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1 General Education Office LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Unit 2 Movies and Entertainment Grammar Review.

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1 1 General Education Office LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Unit 2 Movies and Entertainment Grammar Review

2 2 Grammar: Present Perfect using for and since 1) 1)Grammar – The present perfect with for and since Use since with a specific time or date in the past. Use for to describe a length of time. How long have you been here? Other uses: With yet: for negative: I havent been to Disneyland yet. with always: Ive always wanted to see Car Planet. with ordinals, superlatives, only: This is the third time Ive seen Ping Pong. Its the best movie Ive ever seen. My husband has only seen it once. Ive been here since eight oclock. ( a time in the past) Ive been here for ten minutes. ( a length of time)

3 3 Remember the Penelope Cruz exercise on P16? Complete the following using for, since, still, or always She's lived here ___ 1975. They haven't been used ___ many years. She's been working ___ nine this morning. I haven't eaten ___ hours and Ive ______ wanted to try that. He's been in London ___ five days. How long have you been in Britain? * ___ over a year now. * Have you been to Wales or Scotland ____? * No, _____. I haven't even gone out of London _____. I ____ haven't spoken to the manager.

4 4 Lesson 1 Apologize for being late Pronunciation Reduction of h Notice how the sound /h/ often disappears in present perfect questions. Read and listen. Then listen again and repeat. 1 1How long have you waited? 4 When did he buy the tickets? 2 2Where have you been? 5 Whats her favourite movie? 3 3What has he heard about the film? 6 Whos his favourite star?

5 5 Lesson 2 Discuss preferences for movie genres Grammar - would rather Conversation Model A) Read and listen to people discuss their movie preferences. A:What would rather see – a classic or a new release? B:It doesnt matter to me. You choose. A:Well, what would you say to a documentary? B:Hmm. To tell you the truth, Im not that big on documentaries. A:What about a comedy? B:That works for me. B) Listen again and repeat. The practice the Conversation model with a partner.

6 6 Lesson 3 Describe and recommend movies Pairwork:Read the short movie reviews on Page 21 and choose the movie you think sounds the most interesting. The compare movie choices. Explain your reasons. Whats Your All-time Favourite Movie?

7 7 Unit 2 - Review Listening Comprehension Listen to the conversation about movies. Check the correct description of each movie. a romantic film a documentary about Brazil a horror movie an animated police story a weird love story an unforgettable comedy an unforgettable movie a weird political story an animated childrens film a documentary about cooking ham a musical tragedy a silly comedy a documentary a movie only for adults an animated musical a comedy an animated film a drama Streets of SAIGON Clouds Over Mt Fuji Inside the SAHARA FRACAS IN CARACAS

8 8 Unit 2 - Review B Complete the conversations. Choose the correct verbs and adverbial expressions and write the movie genres. 1A: (Have you seen / Did you see) a good ______ (just / lately)? B: To tell you the truth, no. But last night (weve seen / we saw) a great ________. 2A: How many times (have they seen / did they see) War of the Worlds? B: That remake of the old ________ movie? I think (they saw it / theyve seen it) twice (still / so far). 3A: Sally is such a _______ fan. How long (has she waited / did she wait) for this film to come out on DVD? B:Shes waited (for / since) at least six months. 4A: I (didnt see / havent seen) a __________ as good as Twelve Angry Men. B:Really? I (lately /still) (didnt see / havent seen) it.

9 9 Unit 2 - Review C Complete each statement or question with for or since 1That film has played at the Metroplex __________ two weeks. 2The Talking Parrot has been available _______ last Tuesday 3Ive loved animated movies ________ I was a child. 4Have you been here _________ more than an hour? 5Ive been a fan of science fiction movies _______ over thirty years. 6Ive been in the ticket line ______6.30!

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