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Teeth 1st Year Biology.

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1 Teeth 1st Year Biology

2 Teeth There are 4 different types of tooth -incisors -canines
-premolars -molars These different teeth have different jobs!

3 Incisors These are cutting teeth used for cutting and biting off pieces of food

4 Canines These are long and sharp teeth that are used to hold and tear at food

5 Premolars These teeth are used to crush and grind soft food

6 Molars These teeth are used for chewing and grinding hard food

7 Teeth and Animals! Different animals have different sets of teeth depending on the type of food that they eat Revise the words: -herbivore -omnivore -carnivore

8 Think…. Do you think a herbivore will a different set of teeth compared to a carnivore? Why? What types of teeth does an ominovore have?

9 What kind of teeth does a sheep have?


11 What kind of teeth does a lion have?


13 What kind of teeth do we have?


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