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2 Agenda Introduction Race Quality Review A few case studies from last year What makes a great race To-do lists for Jury

3 A Few Case Studies Loveland NorAm protest Bromont runaway gate Alpine Rogue Referee Mont Ste Anne SG Snow Seed Ski patrol with telemark skis Kerouac sanction 3

4 EVENT QUALITY What was the best event you were at last year or this year? Why is that? I enjoyed the World Cup and the Nationals, but that K1 Slalom at Asessippi may be it…

5 EVENT QUALITY 1.What makes a good event? 2.What are the benefits of a good event? 3.Who is to be the beneficiary? 4.What needs improvement? 5.How do we improve events?

6 ROLE OF TD 1.Supervises Event 2.Represents FIS 3.Advisor to ROC 4.Chairman of Jury 5.Recommends Race to Score

7 ROLE OF JURY 1.Monitors adherence to Rules 2.Responsible for Technical matters 3.Unbiased and fair to all 4.Decisions on all issues not in ICR

8 Jury & Course Setters Race Planning Race Management Race Timing & Scoring Race Course Setting Race Communication

9 Essential Equipment Altimeter Measuring tape Rangefinder Dye Pack – GS and SG Stop watches Radios Shovels and rakes Camera

10 Chief of Race – Pre Race Ski area Calendar & Points Listing Meetings / Volunteers / Assignments Equipment Start List Pre Race Jury Meetings Secretariat – Program of the Day / Entry list Safety – Plan & medical Radios Grooming Weather forecast Medals Schedule of the day Secure Forerunners

11 Chief of Race – Race Eve Volunteer Meetings – Duties and program Safety Set-up Bibs Tickets and other admin Communications – Area & Ski Patrol Equipment testing Back-up – plan and equipment Weather forecast Forms package Review rules Course setter instructions Radio plan

12 Chief of Race - Instructions Chief of Course Lunch is during inspection Chief of Gates Be quick and be right Chief of Timing & Calculation Yes, we need a TDTR and hand timing Secretary & Registration Any more scratches? Coaches Heres a shovel use it Forerunners You had better finish or you will never see my daughter again Jury I am taking the position where I can get the best video of my kid

13 Chief of Race – Race Day 7:00 - Control the start 7:00 – Instruct Chief of Course 7:15 – Collect Jury and inspect during course set 7:45 – Review course with COC and make sure the start area is secure 8:10 – Relax – go for pee / grab a snack 8:25 – Coaches meeting 8:30 – Jury positioning assignments 8:35 – Check on status of timing & communications 8:40 – Review final start list 8:45 – Cycle around 9:00 – Sync timers and watch start list loaded / open – close wand 9:10 – Go to position 9:24 – Clear from bottom 9:25 – First Fore-runner 9:30 – Racer number 1

14 Chief of Race – Post Race Tear down Hang out and watch tear down Ensure results get posted Thank you

15 Technical Delegate – Pre Race Communicate with COR Check the Codex and Calendar Read the rules – ICR, National, Local Review your job duties Review the safety set-up Look at last years results Review program Find out where to get your lift ticket and radio Find equipment to bring to race Review the start list and compare to National Points list Print off a forms package

16 Technical Delegate – Race Morning Meet the COR Talk with the course setter Meet the Jury Follow the set Review safety and set Meet with the Jury to Open the Course Coaches meeting Meet with Timer and confirm timing and scoring is working Open and close the wand Determine when Sync will take place Review volunteer numbers with COR Confirm course maintenance strategy Confirm radio protocol – clear and start stop Meet with finish referee and start referee Cycle Take position Clear the course

17 Technical Delegate Post-Race Referees Report Results Scoring Upload Reports

18 Race Quality - CORs Know your duties Plan your race Stick to it All those people work for you and you better know what they are doing There are only five people you give instructions Stay off the radio

19 Race Quality TDs Know your duties Know your rules You are not the COR Be fast but not furious Stay off the radio Get your reports done and submitted

20 Race Quality – Coaches Coaches meeting Hi, Im the Chief of Race. Any questions? Schedule for the day Inspections Rules Volunteers Athlete management Tear down Results

21 Racer Quality - Referees Know your rights, duties and rules Talk to TD and COR during the week Be there early and get a radio Bring your drill, screw tool and ICR Communicate with Jury and other coaches Communicate with the Chief of Gates Use time effectively. Be mobile and use your radio. Do your report correctly – follow the audit trail Always stand equal in jury meetings Be professional – you are the only paid Jury member

22 Race Quality – Course Setters Know the job Know the rules Communicate with Jury Come prepared Know the day schedule Set for the athlete Set to the safety Bring friends Set fast Be decisive

23 Jury Positions Referee gets 1 st pick to go to coaches corner. If big team then they are treated like any other jury member. COR – two spots – near the start or big trouble spot. TD – Four spots - put him in a harmless spot to limit damage, trouble spot, coaches corner or in the sun and out of the wind. Jury Advisors must be available to step in.

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