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Building Skills, Confidence & Futures in YOUR business with Mary Kay GoToMeeting LIVE 26 th March 2012 Welcome! This is where you can learn HOW to make.

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2 Building Skills, Confidence & Futures in YOUR business with Mary Kay GoToMeeting LIVE 26 th March 2012 Welcome! This is where you can learn HOW to make money from your Mary Kay business. It is about skill development, not luck. You CAN do it! I applaud you and welcome you no matter what your goals for your MK. Its all about choices.


4 Maybe She Needs Me It's been a long day and I was finishing a task As I hurried past her, a little voice said, "Ask." Oh no, not today, I told myself. I'm tired and it shows. Besides, I might look foolish and she's just likely to say no. While drifting off to sleep that night, I saw her face again. I wondered what her life was like; her needs, her dreams, her pain. What if she'd been wishing for a friendly word and a smile A chance to know somebody who would go that extra mile What if she'd been waiting for a break - an open door? Was this the opportunity she'd been praying for? I saw the cars she might not drive, the rings she might not wear, Because I would not risk myself to stop, to ask, to care. So what if what I offered her was not her cup of tea That's a choice for her to make - how selfish can I be? When all my dreams are realized, I don't want to regret The lives that I wouldn't touch and change, the no's that I didn't get. Oh let me live a true Go-Give and let my mission be Not to think 'do I need her', but maybe, just maybe, she needs me. Holly (Kylie)

5 The importance of the rose If you look at a rose, there are so many things in common with our growth in Mary Kay... When we first start out we are just like the new bud, tight, tense and green. Within a short space of time we see the first blush of colour. This is our confidence beginning to blossom. Suddenly, we are in full bloom and radiate a perfume, beautiful, confident and reaching our goals. There are thorns and these are our obstacles, handled with care they, will not hurt us, and like the rose these thorny obstacles only serve to protect us by teaching us. Leaves are our team members growing from the stem of our direction. Have you ever noticed at the base of each leaf is an immature bud waiting to be encouraged to shoot and become another magnificent bloom? May you continue to grow and bloom in Mary Kay. Welcome! Ashleigh (Jen)

6 Are YOU off to a SMART START?? Kylie Southwell 1,2,3,& 4 Kim Andrews 1&2 November New Consultants: Kylie Southwell (Rees Racers) Jessica Lyn-Martin (Jens Jumpers) Rebecca Fitzgerald (Shers Stars) Kate Quinnell (Nats Naturals) December New Consultants: Kim Andrews (Nats Noblewomen) January New Consultants: Lisa Chinherende (Ree Racers) Joanne Roberts (Rees Racers) Emma Parrey (Nats Noblewomen) Kate Quinnell 1&2&3 & 4 Lisa Chinherende 1 Emma Parrey 1 & 2 February New Consultants: Ali Buerckner (Ree Racers) Mel Green (Rees Racers) Esther Mauwa (Lisas Lovely Ladies) Michelle (Nats Noblewomen) 1.

7 January Reco Congratulations to the following women who have made amazing contributions to our Unit Goal Monthly Production – without you, we wouldnt be the unit we are, and WILL be! Kylue Southwell $2451 Kim Andrews $2097 Jen McPhee $1458 Unit Monthly Queen of Sales Position VACANT Highest Sales over $3000

8 Girls wanna have FUN!!! Congratulations to us all who invested in their business already this month so far... Sherene Abrahams, Ree, Katrina Lee, Kristie Barnes, Karen Newell, Natalie King, Jen McPhee, Emma Parrey, Elise Thomas, Joanne Roberts, Kate Quinnell, Malinda Dutton, Anne Emmanuel Our Goal for February is

9 Whats NEW this month...

10 Special offers this month...

11 Consultant Special offers this month...


13 Unit Pink Letter Day Draw Drawn 16 th of every month!!! Every 50% order received by Mary Kay before 15 th of every month receives 1 ticket in the draw!!!...and the WINNER IS.... March Winner... Claire Tinker 2 tickets in the draw.... Double up your Smart START!!! Be in the Draw!!

14 On TARGET STARS!!!! Are your ON TARGET? There are so many advantages when you are a STAR CONSULTANT Earn a diamond $3333 per month Who will be the first 4 quarter STAR Consultant in 2013? Who will be our first Diamond star winner? ConsultantSo Far...To next STAR Bennett, Varni-Maree$4990.3010 King, Natalie$3948.001052 McPhee, Jennifer$3537.001463 Southwell, Kylie$2979.002021 Parrey, Emma$2154.002846 Quinnell, Kate$3190.001810

15 My MISSION? To Enrich YOUR Life

16 Create a VISION strong enough to pull you through?

17 CROW TIME The spotlight is on YOU

18 WIN WIN WIN *** Go in the draw to win this fabulous prize pack including a Mary Kay signature umbrella, pink car mouse pad & an inspirational smoothy cup!!! All YOU have to do is upload your best Mary Kay image photo of yourself. Get dressed up in your Mary Kay uniform, full Mary Kay face with the best Mary Kay attitude smile & post your photo to our group. Good luck! Happy snapping! Ree x Photos uploaded so far... Emma Parrey Sherene Abrahams Tania Geary DEADLINE this Saturday!!! Midnight!!!


20 Lisa Chinherende Balance is required before you can FLY! Your JOB Description 1.Love the products 2.Share the Products with others 3.Find others to share the products too A Successful Consultant will: Allocate a predetermined number of hours every week to her business & work those hours set, Booking, Coaching, Selling, Sharing & following up.

21 Always the 2 nd last working day of the month....

22 Your Time To Shine Sharers Commitments Kylie Southwell ? Nat King ? Jen McPhee 8 Emma Parrey 5 Claire Tinker 10 Kate Quinnell 3 Leilani Edgerton 1 Ree 5

23 DIARY DATES March MONDAY NIGHTS 8-9pm – Gotomeeting Wednesday Nights 8-9pm – Choices and Chocolate online – book me for your FREE team building interview with your prospects Thursday Nights 8-9pm New Consultant orientation – Make sure you attend at least once – book your date with me April As above, PLUS Ann-Louise Stonestreet is coming back to Orange!!! Date TBA

24 Women of VISION Director TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More Stedman Unit Payne UnitKing UnitCulverson UnitMcPhee Unit Director Position Vacant Picture YOUR FACE here... Director Position Vacant

25 You are a Woman of VISION. We are an exceptional unit within Mary Kay and we have more women who have gained financial freedom than any other unit in Australia

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