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2 Parts of the Mouth The teeth The salivary glands The tongue
cut and chew the food The salivary glands produce saliva to break up the food The tongue Helps to crush the food. It mixes the food with the saliva.

3 Teeth There are 3 types of teeth: Incisors cut the food Canines
tear the food Molars crush and grind the food AN ADULT HAS 32 TEETH

4 Parts of a tooth Each tooth is made up of a : Crown
is the external part of the tooth. Root is the part that anchors the tooth to the jaw. Pulp Is inside the tooth.

5 Milk teeth and permanent teeth

6 Salivary glands Produce saliva

7 Tongue The tongue is a very strong muscle.
It helps you chew food and mixes it with saliva. You also need your tongue to speak and to taste food.

8 Activities Make a drawing of your own teeth.
Color them in the following way. red: milk teeth blue: gaps green: permanent teeth

9 Activities How are permanent teeth and milk teeth different?
Explain what happens in your mouth when you think about a type of food that you like a lot.

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