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Kayla, Franco, Michele, Kim

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1 Kayla, Franco, Michele, Kim

2 The Lonely Planet Presents- The Republic of Fiji

3 Our group has decided to target well-travelled clientele who enjoy luxury and adventure. We felt this would be the best target market, because Fiji is an expensive holiday location, which requires a lengthy travel time, but offers many adventure opportunities.

4 Facts about Fiji: - Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean - Suva is the capital and largest city - 320 islands roughly but only 105 are inhabited Tourism and sugar are the main sources of income Fijian culture is a blend of Melanesian and Polynesian backgrounds

5 Facts about Fiji: - A population of over 900 thousand
- Very family oriented - Unique language, art, music, food, and clothing Hindu, Roman Catholic, and Muslim are the main religious groups, however; Fiji is a very multi- racial country


7 Overview & Weather: - The currency in Fiji is the Fijian Dollar
- Possession of marijuana can result in a prison sentence - Going topless or nude in public is illegal Be cautious of the food and drink that you consume. Ensure that the food is cooked properly and ask in advance if the water is safe to drink to avoid travelers' diarrhea and any food-borne illnesses

8 Overview & Weather: The best time to visit is during the Fijian Winter “dry season” which is from May to October Cyclone season is from November to April and it is most humid during this six-month period Fiji is politically unstable. Tourists need to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling there

9 Entry Requirements: - Canadian Passport - valid six months from departure Tourist, Work & Business Visas are issued when arrived and valid for 4 months No vaccinations required from Canadian departure - Return ticket is required to travel to Fiji

10 How to get there: Nadi is where the main airport is located
-> Airport Code: NAN - Air Pacific is Fiji's national Airline - The outbound flights consist of First Class in Korean Air with a connection in Seoul - The inbound flights consist of Business Class on Air Pacific with a stopover at LAX to Alaska Airlines in First Class and lastly a stopover in SFO onto Air Canada in Business class

11 Getting Around in Style:
Private Cruise Charter: Wayward Wind – Day & Overnight Trips throughout Fiji's islands Open access to any part of Fiji, the yacht is fully crewed and private to you. Best way to see Fiji from the ground level Perfect for families, honeymoons, anniversaries or cruising with friends

12 Island Helicopter Ferry Service: Island Hopper –
Available upon arrival at NAN airport First Class food and service Best way to see Fiji from above - Fastest travel method between the islands

13 Feeling more adventurous?
Mopeds, Bikes and Scooters are available to rent but considered unsafe due to Fijian drivers - Recommended to rent a private taxi service: 70 Fijian Dollars - roughly 40 dollars Canadian Safest ground transportation method in Nadi or Suva

14 Island hopping – Visit the many Islands of Fiji by chartered boat
- Find pristine white sand beaches - Meet friendly locals on Fiji’s outer Islands - Book a sea kayak adventure through the remote Yasawa Islands - Enjoy a dinner cruise with entertainment - Hop on a catamaran – destination Castaway Island!!

15 Water Adventures – Enjoy this nation’s various water activities
- Snorkel the coral reef known as “The Soft Coral Capital of The Word” - Scuba dive along the coasts of the many Islands - Surf and hang ten in world-class surfing conditions - Swim with Dolphins and Sea Lions in their natural habitat Inland Water Adventures – Enjoy Fiji’s Rivers - White Water Raft Take a long-boat tour on the rivers through rainforests and remote villages - Try bamboo rafting

16 - Book an all-day 4WD Safari into the Sebato Valley
Cultural Adventure - Book an all-day 4WD Safari into the Sebato Valley - Partake in a traditional Sevusevu ceremony - Experience the villager’s hospitality - Enjoy a traditional lunch with locals - Be entertained by the Islanders’ traditional songs and dances "Jule Hanahana" Dance

17 Land Adventures – A land of volcanoes, rainforests and waterfalls
- Mountain Bike in the National Parks - Horseback ride along the beaches - Explore the many caves and learn about the pagan rituals of the past Hike through rainforests and discover refreshing waterfalls complete with inviting swimming holes - Golf on various courses that overlook the majestic Pacific Ocean

18 The Cities – Suva, Lautoka, Nadi
- Fire Walking at Mariamma Temple - Suva - Local fruit and vegetable market - Suva - Fiji Museum - Suva - Lautoka Spa - Lautoka - Lautoka Market - Lautoka - Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool – Nadi - Garden of the Sleeping Giant – Nadi - Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple – Nadi

19 Culture: The Fijian culture is relaxed, and easygoing. The people are very friendly and hospitable; they often welcome tourists into their homes to give them the true Fijian experience Customs and Traditions must be respected when visiting their homes A gift of un-pounded Kava shows hospitality when you go to a village - Wearing modest clothing and removing your hat are crucial - Remove your shoes at the door before you enter a home - Refrain from touching someone’s head because it is considered an insult to Fijians

20 - Art is important to Fijians especially Pottery & handcrafts by the woman
- The traditional article of clothing worn in Fiji by both sexes is called the Sulu - Men wear Sulus to events, special occasions, school and work Elderly women tend to wear longer skirts while younger women wear shorter skirts

21 Ceremonies: -There are two major traditional ceremonies: The Lavo
- is a giant feast, which is cooked in the ground with local ingredients The Meke -a ceremony in the combination of traditional song and dance to tell love stories, legends, and history -Male performers wear full warrior costumes and the females where traditional clothing with garlands of flowers and coconut oil

22 Food: The combination of fresh local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques that have been past down over the generations are what make up a customary Fijian dish Fish, rice, sweet potato, coconut, cassava, and taro are some of the staple ingredients used when cooking Some of Fiji’s signature dishes include the following: Kokoda - Rourou - Tavioka Picture is Kokoda

23 Drinks: - Fiji’s national drink is Kava, which is derived from the root of a pepper plant - Consuming too much can lead to intoxication - Kava is most widely used during ceremonies and social gatherings Fijian bitter and Fijian gold are two locally brewed beers that can be found in bars and many resorts Non- alcoholic drinks also available such a fresh local juices from local fruits

24 Luxury Hotels in Fiji: Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort | Vanua Levu Island, Fiji - Most renowned vacation destinations in the South Pacific - Located on the island of Vanua Levu on 17 acres of a coconut plantation - Overlooks the peaceful waters of Savusavu Bay - International favourite for couples, water enthusiasts and for those who enjoy eco-friendly activities

25 Westin Denarau Island Resort| Nadi, Fiji
- Renowned for its traditional Fijian environment and rich culture - Travel and Leisure award winner - Named to Conde Nast Traveler’s 2002 and 2004 Gold List and personal paradise on the “Island of smiles” - Lush tropical gardens, filled with exotic flowers and native birds

26 The Wakaya Club and Spa| Suva, Fiji Islands
- Located on the western leeward side of Wakaya Island, Fiji Surrounded by protected coral reef and boasts azure lagoons, majestic cliffs, and powder white sand beaches All-inclusive resort situated on privately owned 2200-acre island with 30 beaches, lush plants, deer, wild horses and rare birds - Island is rich in ecological tourism

27 Sheraton Fiji Resort - Tropical beachfront resort complex that overlooks the Pacific - Has a variety of water sports (snorkelling, motorized sports and sail craft) - Complimentary use of kayaks - Adjacent to Westin Denerau Island resort

28 Samoce (Goodbye) Thanks for listening, hope to see you soon!

29 English Fijian Pronounciation Hello/hi nisabula neesarbula Good morning nisayadra neesaryarndra Goodbye samoce sa more there Please yalovinaka yarloveenarka Excuse me tulou too low Yes io ee or Thank you/good vinaka veenarka Thank you very much vinakavakalevu veenarkavarkalevoo Much/big levu levoo No sega senga Eat kana karna Village koro A little/small vakalailai vaka lie lie Great/a lot vakalevu vakalevoo Fast vakatotolo vakatortorlo Slowly vakamalua vaka mar lua House vale va le Toilet valelailai va le lie lie Come lakomai lako my Go lakotani lako tan i One dua du a Two rua ru a One more dua tale du a ta le

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