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Human teeth vs. Animal teeth

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1 Human teeth vs. Animal teeth

2 Do you think you have the same teeth as animals
Do you think you have the same teeth as animals? What do you think animals use their teeth for? Can you think of an animal that has very different teeth from our teeth? What animal do you think has the biggest teeth? Can you think of any animals that have no teeth?

3 Alligator Alligator teeth are used for catching food, not tearing food. They have about 80 teeth that continuously fall out and grow back in throughout their life. They also use their teeth to fight and defend their territory.

4 Dog Dogs have two sets of teeth much like humans. They have a total of 42 permanent teeth. They use their teeth to eat, defend themselves in a fight, show emotion, and groom themselves.

5 Lion Lions have 30 teeth which help them tear their food. There teeth are very strong in order to eat other animals. They also use their teeth to scare off enemies, carry their babies, and groom themselves.

6 Walrus A walrus has very interesting teeth. They have two very long, strong tusks used to pull their heavy bodies out of the water onto ice blocks. They have a total of 18 teeth that help them chew their food.

7 Shark Sharks have many teeth. They usually have five rows of teeth in their mouth. A shark loses a row of teeth about every days. Sharks use their teeth to catch and hold their food. Sharks swallow their food whole, so their teeth are not used for chewing.

8 Koala Koalas have very sharp teeth used to chew leaves. They have 2 incisors used to pull the leaves off the branches. The molars are in the back of the koalas mouth and they help chew the leaves. Koalas do not have canine teeth.

9 Dolphin Dolphins have about 100 cone shaped teeth. The teeth are used to help them catch and chew their food. Dolphins keep there teeth for their whole life.

10 Elephant Elephants have six sets of teeth that grow in throughout their lives. They have very long tusks in the front of their faces which are actually very big incisors. They are used to dig for water, protect from enemies, and strip bark off of trees.

11 Rabbit Rabbits use their teeth to eat, groom themselves, show emotion, and mark territory. The two teeth in the front are incisors, and they are the biggest of the 28 teeth that a rabbit has.

12 Hippopotamus Hippopotamus’s have four very big, sharp canine teeth. They do not use these teeth to eat, they use them to fight. These teeth stay sharp from constantly fighting other hippos. Hippopotamus's spend most of their days in the water, but they only eat plant life found on land.

13 THE END……

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