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The Story of Jimy Saint-Louis Survivor of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti.

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2 The Story of Jimy Saint-Louis Survivor of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti

3 January 12th, 2010 Port a Prince, Haiti Jimy Saint-Louis - a Human Resource Administator for a construction company based out of the Dominican Republic was working in a 4 story building. At 4:53 PM a 7.0 earthquake shook the entire country and collapsed the building where he was working. 15 people were instantly buried alive. Working for more than 24 hours – people who sought to rescue those buried in the rubble were finally able to pull out four survivors from the rubble – among them was Jimy. The remaining 11 persons never made it out alive.

4 During this 24 hour period, while Jimy lay in darkness under the rubble, he could hear the sorrowful cries of his friends who called to him. He suffered severe lacerations in his feet and the extreme pressure over many hours affected the circulation in his lower exremeties.

5 Upon being rescued the next day – his work associates took him out of Port a Prince and across the island to a field hospital in the bordering country of the Dominican Republic. Upon looking at his mangled feet the doctors assumed that the bones in his feet had surely broken in the tragic event. (without actually taking X-rays and knowing for sure).

6 Eventually in a hospital in the capital Santo Domingo, while Jimy was under extreme pain and fever, the doctors felt it necessary to amputate three of his toes which were infected with gangrene along with a large portion of the lower part of one of his feet. All signs seemed to indicate that Jimy would need to have his entire feet amputated.

7 Twenty days later the doctors felt there was little alternative than to amputate his feet. Jimy was the one person in the family who had an American visa – and the family and friends of Jimy scrounged for resources to buy him an airplaine ticket to Miami – hoping we would be able to visit Jackson Memorial hospital – to see if doctors there could help save his feet. The doctor that saw him in Jackson, however, felt there was little hope to save his feet. He was not even precribed antibiotics nor pain killers. But now, months later, Jimy still has what is left of his feet and the amputaton has never taken place.

8 Jimy was able to make contact with an old Hatin friend in South Florida who was able to give him a place to stay – but who had very limited resources for his own family. Jimy is now here in South Florida with an amazing HOPE and FAITH in Jesus Christ – even with all the things that he has passed through. But, Jimy is in dire need of medical supplies, food, and any other help people can provide in getting him back on his feet so that he can provide for his family - which includes a wife 7 months pregnant and a small child – who were left behind in Haiti.

9 Your help in any way would be greatly appreciated. Whether it be calling or visiting Jimy – or providing material or financial assistance – or any help in getting him medical attention. For further information on how you can help in the case of Jimy Saint Louis please contact: Alvaro Rodriguez :

10 Brother Jimy was an active member of the LDS faith when he was in Haiti – and a member of the Delmas Ward in Puerto Principe North Stake. He had church Family History responsibilities across the country of Haiti as a whole. He is a man of faith and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

11 Brother Jimy Saint-Louis


13 The next slides may be rather shocking and graphic. But they show what Jimy is living with every day.




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