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Human Traits.

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1 Human Traits

2 Bent Pinky Straight pinky (recessive trait)
Bent pinky (dominant trait): where tips of pinkies point away from one another

3 Eye Color Brown/Green (dominant trait) Blue/Grey (recessive trait)

4 Mid-Digit Hair Mid-digit hair (dominant trait)
No mid-digit hair (recessive trait)

5 Tongue-rolling Tongue-rolling (dominant trait)
Non-roller (recessive trait)

6 Tongue-flipping Flip (dominant trait) Can’t flip (recessive trait)

7 Ear Lobes Free ear lobes (dominant trait)
Attached Earlobes (recessive trait)

8 Hitchhiker's Thumb Straight thumb (dominant trait)
Curved thumb (recessive trait)

9 Dimples Dimples (dominant trait) No dimples (recessive trait)

10 Freckles Freckles present (dominant) Freckles absent (recessive)

11 Chin Dimple Dimple present (dominant trait)
Dimple absent (recessive trait)

12 Eyelash Length Long (dominant trait) Short (recessive trait)

13 2nd Toe Length Big toe shorter than 2nd toe (dominant trait)
Big toe longer than 2nd toe (recessive trait)

14 # of Toes 6 (dominant trait) 5 (recessive trait)

15 Eyebrows Bushy (dominant trait) Fine (recessive trait)

16 Eyebrows Not connected (dominant trait) Connected (recessive trait)

17 Hair Type Curly (dominant trait) Straight (recessive trait)

18 Hair Color Not red (dominant trait) Red (recessive trait)

19 Hair Shade Dark (dominant trait) Blonde (recessive trait)

20 Front Teeth Gap Gap (dominant trait) No gap (recessive trait)

21 Widow’s Peak Widow’s peak (dominant trait)
Straight hairline (recessive trait)

22 Hand Type Right-handedness (dominant trait)
Left-handedness (recessive trait)

23 Darwin’s Earpoints Earpoints present (dominant trait)
Earpoints absent (recessive trait)

24 Hairy Ears Hair absent (dominant trait) Hair present (recessive trait)

25 Thumb Dominance Left over right (dominant trait)
Right over left (recessive trait)

26 Angel’s Wings "Angels Wings" is the ability to semi-dislocate the shoulder bone. When a person who can do this presses their two palms together, pushing with their arms, their shoulder blades "jump out" looking like two wings!

27 Rubber Fingers "Rubber fingers“ is the ability to bend the fingers all the way back to the tops of the hands

28 Witch’s Fingers "Witch's fingers" It is when the person can keep the 1st two joints straight, and bend tip of finger

29 Eye Dominance You hold your fingers to make a circle, extend your arm, then with *both* eyes open you focus on an object that will fit inside the circle. Holding the circle still, you then alternately open and shut each eye. When the circle is still surrounding the object, that will be the dominant eye which is open. The object will jump out of the circle when viewed by the non dominant eye

30 Arm Crossing Which arm is on top?

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