan is represented by a different animal. There are presently nine clans – divided into animals from three earth elements: Land, air, water. The water creatures are the turtle, beaver, and the eel. The land creatures are the deer, wolf, and bear. The creatures of the sky are the hawk, heron, and snipe. The natural world is symbolized by these being. Today, we will begin by looking at the animal teeth from a coyote ( instead of wolf), bobcat and raccoon. We will not be looking at the teeth from creatures of the sky. Why not?

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