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Welcomes You Apostles Foundation.

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1 Welcomes You Apostles Foundation

2 Our Company

3 About US Apostles is a perfect business with lot of Incentives generating medium for our Associate Business Partner . It is an exceptionally well planned platform for all entrepreneurs who have inadequate resources & experience of executing their business but are good to convince people with “ZERO RISK FACTOR”

4 Vision To link all our associates with computer era so as to provide them a super work station to earn surplus income. Mission Its our Endeavour to assist every individual to commence own business with negligible investment at zero risk factor.

5 Apostles Apostles is one of the fastest growing business house which specializes in the various field giving an unlimited opportunity to people to grow with organization by being Strategic  sales partner in customer to customer selling concept(C2C) and earning reward points in every step of business to gain financial freedom. In Apostles C2C concept .We have emphasis on benefit of our customers. Organization has defined of specific budget for allocation of money to our ABP Associate Business Partner For Marketing Plans This amount is fully been distributed to our Associate Business Partners (ABP) for their hard work. So there is a fair justification for paying high Incentives & Rewards to our Associates. .

6 Earning Verticals for ABP
Freelancer IT work Career Counseling Brain Caliber Apostles Networking Trade Portal B2B & B2C Education NCVT Vehicle Tracking System Property Portal

7 Multiple Earnings C2C Concept 20% Education 15 % Trade Portal 35 %
Property Portal 5 % Freelancer 25 %

8 Sources Of Earnings Business to Customer (B2B, B2C) Concept.
Online Trade Portal- Trading , Import & Export Work From Home (Free lancer Work Site) Education Learning (NCVT) Incentives on APIS ( E-Recharge, E-Ticketing, E-Bills) Property Portal Career Counselling ( Brain Calibre )


10 Online Trade Portal Trade Portal is an online B2B (Business to Business )& B2C ( Business to Customer ) marketplace for Importer, Exporter & Business Enterprises, connecting Globally to make use of Trade opportunities. It is a platform to find reliable & competitive suppliers. It is a bridge between Buyers ,Sellers & third parties to facilitate Trade. It provides a way to Advertise your Business & increase Sale globally through Online Promotions. Distributors/Retailers---- Increase sale & Reach of their product to Customer’s door step

11 Corporate Joining in Trade Portal
Joining starts from Free to In Can Display 15 Products In Can Display 25 products In – Will get personal website also with Display space for 50 Products.

12 Working Division in Trade Portal
Manufacturers Category Suppliers Category Services Category Education Category Investors Category

13 ABP Role in Trade Portal
Trade Portal will help our ABPs in following manner. On Every direct joining they will get royalty Income of 1% life time. Can start their risk free trading business in their specific domain area.( Personal Online Store ) ABPs just need to book a purchase order from buyer n post it on our domain. On completion of deal he will get his respective incentives. Getting incentives does not have any limit. he can earn unlimited according to his work.

14 How our ABP can earn through Trade Portal
Expanding Manufacturer’s Business worldwide through online & Network promotion Traders – Now get commissions on selling every Products General Public Now start your own Business with “Zero Risk Factor” By selling & booking Product you can earn Commission & Profits of 3.5 % Can do Import & Export of work Online Earning through Coupon Code. Royalty income of 1 % through out life on On companies sale.

15 Direct Joining : An individual will get monthly Incentive/Award from his every direct joining, which he had made under him / her.  Referral Income : Rs you will get on every direct reference. Additional Rewards on Targets : Additional rewards can be earned on every level. It will be on quarterly basis . 


17 Freelancer Portal Freelancing can be done by any individual who is employed or unemployed, housewives, students, retired persons. In this one has to login and select the areas of choice or field in which he\she has interest and can complete the desired target. Post Online Projects Get work of your Expertise Handsome Earning through part time work Work according to your choice More than 200 Specialization work will be there

18 Freelancer Portal Allocation of work will be according to the need & requirement This is a famous online portal for freelancers, this is an ultimate place to meet professionals with business, technical and marketing expertise to get work done at an affordable price.  This online Job Portal allows you to find all kinds of jobs, whether freelance or full-time, based on your location, skills and experience in the field.

19 How our ABP can earn through Freelancer Portal
In this direct income will be earned by every freelancer after completion of the project in given period of time Work according to your choice An excellent source of part time Earning Earn a living


21 API’s Application Programming Interface
Direct source of commission through online payment are as follows: E-Recharge Hotel Booking Flight Booking Bus Ticketing E-Bills and many more…


23 Education Courses Apostles associated with Apostles Foundation running central Govt. NCVT courses with 100 % Scholarship basis. Earn Handsome amount of Income on enrolling every single candidate. We offer courses in the field of Management ,Commerce, Computers, Hospitality For More Details visit

24 How our ABP can earn through NCVT Program
Free Course Fees for all students. ABP will get Incentive of Rs. 150 to Rs on various Courses on per Candidate Basis Exam will be conducted on different Apostles Centre Training need to be provided to the Candidate according to the norms.

25 Property Portal Rent , Sale And Buy Property
Commissions on all above Criteria's One Time Builders Joining Companies Agents help in Completing Sales.

26 Services Various kinds of services will be rendered here. Job Bazaar
Matrimonial Match

27 Job Bazaar This online Job Portal allows you to find all kinds of jobs, whether freelance or full-time, based on your location, skills and experience in the field. Search and share jobs with other members of the site and mark the distance of your job from you, based on the latitude/latitude entered in your

28 Career Counseling Brain Caliber

29 Brain Caliber Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis
Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) is a system that combines the scientific study of fingerprints (Dermatoglyphics) with the study of Multiple Intelligence. Unleash The Champion Within You. Design Your Life Enhance Your Career Live Your Life Build Strong Leaders

30 What You Get on Association
1. Get Recognition : Leading awards for best business man / Leaders / Agents Get Connected : showcase your service/ products to thousands of companies. Get Inspired : Get Knowledge and learning's from best industry experts. Interact: One to one meeting with influential bodies. Learn : Understand technology / HR / Marketing / Leadership & Funding Process. Network : Interact with industry experts & Business mans Collaborate: Partners with various leading business suppliers.

31 Continued…. Franchising : We helped business mans for distribution of franchise. Distributorship: expand your business in every segment. Expand :connect with Professionals to make Business happens. Develop Distributors / Dealers / Agents. Avail Free business advices for your business. Business Forum: A.) Nationally recognized business man platform for one on one interaction in common certain business group. B.) Its business development workshop which will put franchise & brand owners together.

32 Package for individual 5500/-
Start Your Own Business with complete independence. Personal Web Page of your name on Trade Portal for your Personal Online Store. Freelancer Portal & Property Portal .     Can log your Products for Sale n Purchase of your individual goods on portal. Individual can upload their resumes for new JOB Opportunities & Space for MATRIMONIAL Match Will get an Entry ticket to earn & utilize services from our all business verticals like, APIs, Education, Trade Portal, Affiliate Marketing , Referral Income And get Rewards as per company plan 2 Business Forum Meeting for one on one interaction.

33 Executive package for Individuals Starts with Rs. 7500 / 11000
Products according to catalogue Worth Rs. of joining cost. Start Your Own Business with complete independence. Personal Web Page of your name on Trade Portal for your Personal Online Store. Education program to promote for high incentives. Can log your Products for Sale n Purchase of your individual/ trade goods from portal. Individual can upload their resumes for new Freelancer / JOB Opportunities & Space for Property Portal. Will get an Entry ticket to earn & utilize services from our all business verticals like Matching Income, APIs, Education, Trade Portal, Affiliate Marketing And get Rewards as per company plan

34 Package for Company / Proprietor
  Starts with Rs. 5500/ 7500 / 10000 Advantages In Rs package (Sapphire) company can upload their 15 variety of goods for promotion on portal. In In Rs package (Ruby) company can upload their 25 variety of goods for promotion on portal In Rs package (Platinum) company can upload their unlimited variety of goods with Concise Dedicated Website for promotion on portal. Common for all 3 categories Help in Franchise Distribution of your company. Promote, Sell & Purchase of goods. Potential & high skilled Freelancer man power for your company.

35 For every Associate Business Partner
Direct Incentive of Rs on every new Associate introduced Award as Stipend on his team business transactions done under him. For every new Company/ Wholesalers Direct Incentive of Rs on every new Associate introduced. Royalty Income of 1 % will be received every quarterly on business done by Company.

36 Payment method   Your nearest any of the AXIS BANK INDIA Branches across India, and Deposited your payment. And Please write your Name in front of PAY-IN-SLIP (Bank Receipt), & also mention your Mobile number and make a scan copy of the PAY-IN-SLIP (Bank Receipt) Send a mail to us at attaching the scanned copy of counter foil. Your account will be activated on 24 hours.  If you pay by Cash From Axis BANK than you Should Pay only Rs.25/- extra (Inter Bank Charge/Non Home branch deposit charges).  Incase If you pay by Cash From Other BANK than you Should Pay Rs.100/- Extra.

37 Payment Mode Payment will be made in favor of “Apostles Foundation” Payable at Indore Payment should be made by DD only No Cash/ Cheque will be entertained Incentives will be paid through cheque / Online Transfer Weekly *Note– Apostles will not be responsible for any loss incurred through cash/cheque transactions .

38 Terms and conditions   All Members / Dealers are personally responsible for all Bank charges, Service charges of the Company. And also Income taxes, Central, State and Local taxes etc., raised due to any transactions or deposits made to Apostles Foundation Bank Account, are to be borne by the Members / Dealers only. Online confirmation will be received to you on your id. After Depositing or Transferring funds to the Company’s Account, please send a mail to us. with your Name, ID Number, Mobile Number, ID & Payment Details 1O.5% TDS, 5% admin and processing charges will be deducted from all type of incomes. ( Company is not responsible for any oral commitment by any associate of the company.)

39 Contact Us Indraprasth Tower M.G Road 1st floor Office No 1 & 2 Web – Tel

40 Thank You

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