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Islamic Sisterhood Association Virtual Meeting Presentation 1/21/2012.

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1 Islamic Sisterhood Association Virtual Meeting Presentation 1/21/2012

2 As Salamu alaykum dear ISA members and friends! Please watch this short 14-slide informative presentation about current happenings with ISA and our recent announcements. We hope that this presentation will serve as a great supplement to our future meeting together. We apologize about cancellation of the meeting on 1/21/2012 and hope to re-schedule it soon. Please stay tuned for future announcements. Jazakum Allahu khair, ISA officers & BoD

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4 Announcement Table of Content ISA Weekly Food-selling fundraiser at MIC ISA sponsored Cooking class for Women ISA and Muslims in March events ISA Other announcements

5 Weekly Food-selling fundraiser at MIC HELP NEEDED ! Please sign up to Volunteer When: Fridays at Memphis Islamic Center, after jumuah ( approximately 1:25 – 1:45pm) What: help sell food/ snacks Why: ISA does not have any other source of income at this time, we need $ to operate Let us know if you can help & jazakumAllah khair: email, post your availability on Facebook, or if not sure of your schedule, just come and jump in to help!

6 Cooking Class for Women: Making Freekah Learn how to make the famous Freekah soup and enjoy tasting it after the class. This dish has been a Mediterranean tradition throughout the Middle East for centuries; it is made with chicken, onions, and baby green wheat. This dish contains more fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals than traditional wheat. It is a very easy meal to prepare, healthy and so delicious.

7 Cooking Class for Women: Making Freekah cont. Where: Singleton Community Center 7266 Third Rd Bartlett,TN,38135 Phone 901 385-5593 When: Saturday, February 11, 2012 Time: 11am-1pm Fee: $8/person ( ticket price includes class fee and all ingredients for the dish). $10 at the door. Space is limited. Advanced TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED FROM ISA officers after MIC jumuah, via phone or website, with immediate payment available. We will not hold tickets for anyone.

8 ISA & Muslims in March InshaAllah ISA will participate in Muslims in March events this year again. Our weekend is March 24 th and March 25 th We are currently making arrangements for that weekend events, and will reveal those to the public shortly. Volunteers will be needed, please sign up by emailing

9 ISA other general announcements 1.) ISA is working toward achieving a non-profit status. Registration is a long, tedious and expensive process, but inshaAllah we are moving forward and this will give organization more financial flexibility and support on governmental level.

10 ISA other general announcements 2.) InshaAllah ISA will have brochures with organization mission statement and contact information, projected by the beginning of February. We hope to have those available at all local masajids. Please check it out and feel free to refer sisters ( or even brothers ) who needs to get in touch with ISA to have that card as a handy reference

11 Questions? Concerns? Comments? Volunteer Sign-up? YES ! We want to hear from you, we want to know your thoughts, suggestions and ideas for ISA. Please express yourself any time by contacting us, or by talking to ISA officers/ Board of Directors face-to-face. We hope to announce a real meeting soon, so we can see you there, inshaAllah.

12 We Accept Donations In order to operate as an organization, we accept donations of your time and/or money ( we accept cash, checks and paypal donations via our website) Please let us know how you can help and Jazakum Allahu khair !

13 Our Contact Information Contact Us By Phone: (901) 878-9117 By Mail: PO BOX 343244, Bartlett TN 38184 Contact form on our website: Follow us on FACEBOOK, search for Islamic Sisterhood Association and add yourself to the group.

14 Thank you for your time watching this presentation, have a blessed day!

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