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MONTANA SHARED CATALOG Reorganization Intro Presented by Amy Marchwick December 5, 2013.

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1 MONTANA SHARED CATALOG Reorganization Intro Presented by Amy Marchwick December 5, 2013

2 TOPICS COVERED How the system works Circulation: Circulation Map & Hold Map Home Locations & Item Categories Reorganization Details Reorganization Implementation How it will be organized What you need to do

3 Circulation Map Currently 2200+ lines

4 User Profile Billable Max # of items Privilege Length Hold Limit CIRCULATION MAP Library User ProfileItem Type Circulation Rule Circulation Map LIBRARY Item Sharing Patron Sharing Billing Structure Amount/time period Max fee Loan Period Length Circulation Rule # Renewals Max # Items

5 Hold Map Very similar to the Circulation Map Determines what libraries are sharing

6 Home Locations Shadowed or Unshadowed Holdable or Unholdable Reshelving Policy

7 Item Categories Item Characteristics for Collection Management Item Characteristics for Statistics With the newly added item categories usage guidelines have been created

8 Reorganization Overview At the MSC Fall Meeting in September – discussion about how to control rising costs of consortium. Talking Points documents outlined the complexity of the system: 2200+ circ map lines, 2200+ scheduled reports, 1100+ report templates, 720 possible circ rule combinations. MSC Admins were tasked to prepare possible solutions. MSC Admins presented four options to the MSC Exec Board: Strict, Moderate, Groups, New Paradigm. Moderate Option was chosen – it builds on the reorganizing and streamlining system policies and reports steps taken four years ago.

9 Reorganization Summary: Policies Once rules are decided, MSC staff will have the authority to set dates and migrate old rules on a set schedule. Have Sirsi remove currently unused item types, home locations, categories, and users after clean-up/migration No grandfathered in/exceptions to rules. Some rules that are in use but not currently "approved" could become "approved" rules. No more special circulation rules for the end of the school year or closings. Unlimited renewals and unlimited fine accrual removed from all circulation rules. Sharing groups will have mandatory shared circ rules in all options, and will decide on shared Item Types. Sharing groups will need a guiding document that will help MSC staff when they change or add new libraries to a group. MSC Staff would have the authority to set deadlines, make changes,and decide on limits. Circulation/Admin

10 Reorganization Summary: Policies Set amount of time for libraries to add dates to report templates; after period, erase all templates created before 2012 Adoption of assum-lost/long overdue and lost/missing policies for all member libraries Consolidation & reduction of reports where possible (remove CIRC login for reports, 1 early overdue email, etc.) Reduce/remove user profiles that libraries are not using. Reduce/remove system user profiles not in use or used rarely All "regular" (non-system) users need to be using 14-digit numbers even if they do not use barcodes. Reports and Users

11 Moderate Plan Details A menu of circulation rules will be provided – where an entire circ rule is chosen rather than each individual facet. Current draft represents circulation rules for 78.6% of all items currently in the system

12 Reorganization Implementation Cleanup will proceed in sections – with the information sent out on MSC-Discuss and posted on the Reorganization page of the MSC website The Reorganization is a very large project, with a lot of work involved, so turnaround on other support requests may be slower. Please use the Help Ticket system to ensure that your requests can be prioritized and resolved

13 Reorganization Implementation Item Types, Home Locations Circulation Rules User Profiles Reports All changes will be made in sections, with clearly defined dates

14 ROUND 1: ITEM TYPE CHANGES Lists the item types that are currently in process Check the right column for your librarys name No action needed if you are not listed If you have some of these item types – check your items & perform one of actions listed New Circ Rules may be needed After the deadline – items remaining in these item types will be batch moved to the recommended Item Type.

15 REORGANIZATION: ONGOING Each new round will be sent to the membership and posted on the MSC website. We will work with libraries to make batch changes when possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

16 Reorganization Intro QUESTIONS?

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